Juicer extrusions, cold pressed

Juicer extrusions, cold pressed - the phrase is associated with a hydraulic professional equipment. Juice chokes multi-ton structure and flows down the gutters in prefabricated containers... In fact, the method of It belongs to a class of auger juicer more than a masher like EcoJuicer (Citrus Juicer). Consider the mentioned models, tell us what is good method of cold pressing.

cold pressing method screw

Manual Juicer Strumok 3 resembles a meat grinder and a horizontal auger juicer. Typical electric juicer, historically first appeared on the market in Europe, refer to the rotary type. Driving Rossoshanka juicers will help you understand the work of the unit.

Inside is a centrifuge with grid walls, through which flows the juice. The pulp is delayed. To grind the fruit at the bottom of the centrifuge is grater. Through a special spout for supplying the product gets in, it starts spinning process. All is due to the centripetal force at high speeds. The drive rotary electric juicer, by any suitable motor. Revs fall within the range of 3000 - 20000 per minute. Noisy machinery is present unpleasant effect: as the set nutritionists, careless breakage at high speed destroys the vitamins and increases the temperature. The last factor is the additional loss in bioavailability.

Juicer March

They argue that the screw spin invented in South Korea, but special nozzles on the grinder remember housewives since Soviet times. Due to the slow speed grinding is performed very carefully, the juice is pressed out by cold pressing. Screw clamps pulp between grid or solid wall pipe. On this basis work juicer:

  • Vertical screw arrangement;
  • with horizontal screw location.

Both species were first released in Korea as early as the 80s. Different models of materials and designs. Slow cold pressing in the first group extends between the vertical screw of plastic and steel cylindrical mesh. A special form of parts allows to achieve a satisfactory result at a speed of 90 rpm. The device is only slightly buzzing during operation noted for the high efficiency. Greater than that of the rotor juicer.

At the same time it retains most of the nutrients, vitamins and enzymes. Juicer cold pressed creates a drink with the content of ascorbic acid is 6 times more than goes out of the centrifuge rotor model.

For instances with horizontal auger juicer include Shivaki SJE-8311. It's cheaper models (4000 rubles), with plastic walls. Expensive horizontal screw type juice extractors are made of metal, which protects from excesses with seeds of fruits. The principle of operation of the device is slightly different from that of auger juicer vertical type. Here there is structure, similar to a meat grinder, but the bottom of the pipe with a screw - drain hole to drain the juice. Squeeze maintained between the planes of the helical protrusion and a removable front wall with an opening for discharging bagasse. The complete range of accessories:

  • for mashed potatoes;
  • for pasta;
  • sausage;
  • juice.

Juicer extrusions

The variety of extremely exhausted imagination of designers.

The method of cold pressing piston for citrus

Malyshev called manual citrus juicer absolute champions when it comes to oranges. In addition the maximum content of vitamins and enzymes drink contains the record number of the pulp. Small juicer, representing the "dome of the minaret", provided with spiral ribs for stripping the flesh. The man simply takes his hand and half orange pressurized twists in a clockwise or counter-clockwise. The juice is collected in a round bottom trough and drained downwards through the multiple openings in the form of slots. It looks like a primitive way of pressing.

Juicer extrusions Mascot (Cancan or EcoJuicer) acts much less human effort. For the drink is required to twist the long lever. A pair of turns, and juice in a glass. The design:

  1. Pressure piston.
  2. Pinion drive.
  3. Form in the form of a pyramid.
  4. The reception, which is attached to these elements.

Juicer Shivaki SJE-8311

Half of citrus or the pomegranate (red fruit with seeds) laid pulp on top of the pyramid. Then the circular motion of the lever press juicers achieve the required degree of pressing. The models, where the piston pressure force is generated by physical law shoulder length. The long arm of the lever presses on the short arm of the piston, the pressure is achieved, depending on the applied force and superior it repeatedly. In such models is a special limiter, made of two reasons:

  • juicer protect against destruction as a result of excessive lowering of the lever;
  • not to overcome the bitterness of the peel.

According to the authors, the first design looks more attractive, leaving complete control over the fruit and process. Who drink orange juice, not applying a single force has the right to try the case in a juicer Santos №70, designed specifically for citrus. Spin it cold longer be called "dome minaret" rotates at high speed, scraping the flesh. The lid is pressed against the lever due to the shoulders of the law.

Cold pressing for professional models

Household presses for fruits and vegetables is not produced, professional - as much as necessary. For example, Energy ~ Star * Juice Press BD-1991. Suitable for all fruits and vegetables, has a deep rectangular bowl, where the product is laid. On top of the piston is pressed down all the hydraulic press. The ad says it is sturdy contraption with long life. They offer a model of white and black colors.

Driving juicer

Inside laid not fruits and vegetables, and pulp, pre-shredded. Preparation, for example, will be engaged in March centrifugal juicer (rotary) type. Oil cake will probably get wet. But skip the waste through the press, and you get an additional portion of the juice. Pressing the fruit is allowed to chat with stones (plums and apricots), but as far as it is safe, do not say in advance. The pulp is put in a special bag fabric leaky. Then he inserted a special lever in the housing gap under the bowl and begin familiar to motorists on the jack reciprocating motion up and down. Possible to make the device yourself using the jack.

Produce full hybrid model, where the grinder on the left and press right. Take the whole fruits and vegetables, ground in a bag and then squeeze. By the way, the site of the dealer (Green Star), submitted the Energy ~ Star * Juice Press BD-1991, there will be lots of useful information for raw foodists.

Cold pressed into the juicer a twin screw type

Completes the review of twin-screw juicer - the championship belt today belongs to her. The method invented in South Korea. At least, the country belongs to a patent.

Talking about cold pressed, not to mention the champions segment - juicers Angel Juicer. The device allows you to pick the best out of fruit and vegetables. efficiency of the device comes to 98%. Higher values ​​will not show any type of equipment known today.

Cold pressing occurs between the two screws with helical windings, tightly fitted together. The design is made of metal, apparently remotely resembles a meat grinder. Two screw swallow products are ground and pressed together. It turns out a record pressure, which can not be achieved in other devices. Twin-screw juicer is able to grind the stone apricots and plums (but do it is not recommended).

Valuable result: a maximum of vitamins and enzymes in the drink passes. No squeezer Premium of alternative family fails to provide such characteristics. We remind you that the first guest arrived from South Korea, where the mechanical model appeared in 1981 (the idea and prototype). Company Angel Juicer manufacture established in 1983, the first electric model released a few years later. Since the change of generations, we have seen the light of the juicer that understand voice commands.

Today, twin-screw models cost from 35,000 rubles, it is the best choice for a juice bar and vegan. Is it worth paying a lot of money for household equipment, decide for yourself.

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