How and what to wash children's things - means and rules of washing

  • The better to wash things a newborn
  • Why do I need to wash new things?
  • Preparing things before washing
  • Hand wash or in a washing machine?
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The child needs careful care. But it will be necessary to take care not only for the baby, but for his clothes, so every mother even before his birth, wants to know what to wash children's things for newborns? There are various tools on the market that will help to clean children's clothes from contamination and prepare them for the first sock, so it's no surprise that moms are trying to find the right solution. In this article we will look at how and what to erase children's things, why to erase new things, and also give some useful advice.

The better to wash things a newborn

What is effective and safe for the baby? This question is touched by every mother because the baby's health will depend on the right choice. At the kid the protective barrier of a skin is rather weak, therefore through it, as a rule, various substances penetrate, which provoke development of an allergy. In addition, the composition of household chemicals include volatile substances that can cause a respiratory allergic reaction in the baby, weaken the immune system. Before buying a detergent, you need to study the composition and read the reviews on the Internet.

Baby soap

Physicians recommend in the first months of the life of the child to use only baby soap. There are no foreign substances that can harm a child. It includes:

  • Softening ingredients - glycerin, oils, making clothes soft and pleasant to the body of the baby;
  • Antibacterial substances are extracts of medicinal herbs that soothe baby skin.

Foam, formed from baby soap, is able to absorb dirt and does not allow it to connect to the surface.

Pros of baby soap:

  1. Security;
  2. Easy to wash out.


  1. Serious contamination is ineffective.

In the first months of a baby's life, which is fed by breast milk, emptying and emptying it are colorless and they do not smell. They are very easy to wash, so you can not use washing means: just wash the diapers with plain water.

Laundry soap

Also popular is the laundry soap, but is it safe for the child? It contains alkalis, fatty acids, and the acidity level is 11-12. This remedy is antibacterial.

Naturally, for children's skin, laundry soap is not suitable, but it will ideally remove all contaminants, even complex ones. The defect of this product is a special strong fragrance, but if thoroughly rinsed clothes, it will disappear.

When purchasing household soap, you need to familiarize yourself with its composition. Basically, it must necessarily contain natural components. But some companies in its production add whitening components and chemicals to achieve the best result. You can not wash children's things with such soap.


You can wash the newborn's clothes with powder, but there should not be any harmful ingredients in its composition. It is also important to know that completely remove all the powder from the tissue can not, its particles still remain on the clothes and able to penetrate the baby's blood through the skin.

When choosing this detergent, you must choose the powder intended for washing things of babies or buy a product with "0+ also you need to study carefully the composition. Ordinary adult powders can not be used for newborn babies, because they can cause rash and irritation on the baby's code.

In children's powder should be excluded:

  • Phosphate - reduces the resistance of the skin to irritants from the outside, and when it gets into the blood, even change its formula;
  • Chlorine - is the cause of the itching, peeling, also overdoes tender baby skin;
  • Bleaching agents remain in the fabric even after rinsing;
  • A-SAW.

Some of the powders include surfactants. They are biodegradable, and the contaminants are retained in the resulting solution. Children's powders are produced for both hand washing and automatic machines. The greatest demand is:

  1. Children's Tide;
  2. Eared nanny;
  3. Karapuz;
  4. Stork.

More expensive brands produce powders with the safest ingredients. Their cost is high enough, but the content of active substances fully justifies the price. Also in the market there were washing gels, which are very easily washed from the fabric.

Soap nuts

But you can wash children's things without using the above mentioned means, so-called soap nuts are suitable for this. In their shell is a large concentration of surfactants of natural origin. Before washing, these nuts must be placed in a bag of fabric. This tool will help to cope with small dirt.

Why do I need to wash new things?

Linen that has been soiled must be washed in order to get rid of dirt and stains, but do you have to wash new things for the newborn? Doctors say that this must be done without fail.

Immunity of the child is not yet fully formed, so it must be protected from all sorts of contacts with harmful microbes and dirt, which can be in new clothes. Young parents can not be completely sure that the storage of things took place under ideal conditions, it is possible that in the places of their storage there is mold, fungus, mice and insects. In addition, no one can guarantee that the clothes were touched with clean hands. In addition, things can be processed with starch, so that their appearance does not deteriorate.

To bring to the proper kind of things for the future baby is necessary at least 2 weeks before the expected delivery. For washing it is necessary to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Soak new things and diapers in soapy water for a quarter of an hour;
  • Straighten by hand;
  • Rinse well in large quantities of water;
  • Hang up in the fresh air;
  • Pat, better on both sides;
  • Fold in a tight package.

Preparing things before washing

Some mothers wash their kids' clothes in their own way: someone immediately wipes, and someone collects a large amount of dirty laundry and only then turns on the washing machine. Some even erase children's things with adults and use ordinary cleaning products, which can not be done categorically. For washing children's clothes, there are some rules that you need to know:

  1. Diapers, until they have not stuck to any draining, must be rinsed in cool water. If you do this in warm water, then traces of feces can enter into the fabric;
  2. After rinsing it is necessary to soap all the stains with baby soap. For maximum effect, it is necessary to rub things with this remedy on both sides;
  3. Wet things, on which the stains were soaped, can be folded into the pelvis and left until the evening, after which to wash. For a long time to leave wet things can not be in any case.

Hand wash or in a washing machine?

Many mothers face a choice: hand washing of children's things or machine. Household appliances, of course, make life easier for mothers, especially if the "washing machine" has the "Child Laundry" regime. Clothing with this mode is erased at high temperatures, and rinsing occurs in a large amount of liquid to completely wash the detergent off the fabric. If this option is not available, then the mode is selected based on the fabric and use an intensive or double rinse. If we talk about the temperature regime, then for delicate things, it is 40 degrees, and for ordinary - 80-90 degrees. According to some experts, "Stiralka" makes it easier for Mom washing process, but it is not recommended to use it too often, because it's unhygienic: in the washing machine from the contaminants, not only the clothes of the baby, but also the adult members families. For this reason, moms can give preference to hand washing, but here too there are nuances.

It is not possible to manually wash the baby's clothes at a temperature of 90 degrees, so it is necessary to wear 2 pairs of gloves to protect the skin from burns. For manual washing it is necessary to dissolve the detergent in the water, rub the stains and soak for 30 minutes to several hours, which already depends on the nature of the contamination. After this, it is necessary to rub the cloth, and rinse at least 3 times. Note that when changing the water, its temperature must be lowered.

Helpful Tips

  • Wash and store children's and adults' belongings must be separated from each other. This rule applies not only to dirty things, but also to clean ones;
  • White linen is washed separately from the color;
  • Pollution should not be washed in separate areas, it is necessary to soak all clothing or diaper in water. This will evenly rinse out the detergent from the fabric;
  • Before washing it is necessary to remove all emptying or food left from the things;
  • At the end of washing, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse the laundry;
  • Dry washed clothes better in the fresh air. It is better to do it in those places where dust from the street does not fall on baby clothes;
  • If the mother is breastfeeding, then she should also wash her own things with baby powder.

In this article, we described how to wash things for newborns, what rules and detergents exist, with which you can get rid of contaminants.

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