How to choose a jigsaw

We believe that describing the internal structure of an electric jigsaw, at the same time give to understand what is best to buy. It will become evident from the narrative. Do not expect that the choice of electric jigsaw required to make in respect of a particular model. advertising will not. Talk, how to choose a jigsaw.

What is an electric jigsaw

Today people, describing the instrument, do not consider it necessary to put the prefix "electric." Referred to simply as a jigsaw, implying as firmly established in the life of the product. This is no longer the jigsaw for cutting plywood, how the pioneers used. The present power tool at 500 watts allows cutting asbestos-cement pipes and metal. Capable cut sheet of 20 mm thick. Almost like on the machine.

construction jigsaw

construction jigsaw

The commutator motor

Inside stands commutator motor. It is believed, for obvious reasons, the only option for creating art 220 B. The starting torque of the asynchronous so ridiculous that most manufacturers do not even consider the option. Not to mention the difficulties with adjustment. The commutator motor noisy, but is characterized by a stunning feature - the ability to work from DC. We do not promise that the speed control circuit by changing the cut-off angle will make it. But an experienced master who is familiar with the subject, will be able to modify the electric jigsaw in its sole discretion.

Driving of turns regulation

The main difference between the collector of the engine is considered to speed regulation scheme. Repeatedly raised the topic before. The level of arcing is dependent on the rotational speed. When an electric jigsaw faced with a hard material, turns fall. The changed level of arcing is captured special thyristor circuit, reducing or increasing the effective voltage power system to return to the predetermined limits. Similar techniques are used in the food processor, meat grinders and mixers. But electric jigsaw are found only in expensive. If this will fall, you know that the power supply is present. The commutator motor of the electric jigsaw starts to not run at full speed until the need arises. Most devices do not detect the protection of the full locking. We believe, with the incident simply burn the fuses (overload or overcurrent or temperature). If electric jigsaw jammed, immediately turn off (the motor starts to hum).

work jigsaw

work jigsaw


The commutator motor is not too sensitive to overload, brushes protected varistors. These resistances attain high conductivity under the influence of power surges. At the same time it reduces the level of arcing. Sometimes a round light, extremely dangerous phenomenon, without blown fuse can melt copper and steel drum holders. It is formed by the back EMF sort of arc between the reservoir sections. To control the moment, most electrical appliances (including types of jigsaws) is made so that the brush contacts the place remain visible. Dangerous phenomenon manages to notice and take action (clean collector alcohol to ring coil for an open or short circuit). Brushes are considered expendable. Most of the power tool is made with a probability of quick change. For this purpose the housing end are round screw caps. Electric jigsaw is better to take with this capability. Do not forget to check the spare brushes in the set, otherwise then have to run around and look. Or check with the dealer where to take, how much it costs.

Variable resistor

Scheme regulation regulates revolutions of the commutator motor turns due to the cut-off part of the voltage period. As a result, the current value changes, which directly affects the speed. Direct influence variable resistor, the rod of which is displayed on the handle of the electric jigsaw in the form of a circular knob. If necessary, work will be easier. Although electric jigsaw without such an option for 400 rubles, looks better than the same price of 2000 rubles. The expensive models come across soft start function. It helps people nervous and simply protects commutator motor electric jigsaw from failure. Will have to pay, but the benefits clearly present.

electric jigsaw

electric jigsaw


Motor shaft gear planted. Form a reduction gear to increase the force by increasing torque. Eccentric gear causes the rod to move in the vertical direction. Simultaneously the axis of the hinge due to the presence of transmission (or similar) begins to hang out. To reduce vibrations, a saw, sitting on the stem head, back supports the metal roller. Usually the stem tend to make flat. This is due to obvious reasons. Eccentric gear supported on a U-shaped bracket standing crosswise (lying on its side). The axis of the eccentric moves up and down, left and right. Because the stem sways, it is widely used to create a regime of undermining, when the roller begins to move synchronously back and forth. This is called the pendulum move. As a result of this acceptance goes blade, cut wood faster. With the described piece of equipment associated with a number of requirements:

  • the rod is made from considerations of strength is not flat, but round. Cam abuts the U-shaped bracket, lying on its side. It is easier to weld to the flat rod. However, a circular cross section is much stronger. Choose the types of jigsaws, where the condition is met. The rod provides steel.
  • Roller drive pendulum stroke and just stick with a nail file in the other cases, the friction becomes part of the electric jigsaw. This part is made of steel and demonstrates powerful execution. Otherwise you will have to spend money on parts.

