Why the refrigerator does not turn on

The heart of the refrigerator starts up, is regulated by the relay. At the same time, the device performs protection functions. The relay is called start-up. Rather than guess why the refrigerator does not turn on, try running directly. In modern models, the brain is electronic - the algorithm will indicate incorrectly, give the sensors false information. As a result, the shortest way to study the issue is from the end.

Start-up Relay

Role of the Start-Over Relay

Refrigerator Asynchronous refrigerator motor, equipped with a starting winding. In the case of the three phases, this is an excess, the house has to turn around. The voltage is shifted by 90 degrees, the asynchronous motor is supplied with a starting winding. At the initial moment, it will allow creating a weak resemblance of a rotating floor inside the stator. It is enough that the engine gained momentum. Further starting winding is not needed, it is recommended to disable. Regulation is engaged start-up relay.

Inside there is a certain anchor inside the starting coil, a large starting current closes the contacts. The motor spins, the amps fall, the supply of voltage to the auxiliary stator winding stops. This provides the starting function. Remains protective. The current flows through a bimetallic plate, the thermal conditions of which are calculated so that in normal conditions the refrigerator will freeze without stopping. Only the climate will change, the room temperature will rise, the contacts will open.

From what has been said it is clear: each brand of engine corresponds to one or several types of start-up relays. You can not change places: either the rotor does not spin, or the stator will burn. Other - for the time being. Work - die. Some other signals come to the start-up relay enabling the operation. First of all, from the thermostat.

Start-up relay of the European sample

The bimetallic plate does not always act as a sensitive element. There are tablets, some other sensors. Everywhere the meaning is reduced to the thermal expansion of materials. Now a couple of words about electrical wiring. Drawings everywhere relays portray beautifully, with two suitable wiring, and in most cases it is something wrong. In a real-life refrigerator, the situation is much more complicated to see, so it will be helpful to know what is contributing.

You guess, idealists have filled up with online educational information. Partly true, partly misleading. See for yourself.

Refrigerator device Atlas

After reading the chapter, readers will have to understand why the refrigerator does not turn on, how to improve the performance of the beast. Consider the simplest scheme of the refrigerator Atlant. Truly elementary:

  1. The cord reaches the start protection relay, the yellow wire is usually earthed. This fact is easy to verify. Ring with a petal fork. Have a contact? So grounding.
  2. Brown, blue wires coming to the relay terminals as phase( L), zero( N).
  3. A four-core cable runs from the start overload relay. As you might guess, the yellow wire is ground. Blue, brown nourish the thermostat contacts. Black goes to the bulb, burning, while the door is open.

The starting winding circuit contains a solid-sized cylindrical capacitor. Start-up relay looks like a black box on the side of a steel barrel-compressor. Condenser lurks into the shell. Implements a phase shift of 90 degrees, creating the correct field distribution inside the motor stator. Like twice two. A method for diagnosing Atlant Atlas refrigerator is proposed.

Diagnostics of a refrigerator Atlas do-it-yourself

Refuses to turn on the refrigerator compressor, grab the tester with skillful hands.

  1. With the door closed, the contacts of the bulb are open, the current will flow through the compressor, bypassing the start-up relay, thermostat. On the tester, we obtain the power consumption by dividing the square of the voltage by the resistance shown by the tester.500 - 2000 watts. Therefore, the resistance value is 10 - 30 ohms.
  2. If the refrigerator is lazy to work, it has already entered the mode - the thermostat has opened the contacts. When the door is closed, there will be infinitely great resistance. And there is? Now open the door, get about 1.5 kOhm. This is the resistance of the light in the refrigeration compartment.
  3. Is the compartment warm? Fixed a breakdown. Contact violation. The options are:
  • Compressor engine burned out.
  • The thermostat is out of order, or the contacts are stuck.
  • Start-up Relay failed. Either the bimetallic plate has grown old, or the contacts just need to be cleaned.

Replacing the filter dryer of the refrigerator

It happens that the refrigerator turns on, turns off immediately. An eloquent sign: you must first perform the above operations. If the fault is not immediately located, the starting winding capacitor has broken( in the test the circuit does not participate), or the coil responsible for connecting the phase to the auxiliary winding. We believe it is easier to start the relay. The lid is removed. .. better not ask how it will be really the most difficult operation from the repair flow chart. The side cover of the relay is removed, the contacts are exposed:

  • We remove the cable going inwards, making a high-quality shot that simplifies the reverse installation.
  • Then remove the other wires by taking a picture. The relay is attached with a steel bracket, which will need to be removed.
  • Start-up relay is simply put on the side of the compressor. It is recommended to steal. Contacts are located at the vertices of the triangle.

We believe it is not difficult to disassemble the relay, ping the contacts, check the coil serviceability, applying 230 volts to the main winding of the compressor. As a load, we use the ohmic resistance of the order measured right there. Grab tester, see how many ohms in the main winding. If the loaded relay clicks, it's not the core, but the capacitor. Not electrolytic, as you might think, deceived by the appearance. The first are suitable for direct current, if soldered, explodes.

Compressor Fridge

Compressor pinout. How to understand where is the contact? Usually the common wire is on top, at the apex of the triangle, on the right is the starting winding. Just in case, measure the resistance. Have auxiliary higher. For example, calling up, it turns out 10, 15, 25 Ohms:

  • 25 between the ends of the starting and working.
  • 15 between the leads of the starting winding.
  • 10 between the terminals of the working winding.

We can be mistaken in details, for example, the windings can be equivalent, the general layout is as follows. A few words will show where to get a new capacitor, how to make sure that the old one is really broken. Easier to buy. As for testing, the plates should not ring, the insulation resistance of non-polar capacitors is at least 2 MΩ.As for the 230 volt start-up, no problems should arise. An example of a starting capacitor K78 - 17. Film on metalized polypropylene. Explode should not. Do not trust the authors of the word. Take a capacitor, read the label, look through the Internet.

Confirmed - safe, start up by removing the relay. Is the engine running? If not, find a new condenser, try the old refrigerator again. If the engine is serviceable, luck will overtake the experimenter. What else breaks if the refrigerator shuts off? Estimate the time between triggers. If the units are seconds, chances of a short circuit of the windings are high. The overload relay overheats, cuts off the engine. Measure the resistance of the windings, compare with the nominal capacity of the compressor. The connection has already been called, we repeat: the power is equal to the square of the voltage divided by the resistance. We take, of course, the working winding. The numbers do not fit - great chance of failure of the compressor.

So, they told why the refrigerator does not turn on, nor did they mention the thermostat. Normal pressure switch. A box with a long sealed tube. The sensor measures the temperature of the freezer evaporator. And the tube can be seen inside the compartment. Touch it with your hands. It is also just a replacement, if necessary. Of course, the models are unequal. If the fridge Indesit is slow to turn on, probably thermocouples are to blame, temperature sensors. The element is easier to check, because the output potential varies depending on the environmental conditions. Samsung has the right to use this technology. The sensor is easy to reach from the side of the camera, there is one nuance: there are often several thermocouples. For example, on each evaporator in pieces, in compartments. Total, three or four. Fixing a malfunction of the refrigerator manually would be a painful affair, the advanced refrigerator display shows error codes that tell the sequence of actions.

Therefore, advice: buying a refrigerator, for example, Stinol, try to learn more in advance.

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