How to choose the right parts for lawn mowers?

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The exploited equipment produces the resource of the nodes from which it consists, and will fail with the breakage of any part. The correct choice and timely replacement of spare parts for lawn mowers will extend the working life of the tool. The tasks of providing the mechanism with spare parts are solved in two ways - in the service center, by an independent order under the catalog.

Laws of maintenance of complex equipment

Lawn mowers with electric drive or working on internal combustion engines are classified as a complex technique. Each copy of the technology, regardless of price, is given to the buyer in a package with a set of documentation. In addition to the correctly filled warranty card, each tool has an instruction manual. The manual contains a specification, which indicates the technical parameters, series and type of installed nodes. Even the same tool by type and brand in different years of release may have differences in the equipment. Therefore spare parts for lawn mowers are always selected according to the passport.

Gasoline lawn mowers are very noisy. However, they operate only in the light of day and comply with noise and environmental emission standards.

In the age of globalization, many nodes are standardized. For example, American engines can be found on models produced in Europe or China. Therefore, the best way is to purchase responsible expensive units in specialized centers or after consulting a specialist. This is true when your assistant has been faithful and true for many years, has already been discontinued, and you need to look for suitable spare parts for the lawnmower.

In addition, there are nodes that need to be changed for preventive purposes, without waiting for the consequence of their poor performance:

  • transmission belts may stretch or get damaged, which is dangerous for further operation;
  • the air filter on the carburettor, the fuel filter needs to be changed in process of a blockage;
  • the starter cord gradually wears out;
  • becomes blunt rotary knife;
  • cutting line is finished.

Depending on the type of engine, the rig includes various components. For electric lawnmowers:

  • electric cord or battery with charger;
  • holder and adapter for the knife;
  • wheels;
  • electric start and control system;
  • a grass ejection unit and a grass catcher.
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However, the most costly is repair or replacement of the electric motor for the lawnmower.

For gasoline lawn mowers, besides the listed working mechanisms, valuable spare parts will not only be the engine, they are;

  • carburetor;
  • starter;
  • ignition system;
  • starting device.

For a long unrepaired period, it is necessary to use fuel, additives and oils only from the recommended manufacturer. During operation, it is necessary to create conditions for the engine to work, as this is the most expensive unit in the lawn mower.

Choosing a rotary knife and fishing line

Depending on the type of lawnmower, the cutting mechanism may consist of knives fixed to the deck. The knife for the mower can be rotor or spindle. To replace the knives you need to know the width of the swath and the mark of the lawnmower. Different firms have a design for attaching knives. In the process of work, they take blows, with a rigid fastening at high angular velocity, the impact inevitably leads to damage to the impeller. Therefore, the blade has freedom, it can deflect, transferring the load to the fixing bar or soft coupling. Therefore, when ordering rotary knives, you need to know the type of attachment and the possibility of balancing. It may be better to order the cutting unit assembly.

In order not to damage the cutting tool by accident, moving the unit to a new mowing area along a curb or sidewalk, the knives must be switched off so as not to deform the random object.

Spindle cutters are used only for leveling lawn, after mowing with rotary knives. Spindle cutters work like scissors. The node is completely replaced.


The lawnmower line is produced in a special profile and numbered. It is dangerous to use ordinary fishing gear, and it quickly deteriorates. When choosing a fishing line, it is best to use the profile asterisk. The round profile is suitable for soft growing grass. There are special cords of complex profile for professional tools. Quality is considered a line made in France. Any doubts in the choice of the cutter will allow the instruction manual, it is only worth reading it carefully.

Is it possible to replace the motor on the lawn mower

Often, engine failure occurs due to the failure of the vertical engine crankshaft. Knives are attached to this knot. As a result:

  • mechanical shocks on knives;
  • weakening and wear of the fastening;
  • specificity of loads on the node, the crankshaft is unusable.

If the part could not be repaired, it means that you will need to replace the motor for a lawnmower with a vertical shaft.

