11 best water heaters for home based on user feedback

  • What are water heaters?
  • Benefits of the instantaneous water heater
  • Cumulative boiler and its features
  • Rating of the best instantaneous water heaters for the home
  • Three of the most efficient and reliable gas instantaneous water heaters
  • The most productive and high-quality storage water heaters

Hot water

  • The most productive and high-quality storage water heatersTherefore, if the centralized water supply system cannot provide your house or apartment with hot water 24 hours a day all year round - you should think about buying a quality and productive water heater. But how to make a choice? What type of device to prefer? Should I chase the trade logo? We will answer these and other questions in this article. Moreover, we will back up our advices with practical information - and present to your attention the ranking of the best water heaters for the 2017-2018 house.

    What are water heaters?

    According to the principle of operation, all water heating devices are divided into:

    • flow-through;
    • accumulative;
    • and indirect heating boilers.

    By type of heating are divided:

    • electric models;
    • and gas.

    Which water heater is right for you - depends on the tasks that the device must cope with, as well as on the place of its installation. Let's take a quick look at each type of device.

    Instantaneous water heaters provide quick water heating. Such devices make it possible to immediately get hot water in unlimited quantities. Inside this water heater is a powerful heater. Water passes inside the device and manages to warm up to 45-55 °.Per minute, a good flow heater is capable of producing between 3 and 5 liters of hot water.

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    Advantages of a flowing water heater

    • compactness - the dimensions of the device allow you to place it in a limited space and even hide it in a small kitchen cabinet;
    • water heating rate - no need to wait one and a half to two hours to go to the shower or wash the dishes;
    • unlimited access to hot water - hot water will run from the tap until the device turns off, the user is not limited to the storage capacity of the storage tank, because it is simply not in the device.

    Where the flow heater will manifest itself in the best way - in a small city apartment, office or in the temporary kitchen of a summer house. In those places where a minimum of space is allocated for household appliances.

    However, the use of instantaneous water heaters has its own nuances - first of all, they consume a lot of energy - electricity or gas. For some electrical appliances even follow a separate wire with a large cross section, so that it can withstand such loads. About the most effective and affordable models of this type of water heaters will tell you our rating. After that, it will be much easier to make the right choice.

    Cumulative boiler and its features

    This type of device is economical, although it takes many times more space. It heats the water inside the storage tank, and the volume of boiling water is limited precisely by the capacity of the tank. But, you can get a boiling water of 80 degrees, while reducing energy consumption. Accumulative water heater can easily distribute hot water to the bathroom and the kitchen at the same time. If you decide to choose an electric water heater, you will be able to cope with its installation and connection. For the operation of such a device, it is enough just to plug it in. A gas water heater will require a wizard call, but it is cheaper to heat water with gas.

    If you have a large family and you live in your own home, then it would be wiser to pay attention to storage water heaters. But, if the water in the reservoir runs out of the set temperature, the device picks up cold water and begins to heat it - at least an hour and a half. And this is not always convenient. Therefore, it is worth making a choice in favor of any type of device deliberately and carefully.

    Boilers with indirect heating are installed in those houses where there is an autonomous heating. They use the energy that the heater produces and heat the water to a predetermined temperature.

    Indirect heating boilers are economical and sufficiently efficient. But they will require quite a bit of free space for installation, and most likely, you will need the help of a wizard to properly connect and start the system.

    Which water heater is better is up to you, and we are ready to reveal the cards and name the most reliable, productive and durable appliances for the year 2018 of different brands.

    Rating of the best instantaneous water heaters for home

    First consider the best instantaneous water heaters with electric heating.

    Timberk WHEL-7 OC is one of the most affordable models of electric household water heaters. This unit will serve you long and efficiently, heating 4.5 liters of water per minute. The power consumption is 6.5 kW, however, the user can reduce the power of the device using a three-stage regulator. Of the nice benefits are the presence of a temperature controller, a reusable water filter, and an automatic on and off function when the faucet is opened. The water heater is enclosed in a waterproof plastic case, and inside there is a special thick-walled flask made of ultra-resistant thermoplastic and with fins. The owners are satisfied with the device and separately note:

    • compactness;
    • rapid heating of a large amount of water even at medium power( 3.5 kW);
    • stable performance;
    • ease of installation.

    Great for occasional use.

    Electrolux NPX6 The Aquatronic Digital is a powerful, compact, stylish water heater. The model has electronically controlled and has an original LCD display that displays the set heating parameters. Buyers like the ability to control water heating, and the efficiency of the device( about 2.8 liters of boiling water per minute).Consumption - 5.7 kW.The heating element inside the Electrolux NPX6 is made of a steel alloy of the highest level of strength, and the passage of water creates vibration, which in turn eliminates the formation of scale on the heating elements. In addition, the device is equipped with a sensitive thermal sensor, which turns off the device when the water is excessively heated, as well as a controller of the intensity of the water flow. The advantages of this model are:

    • elegant design;
    • modest size;
    • durable stable performance.

    The best water heater in its price segment.

    AEG RMC 75 - easy to install and connect, productive and practical to use device flow type. In a minute of operation, 4-5 liters of water will heat up, consumption of 7.5 kW.Suitable for the simultaneous inclusion of several points of water pumping. Inside the device is copper TEN, mechanics and work indication. AEG RMC 75 is protected from overheating and from ingress of water. From user reviews, you can learn about these advantages: the

    • model does not take up much space;
    • will please with a powerful pressure of boiling water;
    • is stable, durable;
    • device is assembled on the conscience, all parts are made of high quality materials.

