How best to plant carrots and when - care, pests, timing

Growing carrots for me, for example, is preparing for the arrival of a granddaughter. She likes to "shuffle" her right at the dacha. As the site for this, as, indeed, under many cultures, it is necessary to prepare in advance, there is a need talk about how best to plant carrots and when, about the secrets of planting, care for getting large, sweet root crops. First of all, you need to choose the right place for the bed, taking into account that it grows poorly in low places, where water can stagnate. Not bad grows only on a well-fertilized, rather loose soil.


  • After what crop to plant carrots or a choice of a place for a garden bed
  • Which varieties of carrots are better to plant
  • Soil preparation
  • How to plant carrots
  • When to plant carrots in 2018?
  • Carrot care - fertilizing, fertilizing, watering
  • Pests of carrots

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After what crop to plant carrots or a choice of a place for a garden bed

Carrots are especially productive on light sandy loams and loamy, humus-rich soils, and also on drained peat bogs. Ogorodniki believe that on such a land it grows well, the shape of the root crops is smooth and smooth. If the soil is dense (clayey or heavy chernozem), then the root crop hardly overcomes the resistance of the earth, as a result - vegetables are obtained from a clumsy ugly form.

When choosing a place, think also, after what culture it is better to plant carrots, after which vegetables it is advisable to place carrot beds. Many years of experience suggest that one of the best predecessors for her is potatoes. We dig out the early potatoes usually in June. And we have enough time to carefully prepare the soil. It is good to sow carrots also the next year after cabbage or cucumbers, which are also cleaned early.

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Which varieties of carrots are better to plant

Vegetable growers-amateurs grow such varieties as Nantes, Shantene, NIIOKh, Losinoostrovskaya, Queen of Autumn, Vitamin. Now, varieties and hybrids of foreign breeding have also appeared on sale: Olimpia, Vita Longa, Napoli, Nandrin, Kalisto. And the latest innovations are seeds in a gel shell. Such seeds need mandatory watering during sowing.


I prefer to grow carrots varieties Nantes. Juicy, excellent taste, these root crops ripen before other varieties. Well preserved until the spring.

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Soil preparation

Carrots are sown in a deep (for a full bayonet spade) dug up soil. This preparation is very important, since most varieties have long roots. Just before sowing it is good to bring a handful of ash to the garden and 30 g of nitrofoss per 1 sq. M. m.

In order to begin as early as possible loosening the soil between the rows and to weeding weeds, to carrot seeds during sowing I add seeds of other vegetable crops, which, unlike her, quickly come up (most often they are seeds of radish or salad). Usually they are called lighthouses. Seeing the ranks of amicably rising "lighthouses it's easier to navigate when loosening the land between rows.

In the summer, there are many things on the carrot patch: in time to sprout the shoots, weed the weeds, rinse, feed, water, etc. But do not let this frighten you. The first three types of work can be carried out simultaneously and begin them, as soon as the outbreaks of the light culture, which determine the direction of the rows, are designated. I must say that timely weeding is a very important element of agrotechnics for growing carrots. It develops slowly, and the weeds grow quickly and can simply "hammer" the weak vegetable sprouts.

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How to plant carrots

Sometimes gardeners mix carrot seeds with sand. This helps to distribute them evenly over the bed.

There is one more original way of sowing seeds. After all, very often truck farmers ask how to plant carrots in order not to thin out. First, boil the liquid starch jelly. Then a tablespoon of carrot seeds is added to the glass of the jelly. Stir and pour into the teapot. On a groove from a spout of a teapot the kissel with seeds pours out. Kiselnye seeds are evenly distributed along the beds, separately from each other. The seeds germinate perfectly. But thinning them, of course, is necessary, but the scope of work is not as large as in the ordinary sowing.

Thinning plants is better first twice: for the first time leaves the plants at a distance of 1 cm from each other (in the stage of one or two real leaves). The second time (in the stage of three or four real leaves) between the plants should be left 2-3 cm. After thinning, 40-50 plants should remain on 1 m row.

The third thinning is timed to the time when a young carrot can already be tried. In this case, between plants should be at least 4-5 cm. Such intervals will ensure, firstly, rapid growth, and secondly, root crops will take on the correct form.


