Figures for the garden - decoration and use for the local area

Create an individual style, turn your brainchild into a place for resting the soul, the body will help the figures for the garden, interestingly decorated flower beds, gazebos, fountains. After all, every gardener, summer resident, owner of a private house or cottage, strives to make his site aesthetically attractive, gave joy, positive emotions.

  • What products can decorate the garden?
  • Figures for the garden - photos of the master's products from the village of Vyselki
  • Decor house made of plaster, concrete or wood
  • Harmonious placement of parts and matching styles
Gypsum figures of sheep for the garden

If we mentally go back to the past, we will see that the only element of decorating the garden, the garden was just a garden scarecrow. Today, modern trends in landscape design offer a variety of shapes or figures for decoration, giving a fabulous atmosphere to your garden.

This fashion trend has come to us from Europe, where for many centuries it has been successfully applied to give individuality to the adjacent, garden areas. To date, the popularity of various figures is gaining momentum on our domestic spaces. They can be bought in specialized departments of building shops or make an individual order from the masters working in this direction.

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What products can decorate the garden?

Lamp for the garden - the figure of a girl

In addition to the decorative function, the figures for the garden can carry a useful purpose, for example, act as drinking bowls or bird feeders, in the form of flower pots or flower stands.


Fairy gnomes or cute animals with built-in electric lighting (or solar panels) can illuminate garden paths in the dark.

Vivid, unusually executed figures necessarily attract attention to themselves, will help to distract attention from less attractive zones, if any. A competent combination of colors, semantic orientation, features of the terrain is able to create miracles, create your own little world of magic.

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Figures for the garden - photos of the master's products from the village of Vyselki

Figure of a Cossack for a garden

This photo clearly shows us that human hands can do any level of difficulty in working with gypsum, concrete or wood. The main thing is desire, creative aspiration, multiplied by diligence plus, of course, experience.

Kashpo - figures of swans for the garden

Below are examples of simple flowerpots under flowers, more complex sculptures for garden decoration, photo:

Garden pots for the garden
Figures of foresters - pots for the garden
The figure for the garden is the head of the giant

If you liked the above figures for a garden of gypsum, concrete, examples of home decor (photo below), then you can chat with yourself master - Oleg Stepanchenko by phone: 8-918-418-54-40, to make an order The master works with various materials - plaster, concrete, wood, other.

I'm sure all your fantasies will be performed at a high professional level.

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Decor house made of plaster, concrete or wood

Panel "Swans" - a master at work

Separately it is worth mentioning a kind of "branch" of garden decors - panels for the house, decorative fences, panels.


Decor home can act as an independent accent, as well as a single style direction, with garden figures. Such a creative presentation can be successfully beaten.

For example, the combination of gypsum panels on the most conspicuous wall (elephants, swans), small garden figurines of elephants (or swans) near the flower beds nearby will look very unusual.

Panel "Swans"
Panel "Elephants" on the wall of the house - the beginning of work
Panel "Elephants" on the wall
Fragment of the fence for the flower bed
Panel "Gnome"
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Harmonious placement of parts and matching styles

Modern figures for the garden have a different style, size. From the variety presented for sale, you can choose the style of modern, country, European, Old Russian, Japanese, fabulous, romantic. Different sizes, colors also help you choose the right option for your garden.

In the desire to decorate their site, many beginning gardeners make a mistake, mix together different directions that do not correspond to each other. For example, in a Japanese-style garden, gypsum bunches or bright palms with bananas will be inappropriate. In order to understand what products of gypsum, concrete, wood are suitable for your garden, you need to combine the fantasy of the owner with the style decision of the site. Decorative elements should be in harmony with plants, trees, not to turn the garden into an "exhibition gallery".

Figure for the garden - leaves of concrete

The garden in a romantic spirit will be decorated with swans, pigeons, amurcs, various flower compositions (pots, forms for mini-flower beds).

The figure of a frog on a rock

In fairy-tale style, gnomes, animals, large snails, frogs, ladybugs, "revived" trees or stumps will be appropriate.

Figure of a small forest of concrete
Figure of an angel in the center of a flower bed

Carried away with the idea of ​​decorating the garden, it is important to observe the measure, remember that the main ornament is nature, and figures, panels, other decorations are meant only to emphasize its harmony. It is also necessary to take into account the ratio of sizes: among large trees or lush flowers, small figures will simply be lost. Similarly, large figures in a young garden among thin trees or bushes will look inappropriately.

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