Each type of lawnmower is equipped with its own engine. The tool is installed engines from leading manufacturers or engines of its own design. The same types of engines can be installed on chainsaws, boats, scooters and gaskets. Installed on lawn mowers motors for self-propelled construction have a long power take-off shaft. If the unit does not have enough power to operate, the engine can be replaced.

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Most of the petrol stations of any manufacturer are equipped with Briggs & Stratton engines or Honda. Replacing the engine for exactly the same simple action. Specialty stores sell models of well-known manufacturers. You have to choose from the catalog the unit according to the parameters and meet the requirements:

  • easy start;
  • durability and reliability;
  • power.

The engines of well-known manufacturers are expensive. So the American motor Briggs, depending on capacity, costs from 15 thousand rubles. In the same price range and Honda engines. A Chinese engine with a vertical crankshaft position works well, you can buy it for 10 thousand rubles.

The electric motor for the lawn mower assembly can be bought much cheaper. So, the engine SG6-36E-021 costs a little more than 2 thousand. The power unit is designed for power supply from the 220V network, it has a power, kW. The shaft arrangement is vertical.

Using an extension cord in the garden

A lawn mower with an electric drive has a sufficiently long supply cord. Extension for the lawn mower is selected by the principle of finding a coil in the area of ​​the switch. These are the requirements for safe operation. Extension on the coil is always close to the mains switch, only the wire is unwound. In this case, all actions are easy and noiseless. When buying an extension cord, you need to choose models in a waterproof housing. Choosing the right size will help:

  • Calculation of the area served, with the shape of the section and the number of stationary outlets;
  • the choice of the thickness of the cord, based on the power of the engine lawn mower, - to power the engine up to, kW 5, up to 2 kW over 2 kW mm2 wire cross-section;
  • For earthing use a third wire strand, so the marking must be a number 3.

It is better, if the wire has only one outlet, it should be clipped. For work in the summer time, the PVS wire is better suited, the KG wire is considered to be universal for operation under any conditions.

Belt drive on lawn mower

The transmission link of rotation from the engine to the working element is the belt. This is an endless tape, which drives the actuator by the force of friction, which makes the pulley with streams rotate. The profile of the tape repeats the pattern of the pulley-poly-kline. Spending effort, the belt stretches. The weakened belt can slip and smoke from friction, but do not rotate the braid. If the tension does not help, the belt is replaced. In this case, you should choose the belt according to the geometric dimensions specified in the instruction. Belts are produced by the leading world companies MegaDyne, Bando, Bancollan, PiBelt, SKF. The difference between belts for lawn mowers is that they are made of injection polyurethane with a polyester cord reinforcement. For trim tabs, the belts have a serrated internal profile.

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Starter replacement

A starter is a node through which internal combustion engines are launched. To get the spark, you need to point the EDS, which is what they do, pulling the cord, pulling it out of the socket. Under the action of the spring, it is again brought back to its original position. If the cord has worn out or jams at start-up, the starter must be replaced. To finally make sure that the starter does not work, you need to unplug the unit and pull the cord out at idling speed.

There are mechanical and electric starters. Each mechanism works with engines of the same brand. Therefore, it is necessary to buy a lawn mower starter according to the type of engine or brand of the unit.

Replacement of the air filter

Internal combustion engines operate on filtered fuel and purified air. Otherwise, abrasive wear of the combustion chamber groups will lead to expensive repairs. Filters can be of different filling and composition, most importantly, the porous surface must let in air and retain dirt. The filter must be cleaned and rinsed as it clogs. But the pores gradually become denser, and the air passes not enough. The best panel filters are the products of Donaldson, the filters of this company detain 9, 9% of pollution due to a particularly developed porous zone.

The air filter for Briggs Stratton lawn mowers must be cleaned after 25 hours of operation and replaced as needed. The cost of the filter is 80 rubles.

Replacement of wheels

Replacement of wheels on the lawn mower occurs in exceptional cases. There are drum and rotary apparatus. There are two wheels on the drum set, the rotary ones are equipped with four wheels. The wheels for lawn mowers are selected in the same dimensions as those previously installed. For rotary units, a pair needs to be replaced. The best designs are considered bearings, they are more durable.

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