If there are large gaps between the plants, then, strangely enough, the quality of the fruit will be worse, they will grow too much, will acquire an unappetizing look. At the last thinning get rid of weak or damaged plants.


I'll tell you about another method. He's known for a long time. My parents used them all my life. Two weeks before sowing, we wrap the seeds in a wet cloth, tie it and bury it - it is possible on the bayonet of a shovel. Mark this place at least with a stick. In two weeks, dig up the rag with the seeds. By this time they swell well, become thick. They can be taken one by one and laid out in a furrow 3-5 cm. Shoots of carrots will appear for 4-5 days. They will not even need to be thinned out. Very comfortably.

What other knowledge will come in handy, so that the question of how to plant carrots does not make us "scratch your head".

First, you need to know what's important to her. This is good illumination. The formation of root crops will be disrupted if the light regime is not sustained. Even a slight shadow, falling on beds with carrots more than 3-4 hours a day at the beginning of development, will significantly reduce the yield.

Secondly, carrots do not like cramping. Too thick sowing, weeds covering the light, taking nutrients from the soil - in the end we get a lot of small, thin root crops.

Even compliance with only these two conditions (a long light day and a sufficient area of ​​nutrition) can be the main answer to our question.

But there is one more prerequisite to get a good crop of carrots - early planting time. It is sown as early as possible, as soon as the soil is slightly dry, and the feet will stop creeping on the ground.

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When to plant carrots in 2018?

Carrots are a cold-resistant culture. It can be planted under winter and spring. The first method is described in sufficient detail in an article on the subsea crop. But let's talk about the terms of the spring planting now.

The time of planting carrots in the Kuban on the recommendation of agronomists from February 20 to March 20. Do not be afraid to plant it in cold ground.

But I usually listen to the recommendations of the lunar calendar.

In 2018, he advises sowing carrots 3-6, March 10-12.

But what about February? In February, the lunar calendar shows suitable days for sowing carrots only in the first half of the month - 4-8, 11, 12. The weather in February in the Kuban is unpredictable. May be, the so-called "February windows when on certain days the air temperature rises to + 18-20 ° C. But, nevertheless, I think that it is too early to sow carrots in the first half of February.

If you decide to plant carrots for the winter, the best days are 4-6, November 25-26 or 1-5, 22, 23, December 29-31, 2018. This is the best time for the Kuban. Choose from the recommended any date convenient for you. Good luck!

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Carrot care - fertilizing, fertilizing, watering

It is desirable to feed crops, especially if it grows on infertile soils. With the growth of plants, the need for nutrients in them increases, and especially in July-August, when there is an increased increase in the mass of carrots. At this stage, you can make a full fertilizer - nitroammofoska at a rate of 30-40 g per bucket of water. Liquid fertilizer is applied between rows of crops. With frequent rains, nitroammophosco can be introduced without dissolving, scattering it between rows at a rate of approximately 10 g per 1 sq. Km. m.

If mineral fertilizers are not available, you can make ash - about half a glass per square meter. Ash and mineral fertilizers must be embedded in the soil with a chopper.

Watering carrots is very necessary especially during the first growth period, as well as at the beginning of the formation of root crops. Later, when the roots of plants grow, they can themselves extract moisture from deeper layers of soil.

At this time, the main goal of the gardener is that the carrot bed is loose and clean from weeds. If at this time there will be occasional rains, watering, as a rule, is no longer required.

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Pests of carrots

Root crops can severely damage the carrot fly - the main pest and the enemy of carrots. Most often it hibernates in the phase of the pupa in the soil, but sometimes its larvae are found in root crops stored for storage. The first fly years coincide with the flowering of the apple tree. Out of the eggs laid in the soil (a week and a little later), brilliant yellow larvae emerge. They literally "get drunk" into the roots of carrots (this lasts about a month), and then go deep into the soil where they pupate. Approximately at the end of June fly flies of the second generation and again lay eggs in the soil. And everything repeats itself.

It's not easy to get rid of a carrot fly. However, knowing the physiology of this pest, you can reduce the harm caused to them. First of all, you should know that this malicious fly loves shaded and damp places.

Hence the conclusion: carrots can not be planted near trees, in poorly blown places, and also near the pond. Remember also that the crops of this vegetable, located next to the planting of onions, are less damaged by a carrot fly.

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