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Roman blinds are comfortable as blinds and are beautiful as portieres, and therefore it is the most safe option for window decoration in the kitchen. For those who plan to buy, sew or order them and are in search of ideas, we have compiled a guide of choice Roman curtains for the kitchen with useful links to Russian and foreign online stores and a selection of inspirational a photo.

  • This kind of curtains is a fabric of fabric, which is collected in folds when lifting. Curtains are fixed to the top of the cornice, to the reverse side of the fabric are sewn the slats, which raise the regulating cord. Below the canvas has a weighting plate.

8 Reasons to Buy Roman Blinds

Roman blinds have a lot of advantages, which practically make them ideal for the kitchen.

  1. They look very beautiful.In a loose form, the curtains of Roman curtains look neat and elegant, and in the assembled - makes the interior more comfortable due to the soft and even folds.
  2. More practical due to its short length.
  3. Their length, and hence the lighting of the kitchen can be easily adjusted.By the principle of assembly, they are similar to blinds, but Roman curtains look much more comfortable - not so simple and "office." Also they are often compared to fabric roll blinds, but unlike them - the length of the canvas is regulated more easily.
  4. Can be combined with curtains and / or lambrequins.If desired, you can combine drapes and / or lambrequins with Roman curtains. This solution is especially important for zoning of combined kitchen-living rooms and kitchen-dining rooms, if in the zone kitchen hang only Roman curtains, and in the dining / living area the same Roman curtains, but already with curtains. An example of such a zoning is shown in the photo below.

  1. Do not overload the interior and are especially good for small kitchens.Roman blinds repeat the size of the window and have not too luxuriant assembly. This makes them an ideal kind of curtains for a small kitchen or austere interiors.

  1. Fits into the interior of a kitchen of any style.Depending on the design and decor of the fabric curtains can decorate the kitchen of any style: classic, provence, country, cheby chic, modern, high-tech, loft, minimalism, Scandinavian, etc. With each style can be found on our website in the "Design" section.

In the interior of modern kitchen

  • In the interior of the kitchen in the style of country
  • In the interior of the cuisine in the style of Provence
  1. You can make them yourself.These curtains can be sewn literally in a couple of hours, while the fabric consumption will be minimal.
  2. Easy to clean.Easily removed, washed and dried, smoothing under the weight of the weighting plate.

But even this kind of curtain has its drawbacks, for example, it should be borne in mind that, most likely, hanging such curtains on the windows, opening them unbuttoned will become inconvenient.

5 nuances that you need to know before buying Roman curtains

  1. What size should the curtains be?Before you buy, sew or order curtains in the atelier, you should make measurements of the window and determine the desired dimensions of the canvas in the finished form. The size of Roman curtains depends on the way they are fastened:
  • Inside the window aperture - in this case the length should be such that their lower edge in the loose form lagged behind the windowsill by about 2 cm. With regard to the width of the curtains and the length of the cornice, they should be less than the width of the window opening as well as 1-2 cm;

  • In front of the window, with the cornice attached to the wall or to the ceiling - then the width should be at least 10 cm (preferably 20 cm) greater than the width of the window. In principle, you can choose a larger width of the canvas, for example, in order to hide the pipe. The length of the finished product can be such that the window sill is covered by about 10 cm.

  1. What fabrics to choose for Roman curtains in the kitchen?For sewing any fabrics can be used - from velvet to tulle.

Synthetic fabrics in the kitchen will be as practical as possible, but may not look very nice, Natural fabrics (linen, cotton, etc.) will give a strong shrinkage, difficult to wash and iron.


Therefore, the optimal "kitchen" option for the ratio of aesthetics and practicality will be mixed fabrics - they look good, absorb smells less and fade in the sun, and are also easier to wear and iron.

There is also an alternative option - Roman curtains made of woven bamboo (pictured below), which will be both easy to clean and natural.


