How to use a double boiler

  • Design and principle of operationWith the purchase of steamers will not be problems, because the market there is a large range of these products from different manufacturers. Problems may occur when using the unit. In this article we will try to answer the question of how to use a double boiler.

    Device and principle of operation

    The principle of operation of the double boiler is simple: at the bottom of the case, which is the main part of the apparatus, is the heater and the water tank, on which the basket is installed, designed for cooking. During the operation of the double boiler, the liquid in the tank boils, and the steam rises and through the special openings in the basket gets to the products, as a result of which they evenly heat up.

    This unit is easy to use, in addition, it is very healthy: steamed products retain almost all vitamins and nutrients, because the cooking process does not involve the use of oil or fat. On the body of the double boiler there is a water indicator, which gives the appropriate signal if the liquid level is not enough and needs to be added.

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    Some devices have a special pan in which all condensate is collected, which prevents liquid from entering the generator. You need to know that the number of pallets should be directly proportional to the number of bowls where food is prepared. This is necessary so that smells do not mix, because in the double boiler you can cook several types of products at the same time.

    Cooking containers are mainly made of plastic, because this material is shock-resistant, but it can be painted on some products that are natural dyes. But sometimes materials are used that are resistant to staining. Steamers can be equipped with:

    1. Egg grid.
    2. Condensate collection trays.
    3. Containers for liquid and bulk products.
    4. Recipe Book.
    5. Operating Instructions.

    The efficiency of the steamer depends on its capacity. If this figure is 2 kW and more, then cooking dishes will take a little time, but the consumed electricity will increase.

    Units equipped with 2–3 bowls mainly operate at a power of 900–1000 W, which is quite enough for complete processing of products with minimal electricity consumption.

    Installation of the double boiler

    Each double boiler has its own instructions for use, after studying which you can avoid injuries and learn how to properly use the device. The importance should be given to the installation of the device, because it depends on how the boiler will work:

    • Installation should be carried out only on a flat and hard surface.
    • Steamer should not stand near the stove, on it or near the sink, because heat and moisture can adversely affect its work.
    • The cord must be positioned so that it does not touch.
    • You can not start using the unit without liquid in it.
    • No need to place a double boiler on the edge of the surface.
    • The steamer should not stand close to a wall or a kitchen cabinet, because it can lead to malfunctions of the device and even damage kitchen furniture.

    Recommendations for using the double boiler

    For proper preparation of the double boiler, the following tips should be followed to make the cooking process simple and easy:

    1. For cooking it is necessary to use only purified water, which must be poured into a special compartment. Tap water can damage a device over time.
    2. In order for the liquid level to be optimal, it is necessary to be guided by the mark on the pallet: water should not be higher or lower than it. In some new models there is a function that notifies of the need for topping up water, but in older models this option is not available, therefore it is necessary to refill water independently in 40–45 minutes.
    3. A condensate pan must be installed.
    4. After assembling the bottom of the double boiler, you can lay the food in the bowl and start cooking.
    5. After cooking, the unit will emit a distinctive beep.
    6. In order not to injure yourself, do not touch the steam cooker until the end of its work. The lid must be removed very carefully - hot steam can burn the skin.
    7. When cooking meat and vegetables at the same time, meat should be placed in the lower compartment, and vegetables in the upper compartment.
    8. Products on the lower level always prepare faster, so you should always keep track of time.
    9. The time required for cooking may vary, therefore, these parameters must be monitored.
    10. After each use, the trays of the double boiler and the liquid container must be washed and wiped dry.
    11. Do not use detergents with abrasives for cleaning.
    12. Fat should be cleaned with a brush.

    Useful tips cooking in a double boiler

    It is no secret that the principle of cooking different dishes can vary significantly. For proper preparation of products, it is necessary to take into account their features:

    • In order for the meat to be juicy, it must be cooked in foil - the juice will not drain out and remain inside the dish.
    • If you cook fish in foil, then the subtle aroma and taste will be preserved, the spices will add flavor to the saturation.
    • The omelet cooked in a double boiler is soft and light. It is necessary to cook in a bowl for rice.
    • Kashi are very tasty and retain all their beneficial properties.
    • In this unit, you can cook and vegetables, which retain all their beneficial properties. You can also cook vegetables for salad or as a separate dish.
    • Dishes from cottage cheese are very tasty and healthy.
    • You can bake a cake, but you must first wrap it with foil so that it does not get too much moisture.
    • Food prepared in a double boiler does not require stirring or turning.
    • Products in this device do not burn.
    • Steamer can store heat for 20 minutes.

    What you should not cook in a double boiler

    The double boiler is, of course, a very necessary item in the kitchen, but not all products can be cooked in this appliance. If you are mainly steaming, then you need to know that:

    • In this unit you can not cook pasta - they will stick together.
    • Fail to boil the mushrooms - they will become hard and lose their flavor.
    • Beans do not boil completely.
    • No need to salt food in the cooking process, it is better to do it in a plate. If you still decide to salt the dish, then you need to use more salt, because some of it together with the condensate will go to the pan.

    In this article we tried to tell not only how to use a double boiler, but also the secrets of cooking and the rules for its installation. From the foregoing, it is easy to understand that this device is very useful and necessary. Therefore, if you are still in doubt about buying or not - drop all doubts and acquire!

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