Faults in the Whirlpool Refrigerator

Masters distinguish from the refrigerators "Virpul" typical faults, because some of the breakdowns occur more often than in other brands. In the article we will analyze the reasons why he suddenly stopped working.

Content of the material:

  • 1Causes and signs of breakage
    • 1.1Freon leak
    • 1.2Problems with thermostat
    • 1.3System clogging

Causes and signs of breakage

If you pay attention to the symptoms of a malfunction, you can roughly determine the breakdown. Refrigeration equipment (CW) from the company "Virpul although different in quality, but not insured against breakdowns. The fault of the control card is considered to be the most serious.

Which leads to a breakdown:

  • voltage drops in the network;
  • contact with moisture;
  • other damage, for example, during transportation.

How do I identify a problem? In some cases, the refrigerator and freezer may not work in the refrigerator, the indicators do not glow. Sometimes a motor-compressor fails to work, then there is no cooling in the chambers. If one of the board elements is blown, you may feel a burning smell.

Well, if the control unit can be repaired, then the wizard will do a flashing. The module itself in imported models is expensive, sometimes it is more profitable to buy new equipment.

Freon leak

The fault can be found in any Whirlpool models: ARC 8140, ARC 4020, 4020 1 IX and others. Most often, the leak occurs in the freezer compartment.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to independently detect the freon outlet, since it is a gas. Pay attention to such signs:

  • freezer or refrigerator;
  • the motor-compressor works nonstop;
  • The refrigerator switches off if the gas is completely drained;
  • refrigerator "Virpul" 4020 (and other models) are squeaking, flashing emergency indicator, which indicates the lack of cooling in the chamber.

In case of a leak, you need to call a master who will remove it and refuel the system.

Problems with thermostat

The malfunction of the thermostat or the temperature sensor is connected to the electronics. A frequent cause of sensor failure is the interruption of the wiring. To check this, use a multimeter. If the sensor contacts are closed, then it needs a replacement.

How to check the sensor, see the video:

Symptoms of such a malfunction:

  • The light in the camera is on, but the refrigerator does not work.
  • The technique works, but the lamp blinks on the panel, which means overestimation of the temperature in the chamber. If there is a display, theerror code.

If the thermostat does not work correctly, the system will receive inaccurate temperature data. Symptoms:

  • One or both compartments poorly cool the food.
  • An alarm sounds, the refrigerator peeps or reports a high temperature of blinking the light bulb.

It may be the other way around, when the branches in the CW begin to freeze too much, despite the set temperature. Depending on the cause of the failure, you can replace the sensor contacts or the thermostat itself.

System clogging

If you notice that water is dripping in the compartment, it is probably the cause in the condensate. Depending on the type of defrost, condensate occurs for various reasons. To identify a malfunction with the Noë Frost system, note the following symptoms:

  • The compressor is constantly working, pumping the cold into the chamber. On the walls of the freezer, it forms snow.

  • The refrigerator compartment is not cold enough, while the fan is running. From the freezer, a drop of water drips down the back wall.
  • The system notifies about the raised temperature an audible signal.

In CW "Virpul" with a drop system, water accumulates under the bottom boxes, the snow settles on the walls.

Since the drainage hole is clogged, there is nowhere to go. It accumulates in the chamber, after which it freezes, creating a snow and ice cover. The problem can not be neglected, as this can lead to a breakdown of the defrost system in the refrigerator.

If you notice such problems in your Fridge "Virpul do not run the problem. It is much cheaper to fix the problem immediately than to deal with its consequences.

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