How to outweigh the refrigerator door

Having bought and installed a refrigerator, you found that the door is uncomfortably open? In this case, you can use the services of a master for free: he will move the door to the other side. But what if you made repairs or want to rearrange the refrigerators elsewhere, and the warranty period has expired? Call a specialist can be expensive, so you will need knowledge of how to outweigh the refrigerator door with your own hands.

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  • 1When the door is set to the other side
    • 1.1Peculiarities of the suspension
    • 1.2Required Tools
  • 2How to manually reposition the doors
    • 2.1For refrigerators with display

When the door is set to the other side

In what cases is it necessary to refresh the door of the refrigerator "Nord "Electrolux "Biryusa" and other brands? There are three main reasons:

  • Repair and redevelopment of the kitchen. If in the new space the door can not normally open to the right, then you need to take action.

Kitchen with fridge

  • If you notice that the door is loosely attached to the body, this is also an occasion for changes. Constant entry of warm air into the chamber leads to an increase in temperature. Then the compressor starts to work with redoubled force to compensate for the difference. This leads to its rapid wear.

In case of loose fitting, first inspect the sealing rubber. It can be worn, dirty or deformed. Then it is enough to replace the seal.

  • You are left-handed, not right-handed. Then it is more convenient for you to open the refrigerator to the left.

Peculiarities of the suspension

Self-repair is easier to carry out with a two-chamber refrigerator Samsung, Haier, Beko, Pozis, than with a one-chamber refrigerator. In the first case, you first remove one, and then the other door. In the second - it is necessary to dismantle the whole door with the inside of the freezer. In addition, it can be more difficult to disassemble.

Check if you can outweigh the door in your model Bosch, LG, Indesit or another brand. You can see it in the instruction manual. There should also be described the stages of work.

Changing the refrigerator door

But if you suddenly can not glance at the manufacturer's instructions, inspect the case. On the other side of the door there must be additional mounting holes, which can be covered with plugs. If any, then a permutation is possible.

Handles can be placed symmetrically in two-chamber models - in "Indesit" it is plastic notches. The overhead fittings are easy to turn over, new holes are located opposite those currently involved.

Required Tools

You will need:

  • Screwdrivers (slotted and cross, depending on the size of the fasteners).
  • Horn key.
  • Socket wrench.
  • Painting Scotch.

At purchase to an icebox additional bolts, nuts, loops could be applied. It's time to use them.

Start repair.

How to manually reposition the doors

We will describe the general stages of repair for two-chamber units. The process is simple, the main thing is to act consistently:

  • Disconnect the appliance from the mains by pulling the plug from the socket.
  • Take the paint tape and secure the door to the side so that it does not fall during the dismantling.
  • Remove the plugs from the mounting holes with a hardener or a knife.
  • Unscrew the bolts of the upper hinge, remove the fasteners. If you can not get the loop, you'll have to remove the top panel (it happens with the producers of "Biryusa").
  • To keep the mounts secure, hold the door from the bottom. In parallel, unscrew the bolts of the lower fastening. Some models can be dismantled simply by lifting the door upwards.
  • If the kit does not have spare parts, use those that are on the other side. Remove the plugs from the top and place them in the free holes. The upper loop is also positioned in the opposite direction, unfold the mirror.

Designation of the details of fastening the door

  • Go to the second part - the bottom. Fix it with paint tape, as in the first case.
  • Remove the seal from the pin and unscrew the loop fastener with the locksweeper.
  • Unpick the adhesive tape and remove the door from the seat, lifting it upwards.
  • Prepare the mounting holes on the other side, releasing them from the plugs. The latter set in the released channels.

Designation of the details of the refrigerator door

  • If necessary, change the handles by using a screwdriver or a sharp object.
  • Do a rearrangement of the lower anchorage and the pin from one side to the other.
  • With tools, move the fasteners on the door from one side to the other.
  • Reassemble in reverse order, only on the other side.

It remains to check the tightness of the body. If gaps or slits are visible, you need to adjust the refrigerator door. More accurately, a thin sheet of paper (tracing paper) will help to check. Insert the sheet between the body and the seal, close the door tightly. Then pull the sheet: if it is easy to fall out, the fit is not loose. If you can not pull it out, it's all right.

For refrigerators with display

If you have "Atlant "Samsung "Stinol "Bosch "Hotpoint Ariston" with a display, then the permutation is performed a little differently:

  • Remove the upper panel of the housing by removing the mounting bolts.
  • Disconnect the wiring from the inside of the case.
  • As soon as you remove the upper part, unplug the cover with the wires with a screwdriver.
  • Remove the wires from the cover and move the fastening loop to the opposite side. There also throw a train.
  • Once the door is installed, connect in the reverse order. Do not forget to install the top panel.

In the models Hotpoint Ariston spare parts are not included, so you have to rearrange those that were in the mirror image.

Diagram of fastening the refrigerator door

In some refrigerators "Ariston" and "Bosch" can be a sensor closure. If you do not close the camera securely, you will hear a beep. Reposition the sensor is easy: remove it from the seat and install it on the opposite side.

To perform similar work in the two-chamber "Atlant" refrigerator, instead of a screwdriver, you will need hexagon # 5.

As you can see, everywhere there are features, so it is desirable to immediately learn the instructions. You can repair yourself if you follow our recommendations.

Video clearly shows the sequence of works:

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