10 best glass electric kettles

  • What to focus on when choosing?
  • Sinbo SK-7338
  • Scarlett SC-EK27G19
  • Bork K702
  • Redmond SkyKettle G210S
  • Kitfort KT-622
  • Stadler Form Kettle Six SFK 8888
  • Scarlett SC-EK27G98 / 99
  • Clatronic WK 3501 G
  • Philips HD9342
  • Bosch TWK 70A03

Perhaps, it is the glass electric kettles that are considered to be the most "spectacular because through the transparent walls the whole process of boiling water is perfectly visible. The owners of these teapots say that this is a fascinating and distracting sight, especially if the child is growing up in the house.

So, if you decide to "upgrade" your device for making tea and coffee, and want to make the best choice - be sure to read our rating of the best glass electric kettles.

What to focus on when choosing?

A few words about the peculiarities of glass electric kettles. They are positioned as stylish and eco-friendly appliances that will become an actual decoration of modern cuisine and are effective in making drinks. The simplest models are made of plastic and glass or metal and glass, have a standard volume (, l), power (from, to, kWh), all the necessary functions (indicators of water level and operation of the device). A beautiful addition can serve as a backlight electric kettle, and from practical upgrades - the presence of a thermostat, display, sound indication, brewer in the kit. The most "advanced" glass electric kettles can be controlled by BlueTooth remotely. It is worth noting that, for all the seeming fragility, these are quite reliable and durable devices, which are very convenient to use. The rate of boiling water - an order of magnitude higher than that of ceramic electric kettles, in addition, Glass models are devoid of scale formations and extraneous smells - just use purified water.

In short, the choice of a brand is a matter of personal preference. In the range of such giants as Bosch, Philips, Tefal, you can always find excellent in quality and functionality models. Less publicized companies - Scarlett, Vitek, Clatronic, Kitfort, Sinbo, Redmond, etc. also are ready to offer the consumer reliable and stylish electric kettles from glass.

If we talk about technical parameters, then on the foreground come such indicators as volume, availability of different boiling modes, protection from water-free inclusion, ergonomics and even noisiness during boiling. It is worth paying attention to the quality of the material (especially in the glass-plastic models), the density and reliability of the fasteners, the accuracy of the assembly.

Our top-10 best glass electric kettles are made taking into account the real feedback from customers who have already been able to assess the advantages and disadvantages of using such a device. So, read and make your choice!

Sinbo SK-7338

Let's start with the simplest and most budgetary model. Standard electric kettle made of plastic and glass. Estimated cost is about 850 rubles. The model suited the customers:

  • standard volume of water (, l);
  • neat execution;
  • protection against the inclusion of an empty device;
  • attractive LED lighting;
  • quiet work.

In general - unpretentious unpretentious model for home use. I am glad that there is a filter from scale, which means that the glass of the teapot will remain transparent and attractive for a long time.

With multiple heating (for example, if you buy such a kettle for a crowded office), the plastic housing and the cover itself can quickly become unusable.

If you are looking for a roomy glass electric kettle, then the next line of our rating is sure to interest you.

Scarlett SC-EK27G19

Volumetric and elegant. At a time you can boil, l of water, and this - 8-10 cups of tea or coffee. The model has all the necessary additions:

  • the filter from a scum;
  • indication of the water level;
  • beautiful backlight;
  • storage compartment for the cord.

Housing - metal / glass, water boils very quickly, despite the large volume. In general - a productive, reliable and robust model, perfect for a large family or use in the office. A remarkably assembled teapot will be pleased with a long and uninterrupted service. Approximate cost - 1200 r.

You need the most compact and at the same time - a functional model, then we offer the following device.

Bork K702

Impressive workmanship from a reliable German brand of home appliances. The kettle boils just 1 liter of water at a time, while the power of work is 2400 watts, which means that you will receive your cup of tea literally in half a minute. Excellent model for those who strictly adhere to the rule "boil water can only once!". The case is made of high-quality glass in a metal fringing. Arguments in favor of the purchase:

  • long network cable - 1 m;
  • water level indicator;
  • indication of inclusion;
  • sound signal;
  • stainless steel filter, preventing the formation of scale.

The device's owners like the metal spout of the kettle, the smooth opening of the lid, the rapid and silent heating of the water. True, for the compactness and high quality of the assembly will have to pay from, rub.

If you expect a little more from an electric kettle than simply boiling water, then pay attention to the best model with the possibility of remote control.

Redmond SkyKettle G210S

Ultra-modern teapot-gadget. Characteristics, in general, are standard:

  • volume, l;
  • rapid boiling;
  • closed type of heating coil;
  • water level indicator;
  • backlight.

