How to clean white shoes at home - 12 productive ways


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Knowing a few tricks, you can refresh and restore the color of even very soiled shoes.Knowing a few tricks, you can refresh and restore the color of even very soiled shoes.

Buying shoes is white, did not think about the consequences - does not bother neither the price nor the soiled items. One day I could not resist and took to the white leather boots. But unfortunately, after only a pair of socks, they lost their appearance. Together, let us look at what and how to clean leather boots at home.

are many ways

Variants cleaning shoe white whole set. They differ in complexity and the number of the required time.

Effective ways for the three types of materials

Instructions provided in the table, will tell you how to clean white boots and leather shoes, suede and rubber:

Picture Description
table_pic_att14969235721 Approach 1. Leather
  1. Clean shoes from dirt with a damp sponge.
  2. Take means for cleaning leather and put on a cotton pad.
  3. Circular movements rub it into the surface.
  4. Replace sponges as they contamination.
  5. After this treatment must moisturize the skin. To do this with your hands gently rub into the surface polish (example pictured).
  6. Give leather shoes stand two hours.

Be sure to soak the skin, so it will stay clean longer.

table_pic_att14969235792 Approach 2. Suede
  1. Take an old toothbrush and clean white shoes from the mud.
  2. Black stripes and stubborn stains remove stationery eraser.
  3. Align suede structure ordinary warm water. To do this, apply a dot on water matted place and rub the brush.
  4. After a couple of dry, apply on top of a special protective agent for suede.
table_pic_att14969235803 Approach 3. Rubber

To clean the white rubber shoes sole wholly or bleached follow the following algorithm:

  1. A damp cloth to remove dirt.
  2. Mix the water with the detergent for tableware.
  3. Lower stiff brush to the obtained solution.
  4. Firmly rub rubber parts.
  5. Rinse and evaluate the results. Repeat if necessary.

This method is suitable for cleaning rubber sole white leather, suede and patent leather shoes.

Folk remedies: 8 methods

How to clean white boots, shoes and sandals made of different materials improvised means:

Picture Description
table_pic_att14969235834 Method 1. Cleaner for tires
  1. Remove dirt, damp cloth or brush.
  2. Apply some means for cleaning tire on a cloth and rub the surface.
  3. Use a dry cloth and remove the remnants of funds.

This way you can clean white leather shoes even from the old grease stains.

table_pic_att14969235865 Method 2. Toothpaste
  1. Apply a pea-sized toothpaste on the brush or directly on the surface of the shoe.
  2. Gently rub, trying to move in the same direction.
  3. Remove residue with a clean damp cloth.
table_pic_att14969235896 Method 3. petroleum jelly
  1. Take a piece of cloth, lint-free.
  2. Apply a little Vaseline on it.
  3. Circular movements rub into the surface means.
  4. Give shoe stand for 4 hours.
  5. Vaseline remove its excess with a clean cloth.

Petroleum jelly can not only clean the shoes of white leather, but also significantly update its appearance.

table_pic_att14969235907 Method 4. WD40
  1. Dry cloth to remove dirt and dust.
  2. Spray means uniform layer.
  3. Leave for 2 hours.
  4. Remove residue with a clean lint-free cloth.
table_pic_att14969235928 Method 5. polish
  1. First Wash shoes using a soap solution.
  2. Then wipe it dry, and liberally sprinkle furniture polish.
  3. After 15 minutes, remove the excess.
table_pic_att14969235939 Method 6. Oil
  1. Take the flap x / cotton fabrics.
  2. Apply to it a little olive oil.
  3. Circular movements rub oil into the surface.
  4. Polish with a clean cloth.

Note that this method is only suitable for smooth skin.

table_pic_att149692359510 Method 7. Lemon juice
  1. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon.
  2. With a cotton pad moistened with juice, rub the stain gently.
  3. Change disks as their pollution.
  4. Polish protective agent.

The effect will increase significantly if the juice to dissolve the tartar.

table_pic_att149692359611 Method 8. Vinegar + oil
  1. Mix a little bit of vegetable oil and vinegar in the container, mix thoroughly.
  2. Apply the product with a dry cloth and leave for 12 hours.
  3. Remove the remains of the solution and polish shoes.

The method is suitable for shoes made of natural and patent leather.

universal way

Cloth, Leather and suede white shoes can be washed in the washing machine. This method will provide the maximum effect with minimal time and effort.

Algorithm, how to wash shoes in the machine:

  1. Remove all removable parts (laces, straps, buckles).
  2. Put a couple of the special bag for washing.
Bag to protect the items from inside the machine.Bag to protect the items from inside the machine.
  1. Turn delicate washing at a temperature of not more than 40 ° C. Pressing and drying is better to disconnect.
  2. Remove shoes and let it dry naturally.
It is best to dry the product outdoors.It is best to dry the product outdoors.

I recommend not to abuse the washing machine. Frequent washing of shoes can deform and come into disrepair.


White shoes of different materials can be cleaned as a special means and materials at hand. Try to regularly take care of it. Videos in this article will detail all of the above methods of cleaning. If you do not understand something - please contact the comments.

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