Photo wallpapers for the kitchen - receptions and design ideas

  • A bit of theory and trickery
  • What kind of material and type of printing is better?
  • Where can I buy and order?

On the one hand, wallpapers are an easy way to radically and quickly transform an interior:

  • visually increase the small kitchen;
  • Raise the low ceiling;
  • large space to make more chamber;
  • to divide the united premises into zones;
  • "Adjust" the situation for themselves and their families.

On the other hand, if you decorate one wall with wallpaper, you immediately turn it into accent, that is, practically the main detail of the interior of the kitchen, and so it can both decorate it and spoil it.

Look at the photo below and imagine this male and a little standard interior without Alexander Deineka's painting "Running" on the walls. In our opinion, it was she who gave this kitchen-living room a character, dynamics and style. The project studio Liturinsky & Leost.


In this article we will give information to those who still doubt, and those who have already made up their minds, we will throw a few ideas for inspiration and advice on the choice of materials. Well, for those who are ready to glue the walls, we invite you to watch the video with the master class for gluing yourself.

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A bit of theory and trickery

So, in your kitchen there is an empty wall and you are ready to turn it into an art object. But first you have to understand what disadvantages and dignities are in the wall and the kitchen as a whole. After all, the main plus of photo wallpapers is their ability to visually, but noticeably change the perception of space and this should be used. Here are techniques that will help you choose the design of photo wallpapers.


If the kitchen is small

If the area of ​​your kitchen is less than 10 square meters. m, then you need to choose either wallpaper with a light background and the same neutral, unobtrusive pattern, or panoramic images and photos with a pronounced perspective. Forest paths, bridges, city streets, stairs, terraces, mountain and seascapes will become a "portal" to another world and will increase your kitchen. Below are wallpapers for a small kitchen in the interior (some photos in this material can be flipped to the right).



  • and yet with similar "portals" and the effect of the looking-glass you need to be careful. Not always in the kitchen in the city apartment will be appropriate forest trail, and in a country house or at the cottage - a view of the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • In addition, the drawing should not be voluminous, that is, for example, large buds of flowers will pull the blanket over themselves and "squeeze" space.

If the kitchen is low ceilings

If your kitchen has ceilings below, m, then you need to choose wallpaper with vertical lines of the picture or those that are shot with an angle from the bottom up. And it can be, again, cityscapes with the image of skyscrapers, towers, statues, skyscrapers, trees and stripes will also suit.

Another idea of ​​design - you can simply draw a narrow section of the wall from floor to ceiling or above the table as shown in the photo below.


If the kitchen is narrow

The narrow kitchen will visually stretch a panoramic large photo in the whole wall with horizontal lines of the drawing. What motivations can this be? Primarily marine - images of waves, beaches, as well as natural subjects - spreading fields and mountain slopes. Here are examples of space-expanding photo wallpapers.


If the kitchen is spacious

In this case, you are not limited in the choice of color or pattern. You can choose black and white photos or, conversely, very bright.


If you want to make a large kitchen more roomy and cozy, then choose images with a large, three-dimensional drawing.


And here is a wallpaper in the interior of a kitchen of a large area can create the effect of a realistic illusion.

If the kitchen is located on the north / south side

Here the principle is simple.

  • If the kitchen is dark and located in the shady north side, then choose light shades with a warm sub-tone. What motivations and drawings are these? Coziness and warmth will add photos with the image of the sun, summer and mountain landscapes, as well as photographs in sepia color, pictures in the style of "retro" and "classics."

  • Well, if the kitchen is southern, then you need to do exactly the opposite and choose cold colors and shades. As for the design of wallpaper, then an excellent choice will be marine themes, as well as black and white photos.


If the kitchen is bright / monochrome

Balanced bright colors in the interior of the kitchen will be able to black and white photos.


Conversely, if the kitchen is white or black and white, then brightly painted wall-papers will fit into it.


And a couple of general recommendations

  • If you decide to choose a design with photo wallpapers, then from other small decorative details will have to be abandoned.
  • Wall sconces should be chosen in tone to the walls and in the appropriate style.
  • Kitchen decorating photo wallpaper does not tolerate the neighborhood with excess pieces of furniture - whenever possible, decorate them with a wall that will not be forced or glue your panel, starting with the level of the table or higher.
  • In interior design with photo wallpapers it is extremely important to choose the right companion cover, which must necessarily be combined with the interior of the kitchen, and with the image. As a rule, these are basic, monochrome, restrained wallpaper or painting.

What kind of material and type of printing is better?

Photo wallpapers can be different not only in design, but also in their basis. What to choose wall-paper for kitchen that they did not fade, hid small lacks of a wall, and they could be washed. Photo wall-papers are made in following kinds:

  • Paper wallpaper - not suitable for the kitchen, because even in the bedroom or living room, these wallpapers will only last 1 year. On the other hand, cheap paper wallpaper can be made only a small piece of the wall, for example, an apron, and on the top the pattern can protect the transparent glass as in the photo below.

Another idea - a small part of the wall in the kitchen can be distinguished for children's creativity. On sale there are paper wall-paper with children's pictures which can be painted.

  • Wall-papers from a self-adhesive film - basically quite approach for kitchen, after all they can be washed and wipe, but in In this case, the walls should be perfectly even, otherwise the film will not lie flat and all the disadvantages of the base will be are noticeable. Glue them very carefully and gently from the center to the edges, not creating bubbles and assembly. Self-adhesive film with photo printing is better to design small surfaces: cabinets, doors, an apron or a fragment of a wall in the form of a panel.
  • Vinyl wall paper is the most common type of wallpaper and the best choice for the kitchen. They are wear-resistant, perfectly retain color, can wash and hide uneven walls. In addition, they can be not just matte or glossy, but also textured for linen, sand, plaster, brush strokes, etc.

But vinyl coverings can be different - they are made either on paper basis, or on non-woven. The first option is glued to the wall in the same way as conventional wallpaper, that is, the glue is applied to both the wall and the strip.

  • Non-woven wallpaper - fabric on a non-woven base is glued somewhat easier, since the adhesive is applied only to the wall. In addition, non-woven wallcoverings better hide the defects of the wall, are less prone to abrasion and fading, are well washed, but are more expensive than all other types of coatings.

All kinds of photo wallpapers are glued to each other in an overlap of a couple of centimeters, so that after cutting out the surplus the seam of the docking of the panels turned out to be imperceptible.

Most manufacturers produce finished coatings on vinyl or non-woven basis.

Choose wallpaper that is printed with exotic paints or UV-printed.


Where can I buy and order?

In fact, practice shows that it's best to order wallpapers in online stores, which are very many today - you will have plenty to choose from.

Today, the world's most popular nonwoven wallpaper from the Swiss brand Mr. Perswall. The Russian dealer of this brand will be able to produce any photo wallpapers from the corporate catalog in any size you need. For example, this drawing can be printed in the entire wall, and can be reduced to the size of the poster.


Other brands in roughly the same price category are: Eijffinger, Thibaut, Wall Deco, Wallon Due and others.

However, today you can order wallpapers in the printing house or in a special workshop, the main thing is to choose a good paint, a dense base, a washable cover and a suitable image. If you wish, you can even print your photo in a very high quality, preferably 10-15 MB, resolution, i.e. internal resolution, will suit from 150 dpi (i.e. points per 1 sq. m.). inch).

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And finally, on how to paste wallpaper with your own hands, see the next video from the master.

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