F15 error in the Atlant washing machine

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Your Atlant washing machine gives an error F15: what does the error code mean, what to do, how to troubleshoot the problems that caused it?

All this we will consider below, give practical advice and clear recommendations on how to remove the error.

Content of the material:

  • 1What does the error F15 Atlant mean: decoding and reasons
  • 2Self-repair
  • 3Fix Error F15
    • 3.1Hoses and nipples
      • 3.1.1Water intake hose
      • 3.1.2Water drain hose
    • 3.2Branch pipes
    • 3.3Leakage through the cuff of the hatch
    • 3.4Tank Leakage
    • 3.5Leak through the pump
    • 3.6Cuvette for detergents

What does the error F15 Atlant mean: decoding and reasons

Fault codes are displayed on the electronic scoreboard of modern AGR to warn the owner of a failure. In this case, CM Atlas shows an error, because there was a water leak.

There are as many as three reasons that could cause error F15:

  1. Depressurization of the tank.
  2. Damage to the cuff of the hatch.
  3. Violation of the integrity of the elements that make up the waste water discharge system.
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A noticeable sign of breakdown: the stylalk leaks.


Washing machine Atlant gives the code F15, and on the floor you found a puddle. Eliminate the problem yourself, without resorting to the help of a master. If the display shows F15, you can do the following:

  • Ensure the integrity of the tank. It is necessary to disassemble the machine and inspect it at the time of damage, cracks, rust, etc. If the tank is destroyed, it needs to be replaced.
  • Check the integrity of the manhole cuff. From prolonged or incorrect operation, the rubber seal can wear and burst. If the cuff is damaged, it must be replaced so that errors are reset.
  • Check all elements of the drain system for leaks. Hoses and nipples during the use of AGR could significantly suffer - burst, crack, break or wipe. If you find damaged items, you need to replace them with integers.

Important! Less often, the machine may leak because of a breakdown of the drain pump, detergent cuvettes or leakage from the bearing side.

Fix Error F15

Now, knowing when the Atlant washing machine displays the code F15 on the display, begin to consistently check all the components of the water draining system. Finding the unusable parts, change them.

Hoses and nipples

The most common cause of leaks is a violation of the integrity of hoses and nozzles. These rubber elements are fragile and wear out quickly, especially if the water is not of the highest quality.

Water intake hose

If the cause of leakage in the water inlet hose, this can be determined even if the CM does not work. Carefully inspect the hose and the place of its connection to the SM casing. If the hose is damaged, replace it. If the connection is unreliable, change the gasket.

Water drain hose

In this case, the SMA will flow at the spinning stage or when draining. Check the hose connection to the pump, inspect the hose along its entire length.

Found a hole or a crack? Solving the problem in replacing the part.

Branch pipes

If you find that the machine is leaking at the stage of pouring water for washing, and after filling the tank, the leak stops, the cause may be in the nozzle. It connects the fill valve to the cuvette for the powder.

Check the integrity of the unit by unscrewing the top cover of the washing machine.

Also, leakage may occur due to the drainage sockets or water filling. We need to test them and replace them if necessary.

Leakage through the cuff of the hatch

The cuff could be damaged in two ways:

  1. Small sharp objects.
  2. To dry up and burst from time.

If there is time and desire, try to repair the cuff - provided that the damage is small. To this end, conventional rubber bicycle or boat patches will do.

But in most cases it's better to replace the sealing rubber of the Atlant washing machine. Do it as follows, as shown in the video:


Tank Leakage

If all these reasons are excluded, and the Atlant machine continues to flow, then the tank is to blame. How to fix it?

The tightness of the tank may be disrupted for several reasons:

  • Crack. Requires a full tank replacement. It is better not to try to seal a crack, this will help for a bit.
  • The connections of the halves were given. Often the tank consists of 2 parts, between which there is a rubber gasket. If it is worn, the tank will leak. In this case, almost complete disassembly of SM Atlant will be required.

Leak through the pump

Often machines Atlant leak from the breakdown of the drain pump. Access to it is also provided through the bottom of the machine. Remove the pump and inspect it. If you found chips and cracks - without hesitation, change the pump to a new one.


Cuvette for detergents

Often, the powder receiver becomes the cause of leaks. This may be to blame for too much pressure of water - try to screw the valve, loosening the head. If this does not help, the machine still flows, and the F15 is on, inspect the tray. It can have damage along the edges, through which the leakage occurs.

How to fix this and other situations, shown in this video:

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