  1. What color and design should I choose?
  • If the kitchen is small, then try to choose light curtains with an unobtrusive pattern, so as not to overload an already small space with a lot of things. Bright and motley fabrics are appropriate only if the interior of the kitchen is mostly in light colors;
  • If the kitchen is narrow, then choose the curtains in a horizontal strip. If there is a problem of low ceilings, then you should choose the curtains in a vertical strip. Examples of striped design see below in the photo;

  • If the kitchen is "southern then you should prefer curtains of cold colors: light gray, blue, blue, pink, lilac shade, etc.

  • Accordingly, if the kitchen is "northern then we are looking for curtains of beige, cream, yellow, orange color and other warm tones.

  • And, of course, you need to consider the style of the kitchen interior. Provence and country are characterized by natural colors and rustic motifs in the decor - cage, peas, cockerels, flowers, embroidery, laces, bows, etc.

Classic curtains should be either strict or simple, or have traditional patterns, such as a cage, "Damascus" or floral ornaments, while the quality of the fabric should be excellent.


For the Scandinavian interior of the kitchen, fabrics of either neutral or bright colors with original prints, for example, in the "color block" style, are suitable. Well, in minimalistic interiors and design curtains should be just as minimalistic.

  1. How to make large windows or a window with a balcony door?
  • If the window is too wide, then it is better to hang it with several canvases, not one;
  • If the kitchen window is combined with a balcony door, then you can hang two canvases, as shown in the following image.

See material on the topic: How to choose curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door - 4 solutions

  • A few canvases decorate and bay windows.

  1. Buy ready Roman blinds in the store or sew / order tailoring?Of course, finished products, on the one hand, are easier to buy, on the other hand, to choose the right size, color and design of curtains is quite difficult. However, if you want to buy curtains of a neutral color and simple design, then this is an excellent solution. After all, ready Roman curtains in the kitchen (some models) are good because they are processed by special impregnations based on acrylic or polyvinyl chloride, which protect the fabric from burnout, moisture, domestic pollution. But, if it is important for you that your curtains exactly fit the size of the window, by color, style of interior, combined with upholstery of furniture, with a picture of wallpaper, etc., then order them in the atelier or sew them yourself, because it is economical and not at all complicated.

Where can I buy?

Buy ready Roman curtains in the kitchen you can:

  1. In the shop;
  2. Order in the studio for sewing curtains;
  3. Order curtains in the online store.

Here are some links to the note.


Directory Sites

If you need inexpensive, pretty curtains, but not the highest quality, then you can order them on the sites of well-known catalogs. Prices for Roman curtains here start from 800 rubles, the design is very pleasant, but the choice of sizes and colors is not very large.

  • If you are looking for classic curtains, in the style of Provence or country, then you should look at the site directory Bonprix.
  • Curtains with floral ornaments, decor and photo printing can be found on the website of the catalog of Otto and Quelle.

Specialized Russian Internet Shops

Monochrome Roman curtains of base colors, canvases in the classical style with the "Damascus" pattern, modern striped and bamboo canvases (brand ANNI) can be found on the site and The prices here are higher than those of catalogs and start from , 00 rubles, but the quality of machinery and fabrics is better.

Sites-fairs Handmade creativity

The Russian playground for needlewomen "Fair of Masters" is an excellent place to buy finished products and order Roman curtains to the kitchen for individual requests. Here you can find Roman products made from high-quality Belarusian linen with hand-embroidered embroidery, Provence-style curtains, whole sets of Roman curtains, curtains or lambrequins and various designs.

The foreign site of handicrafts "Etsy" provides, perhaps, the widest choice, and you need to look for them on request roman shade. The only negative - to make an individual order, you need to be ready for correspondence with the master in English.

Sitting sites

And, of course, Roman curtains in the kitchen can be found on the websites of international sales of Ebay and Amazon, but the biggest choice is on the website The average price here is 2500 rubles with free delivery.

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