The device is pleased with the convenient length of the cable, a special compartment for storing the cord, an auto-disconnection when removed from the platform, protection against turning on without water. There is a thermostat and the function of maintaining heat. And the most important advantage is that the electric kettle can be controlled using the application on the smartphone. In addition to the standard inclusion of the device, the user has the opportunity to choose the color and brightness of the backlight, and then the kettle turns into a lamp too. By the way, those who already use such a teapot, argue that everything works properly, without hangs. The cost of the model is from 2500 rubles.

The next position of our top list of the best glass electric kettles is the best functional novelty from Kitfort.

Kitfort KT-622

One of the latest developments of the company. For all its availability (price from, thousand. rub.), the electric kettle impresses with a set of functions and additions. A reliable roomy case made of glass and metal;

  • long cord;
  • installation on a stand in any position;
  • closed spiral;
  • backlight;
  • the filter from a scum;
  • indication of the water level;
  • removable cover.

Electric kettle can keep water hot for some time after boiling, there is also a thermostat for different types of brewing drinks. The keypad is placed on the stand. All work processes are accompanied by unobtrusive sound indication. The price of the device includes a strainer for brewing tea. And although the model went on sale quite recently - the Internet is full of enthusiastic reviews of the first buyers, who are satisfied with the multifunctionality, ergonomics, quality of this glass electric kettle. The device looks expensive and stylish. But, due to its novelty, to say something about the longevity and reliability of the device is still too early.

Those who prefer items and appliances in the original design - an interesting model of glass kettles of non-standard form.

Stadler Form Kettle Six SFK 8888

A catchy and attractive modern model. A small volume (L) plus high power (, kWh) results in a very rapid boiling of water. There are all necessary protective functions, besides you can put the device on a stand in any position. The filter is made of stainless steel, as well as the coating of the heating element. In general - sound quality assembly, strong tempered glass, convenient touch control. An excellent option for the kitchen in the Art Nouveau style and for fans of creativity - in one device are combined such important parameters, such as ease of use, efficiency and durability, supplemented by the original external view. Cost - from, thousand. rub.

The next three models, we decided to merge into one category in our rating of the best glass electric kettles. These are rather lowly "workhorses" with a standard set of functions that consistently assemble positive feedback from consumers and have an optimal balance of price, capability and quality of performance.

Scarlett SC-EK27G98 / 99

Accurate and perfectly executed model. Simplicity in care and a long service life are convincing arguments in favor of buying.

  • volume l;
  • backlight;
  • indication of the water level;
  • the filter from a scum;
  • the price is from 1500 rubles.

Has all the functions of protection, quickly boils, does not make noise. No foreign odors even at the first start, nothing superfluous, unreliable or flaky.

Clatronic WK 3501 G

Sturdy, comfortable model with no frills. All standard protective functions are available. True, the device is not supplemented with lighting. But according to some users it is, rather, confirmation of the reliability and durability of the electric kettle, and not a defect or miscalculation of the manufacturer. The case is made of quality glass and durable metal.

  • capacity l;
  • power kWh;
  • thought out shape of the spout;
  • removable cover;
  • comfortable handle;
  • The cost is from 1800 rubles.

Philips HD9342

A model lacking in flaws. Glass-metal housingfrompleasant appearance. In addition, the kettle admires long, stable and quiet operation, high boiling speed and ease of use. No scale, foreign smells, sediment! Given the durability and reliability of the model, the price in, rub. does not seem too high, but on the contrary, more than justifies itself.

  • volume l;
  • power, kWh;
  • closed spiral;
  • installation on a stand in any position;
  • indication of inclusion;
  • lid lock;
  • lock-in without water;
  • water level indicator;
  • compartment for the cord.

Bosch TWK 70A03

Completing the top 10 glass electric kettles is the most popular and reliable model, according to buyers. By the way, this device - the highest rating on the Yandex Market, and the brand, according to the versions of several Internet resources, is recognized as the best producer of electric kettles.

A qualitative and well thought out model. Made of glass and plastic, balanced weight, stability and ergonomic design. The kettle is very convenient to use, the water boils quickly and almost noiselessly. The case remains as neat and clean as on the day of purchase, no foreign smells when boiling. Nothing superfluous, the kettle perfectly fulfills its task, serves for a long time and without censures.

  • volume
  • power kWh;
  • steel antiscale filter;
  • installation on a stand in any position;
  • indication of inclusion;
  • closed spiral;
  • blockage of switching on without water.

The assortment of glass electric kettles pleases with its variety. Different in price and quality devices, additional functions and improvements, the original appearance and even the possibility of remote control - there is plenty to choose from! We hope that our rating of the most popular and high-quality models of electric kettles from glass will help you make an excellent choice, and on your the kitchen will take its rightful place a reliable and efficient device for quickly and correctly preparing a delicious tea or an invigorating coffee.

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