How to choose a steam mop and use it correctly

How to choose a steam mop and use it correctly


Can everyday household cleaning become a real pleasure? Of course, yes, if you are a happy owner of a steam mop, that is why today we will tell you how to choose a steam mop in the optimal price-quality ratio. The name of this device speaks for itself - it is intended for high-quality cleaning of the floor. From the word "mop" in the device you can learn only the form, otherwise it is more a modification of the vacuum cleaner, which treats the surface of the floor with hot steam, and the dust and dirt are thoroughly washed off with microfiber. In this article you will learn about the subtleties of choosing a steam mop, which mop is better to buy and how to properly use this unusual device.


  • 1Types of steam mops: an overview
    • 1.1Classic Steam Mop
    • 1.2Steam mop with electrovacuum
    • 1.3Ergonomic Steam Mop
  • 2How to use a steam mop
  • 35 basic criteria for choosing a steam mop.
    • 3.11. Power
    • 3.22. Possibility to use tap water
    • 3.33. Presence of a cover from microfiber
    • 3.44. Volume of the water tank
    • 3.55. Operating time of the device
  • 4Useful functions of the steam mop

Types of steam mops: an overview

Before choosing a steam mop, it is advisable to know in advance which model will suit you in terms of cleaning, and in terms of ease of use. The cost of this device with a steam system can fluctuate within 600-10 000 rubles.


Do not rush to choose an inexpensive model "for testing" - it can disappoint you in the first application. On average, a good steam swab can be bought for 4-5 tr.


Consider the most common types of steam mops.

Classic Steam Mop

Cleans the floor surface without additional detergents - only the appliance and water. The flooring material can be any, the steam equally well cleanses like marble, laminate, and parquet, linoleum, etc. Classic devices have the main set of functions for disinfection and high-quality washing, so this option can be chosen and purchased for a family nest and treated as the most optimal.

Steam mop with electrovacuum

Built-in electric roller in the form of a rotating roller allows the use of a mop for dry cleaning. The speed of rotation of the roller can reach 2500 rpm, which will not leave even the chance of long-lasting dirt. This type of mop is convenient to use in spacious rooms, especially where they often walk in shoes.


Ergonomic Steam Mop

As a rule, it has small dimensions, but it is not inferior to the maneuverability of ordinary steam mops. Has a cleaning head in the form of a triangle, which allows the device to get into the most inaccessible places. If you are limited in space, it is best to choose and buy this type of device.

How to use a steam mop

We will not devote much time to this issue, since the management of this miracle device is simple, even intuitive, it is hardly necessary to climb into the instruction:

  1. The device is connected via a cable to the network;
  2. with a slight movement of your hand, open the water tank;
  3. pour clean water into the tank to the maximum permissible level;
  4. press the power button;
  5. The device heats up, begins to emit steam;
  6. treat the floor surface with a working brush;
  7. after shutdown, turn off the device;
  8. Allow the mop to cool and drain the remaining water after use.

5 main criteria for choosing a steam mop

To make the device work conscientiously, we recommend that you check before choosing and buying The model you like has several parameters, on which the mop functionality depends, and its reliability in operation.

1. Power

The power of the device affects the main function - the supply of steam. The higher the power, the stronger the steam is supplied, the cleaning takes place more quickly. Also the speed of heating of the device depends on the power. On average, a device with a power of 1200 W heats up 1-2 minutes, and models with 1500 watts - in just 30 seconds.

2. Possibility to use tap water


Agree that filters for water purification are not available to everyone, and distilled water at the right time may not be at home. Choose a model with an active filter. The integrated filter fights with the formation of scale and removes the lime deposit. But any filter sooner or later needs to be changed - when purchasing, specify the term of its service.

3. Presence of a cover from microfiber

It is these fabric pads that, during the operation of the device, absorb all the dust and dirt from the floor surface. Microfiber patches differ in that they can be easily washed after use. Unfortunately, not all models are equipped with them, so before choosing and buying a device, please specify if this accessory is included in the package.

4. Volume of the water tank

A water tank is a very important detail that is worth your attention. If you have a small apartment, then to harvest a couple of dozens of square meters will be enough for a tank of 250-350 ml. For a large living space it is better to buy a model with a tank containing at least 600 ml of water.

5. Operating time of the device

The standard time for continuous operation is a maximum of 15 minutes. Then the device should be allowed to cool down, and you can continue cleaning after 20 minutes. Do you need more time? It is worth choosing a steam mop with high power, which will master the continuous cleaning of the area in 45 minutes - 1 hour.


Useful functions of the steam mop

Multifunctionality of the device - this almost always means additional costs. But in some cases, the pleasant bonuses included by the manufacturer in the device can justify themselves in the purchase and subsequent use.

  • The possibility of washing glasses - a steam mop with a scraper nozzle can turn into a windscreen wiper;
  • Conical nozzle - when you wear it on the device, you can easily clean the perennial dirt on batteries, hoods, pipes and drain hoses;
  • Tissue steamer - this device can easily smooth out curtains or even clothes, previously hanging it on a hanger;
  • A nozzle in the form of a brush (for dust cleaning) - with its help it is possible to clean and update the furniture, the upholstery of which (except for the leather one) is a solid dust bag;
  • Hand-held stirrer - steam unit can clean the toilet, bath, sink, etc. Metal and nylon brushes in the kit will cope with any pollution.
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