    In 2017, the model has slightly increased in price, but still has the best combination of price and quality.

    Three of the most efficient and reliable gas instantaneous water heaters

    The top three of the most effective and reliable gas instantaneous water heaters will continue our rating.

    Zanussi GWH 10 Fonte is a reliable, safe and productive gas flow column. Provides heating of 10 liters of water per minute. It has an open combustion chamber, electric ignition, simple mechanical control. In user reviews noted the presence of:

    • thermometer and display;
    • multistage protection system;
    • durable and powerful copper heat exchanger.

    Also, it’s worth including broad connection hoses as a plus. Some owners noted a high noise level of work, but in the absolute majority everyone praised the GWH 10 for its durability and high productivity of the device.

    Bosch WR 10-2 P is a powerful and high-quality model from the brand that inspires confidence. From the technical characteristics - boiling water supply - 10 l / min, maximum water temperature - 60 °, mechanical control, piezo ignition.

    The advantages of the model:

    • rather compact dimensions;
    • easy installation;
    • quiet operation;
    • efficiency;
    • durability and stability.

    However, many owners consider the heat exchanger to become a weak point in this model, which over time can begin to leak.

    Ariston Fast Evo 11 B - a reliable, functional and efficient model. Perfectly manifests itself even with unstable water pressure. There is an overheat protection, gas supply regulators, an on / off indicator and faults. Productivity - 11 l / min, average heating temperature - 35 °, maximum permissible - 65 °.Without fail, it distributes the flow of hot water to several taps, runs quietly, ignites quickly and without cotton. One of the best build quality - the majority of users think so. Negative feedback about Ariston Fast Evo 11B, as a rule, is connected with the model settings, if there is an opportunity to entrust this business to a professional - problems with the operation of the column will disappear.

    Features Fast Evo 11B:

    • fast water heating;
    • highly professional assembly and nice appearance;
    • clever design;
    • attentive to the security system.

    The most productive and high-quality storage water heaters

    The following nominees of our review are the most productive and high-quality storage water heaters. First consider the three best models of electric boilers.

    Zanussi ZWH / S 50 Symphony HD is a compact, economical and durable boiler. Heats a 50-liter tank of water to a temperature of 75 ° in two hours, while consuming 1.5 kW per hour. It is protected from corrosion and overheating, turns off in the absence of water, has a safety valve and a magnesium anode. The regulator and the indicator of temperature are located on the strong heat-insulated case. In general, a good and reliable storage water heater for a family of two or three people. Easy to install and use. It has several modes of operation, for a long time it maintains the temperature of water heating even in the off state. Unpretentious, budget option, but with a high level of performance.

    Timberk SWH RS1 80 V is a stylish, protected and very productive model. The manufacturers of this water heater have taken care of both the excellent operating parameters and the pleasant appearance of the device. Tank volume - 80 l, heating - 2 hours, consumption - 2 kW.At the same time, you can speed up the time of water heating by connecting the second heating element to the process. The stylish and durable steel case has no seams, thanks to improved manufacturing technology. Also, the probability of leakage or corrosion decreases significantly. The presence of a thermometer on the device will allow you to independently adjust the temperature of the water inside, and the indicator lights will also indicate the progressImplemented reliable protection against overheating, overpressure and leakage of electrical current.

    Gorenje GBFU 100 E B6 is a reasonable choice for heating large quantities of water. The model is characterized by high durability, powerful productive potential and respectable build quality. The volume of the tank is 100 liters, the consumption is 2 kW / h, after 3 hours of work you get 200 liters of diluted water, a comfortable temperature of 40 °.Reliable heat insulation, convenient control, operation indication, frost protection, safety valve. GBFU 100 E B6 has a universal connection type; however, during installation, the device must be carefully fixed to the wall, because it has an impressive weight. One of the most reliable and popular models of storage water heaters with a large displacement.

    Finish our ranking of 2017-2018 best indirect heating boilers.

    Baxi Premier Plus 150 is a roomy, productive and quality boiler. Provides fast and uniform heating of 150 liters of water to + 65 °.The unit can be installed both on the floor and attached to the wall. It is easy to transport and install, it is also compatible with any boilers. Additionally, you can equip Baxi Premier Plus 150 with heating elements and get hot water, even if the heating is turned off. The case and all internal parts are made of durable, high-quality materials, and the well-thought-out of the internal device allows you to warm up the water faster and evenly.

    GORENJE GV 120 is a capacious and safe indirect heating boiler, one of the best in terms of reliability and productivity. The manufacturer guarantees the effectiveness and efficiency of the device, the absence of failures in the work, as well as ease of control of the boiler. A steel enamel tank of 120 liters, the presence of a magnesium anode and a thick layer of thermal insulation( 40 mm) is the key to a long and efficient service. The presence of the operation indicator, thermometer and mechanical control make using the device simple and easy. In general - an affordable and economical solution for heating water for your own home or spacious apartment, where a family of 4-6 people lives.

    The rating of the best water heaters for the 2017-2018 year house is over. Sure, you have already decided which water heaters are suitable for your conditions and requirements. Now you can safely go to the store or order a suitable model on the site. Good luck with your choice!

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