Blade and mount

The blade is mounted on the plunger by various techniques. head piece of aluminum, it's bad. Then, as a rule, screws are used, the structure breaks down, it is worth only a little drag. Head better steel. Regarding wheel bolts, the number varies depending on the brand. System do not show particular advantages. Included with the electric jigsaw key goes. SDS meet head with simplified mounting saws. Such as used in the punch. Here the key is not required, the blades are changed with bare hands. You can not call it a clear advantage, just look to head oazalas solid.

Between the blades there is no difference. The most common are considered blades with T-shank. And resembles a cross is marked in the EU symbol packages. The form is defined by the first letter of the shank of marking. Found: U - tip with a circular cutout, are used for electric jigsaws Bosch; F - called double T, the number of the protrusions is increased; MA is distinguished by two holes of different sizes, are often used in products Makita.


It is better if the sole electrical steel jigsaw. In this model is much more durable. Often the sole electric jigsaw leans sideways. This is done in a continuous manner or discontinuously with a certain step. Pay attention, and if necessary, give preference to a suitable model.

Laser pointer

Occasionally comes across on the counter electric jig saw with laser pointer to withstand direct line. When you click in the direction of travel the blade due to special design of the stem easily evades aside. The trajectory ceases to be straight. typical for any drink, for example, hand-held circular.

Selection saws for electric jigsaw

A separate topic considered sawing. Often complain that they are not electric jigsaw saws, but it is often the case in the wrong chosen blade. Channel Test Tuls Gomel ( 6 provides evidence of differences between the original Bosch saws:

Nail files jigsaw

Nail files jigsaw

  1. Color bluing fake a little darker. Remember that the sawing forcedly etched aggressive substances to prevent corrosion. This is called burnished.
  2. Handicraft manufacturers save on hardware. Most saws made by stamping, fakes have rounded edges (longitudinal angles). This is caused by dulling of the production tool. Original saws for electric jigsaws consistently demonstrated a clear form.
  3. Associated with the previous third sign. At the ends of the teeth visible artifacts nedodavlennye - different shapes metal defects.
  4. Original metal surface looks flat, smooth and without defects and traces of rust.
  5. At the brink of counterfeit saws rough. Manufacturers trying to give jigsaws the true smoothness product over all surfaces.
  6. Fake nail files show poor print quality. It is recommended to discard the product.

To make sawing wood, metal, steel, ceramic, aluminum and other materials (plastics). Apply relies clearly on purpose. Nail files are at different working lengths (50, 80 mm, etc.), With different step teeth (affects saw cut quality, the smaller the leaves more smoothly). Pilke is applied to the type of steel is often:

  • HSS - high speed steel. A typical range of tools for dealing with wood.
  • HCS - carbon steel. Tool steel should contain more than 0.7% carbon and less than 2.14%. Increasing the percentage increases the strength and reduce plasticity.
  • BIM - bimetal. It means that the steel carries an additional coating. Does not specify the kind of cutting material (wood, metal), just goes to show the complex configuration of the web.
  • CV - chrome steel. It withstands shock loads, plastic carbon. In practice, this is intended to reduce the likelihood of breakage of the web.
  • Co - cobalt steel used for cutting nonferrous metals, by 30% better vanadium. Created superkobaltovaya steel, is much greater than the specified strength.

Model electric jigsaw. Which company to take

We recommend to pay attention not to the technical specifications or the manufacturer of jigsaws, and the functionality and design. The above listed elements, the shape and material are critical. When deciding what to buy jigsaw, guided by the saw blade, which is easy to get under it. Superkobaltovaya steel under test pierce 1000m cylindrical workpiece, which is 100 times higher than the vanadium.

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