How to find and replace the junction box

Under the distribution box or raspayachnoy understood the local node for switching the wiring along the branches. Used to see in the form of round-shaped holes, often in the ceiling area (so that no one got by accident). In a typical apartment on one or two premises is necessary on the switch box. Search would not be a problem, do not try to disguise the hosts wallpaper. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to wrestle with how to find and replace the junction box.

Old junction box in the house

Old junction box in the house

The design of the junction box

In older homes the junction box is not very different from the Enclosures. This round shaped recess in the wall, covered with plastic lids characteristic form (see. Photo). Inside are twisted by today's standards, are often mounted terminals of various types. The lid is kept low, sometimes fall, with access difficulties are not usually observed. Inside it is usually a nightmare:

  1. Junction boxes are usually metallic old issue. It is also possible ground fault.
  2. Inside lay unimaginable forms. Not able to understand each electrician.
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  4. In view of such compounds boxes considered place with high probability of ignition.
Twisting the cables in the box

Twisting the cables in the box

It is not surprising that people come up with the idea of ​​replacing the terminal box. In this case, the process will take place relatively easily. We just need to unwind the twisted wires gently pull on the line, to withdraw from the body wall of the old junction box. Difficulties arise when a metal channel of the concrete wall includes straight inside. Saw off do not succeed, will have to act carefully crowbar, so as not to damage the plaster. Sometimes deep channels are cast in the monolith to the wall, others simply punched wall chaser. Consequently, the chance remains for dismantling the terminal box otkroshit part of the front trim.

Facts you need to consider to help them establish a preliminary examination of the place of work. Please note, the owners could hide the junction box of homemade mezzanine and other decorative elements. The layout is not always easy. For example, in the rooms junction box on the mind manages to figure out what and where there is a known and other obscure versions.

Suspended (bill) version of the junction box in the apartments is rarely used. But useful wherever there is no need to maintain aesthetics. Installation is simple: on the dowel-nails or screws (in the case of wood-based). Places fasteners often located at the corners (not a fact). Cable glands are formed such that the slice cone may increase the diameter of the hole. As a result, the maximum locked inside access moisture and dust. Junction Box greatly simplifies life: building electrician at a glance, if properly implemented explanatory inscriptions, equipment operation becomes easy and affordable.

How to put the switch box

Modern boxes are not always round. The walls of the houses are now not always concrete. The monolith is easier to do a round hole:

  • In the center of the drill hole in concrete runs of small diameter.
  • With the help of the crown is cut circular slit. In the process, a lot of dust, experienced people use special tools, including a vacuum chamber (lying on the perimeter) and building cleaner. Beware silicosis and other respiratory tract diseases caused by excess dust in the air.
  • concrete residue hollowed out by any method. Well suited punch.
Install the junction box

Install the junction box

Hole depth selected specific. It is obvious that in should be enough space for the junction box. When buying, note products are characterized by depth and diameter. Unconsidered trifles can bring annoying delays in the progress of the work. For example, extend 5 mm diameter hole in the monolith considered challenging, anticipated difficulties with centering. In this respect, better try the junction box if the crown fits. For example, in moist soil. Attention! Drill ground is not necessary in order to avoid electrical breakdown in the tool and failure.

The junction box housing has tear glands for wires. It is not always where you want. Plastic easy to drill in place the necessary diameter. The greatest difficulty is the case where a steel channel sloppy builders laid with heaving of the wall. Remove a piece of iron is extremely difficult, goes inside the wire, but the metal tube (corrugation) is required to ground.

Instructions for finding the junction box

Locator reinforcement helps to find the wires in the wall, but the cost of the device surpasses 10,000 rubles. Often the difficulty is solved by means of a contactless screwdriver indicator. It responds to such a weak electric field that is able to sense the current through the wall. Would need:

  1. Including contactless mode to High level (high).
  2. To increase the sensitivity, press your finger on the contact button (located at the rear of the handle screwdriver indicator).
  3. Enable line filter network for computer equipment.
  4. All! Not required to include a line filter. If you bring a screwdriver indicator to the wire, the bulb will light (see. pictures), an audible signal.
Check Screwdriver indicator

Check Screwdriver indicator

That shows a little experience with it junction box - ask readers. Each wire, which is under phase potential and devoid screen emits. This quietly when she was lying inside the wall of the cable channel. Includes extension cord, observe the radiation of energy into space. Moral: any electrical appliances, devoid of harmful grounded screen, even de-energized wires.

Through the described procedure, it becomes possible to search in the wall of the wiring even in the absence of the indicator armature. To do this, you need to create a current in the wire. Its value depends on the sensitivity screwdriver indicator. Does not work here is a simple rule - the more, the better. We recommend to take into account the simple fact that too large a signal capable of turning the entire wall in the sources of electromagnetic radiation. If the settings are correct, proleganiya wiring path is easily determined (plus or minus 10 cm on each side). It will be able to see where the guide channel, at the end of his search will end distribution box.

The given useful information to help you find a junction box and assess gaps apartment electricians. For example, in the absence of ground steel channels leads to pollution emissions apartments. This reduces the immune system, causes disorders. Today often choose corrugation for field wiring is not plastic, and aluminum. Aluminum corrugations may be grounded, making reliable screen.

Skilful manipulation of the screwdriver-indicator to help decide how to find the junction box. It is important to select the correct power level. Nuance: if somewhere the wiring is in contact with the reinforcement, like easy to ignore for years. No leaks, if there is no ground. But when on the equipment wall becomes a source of radiation. Thanks to modern technology, it manages to notice and improve: to locate a contact place, replace the wiring, take other actions.

If the junction box is replaced often, people want to lay new wires to reduce the risk of fire. Scrupulously will draw a circuit channels. The method chosen individually. For example, it is acceptable to take advantage of the above procedure. As a result, a complete circuit is welcome on his hands. Sometimes part of the wiring can not be replaced. For example, the walls of bathrooms and other walls in prefabricated houses are often made of the available material on the site. In this case, the channel is not available, and the wiring goes anywhere. To replace it, will require dismantling of tiles and other construction activities of a similar kind. In this respect, touch walls are not always considered to be the best solution. Instead, the wiring changes to the nearest junction box.

In the shops and factories there is no point in preserving the decorative and aesthetic. Junction boxes are performed in the trim embodiment. Flat box with cable entry on the sidewalls notice hanging anywhere. The same kind of devices are used for communication links.

Despite the numerous types of distribution boxes, their simple: rubber or plastic body, gray or whitish color (sometimes orange), converging from all sides cable. These are the common symptoms and the search is admissible to make along the route (if you do not know the object): go along the line, to inspect places of passage through the channel walls to look for.

How to choose a junction box

Selection of a new junction box is logical to maintain the basis of the existing one. Suppose, to take a rectangular case is not recommended to monolithic concrete walls. Put practically impossible. It is much easier to break a crown round hole. Erecting brick walls, perform a rectangular hole easier during the construction phase. Modern materials like penofol help sustain the required parameters of waterproofing and thermal insulation with a reasonable approach to planning.

Who does not use metal boxes. If the panels in the interior of the apparatus bear the weight, and should therefore have sufficient strength, they are made of steel. Junction boxes are much smaller in size, do not carry the load. The logical solution was the plastic used everywhere. For this reason, the junction box housing is not grounded (although in older homes is required to do so).

We see no reason not to use as a wiring switching units Enclosures.

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