Roller blinds on plastic windows without drilling

Such curtains are suitable for a strict style of office environment, and help to emphasize a homely, cozy atmosphere. The fabric canvas has the ability to fold into a roll and sit on the drum, the rotation of which can be controlled using a cord.

Roller blinds on plastic windows


  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Types of structures
  • Mini system
  • Mini cassette type
  • Cassette type
  • Taking measurements before purchase
  • Selection Criteria and Installation
  • Price and Care
  • Selection tips

You can highlight a number of basic functions that perform paintings in the interior:

  1. Protection from sunshine.
  2. Decor premises.
  3. Assist in creating a private space, protected from views from the street.

Advantages and disadvantages

Window blindsUndoubtedly, roller blinds have several advantages:

  1. Absolutely easy installationthat everyone can handle.
  2. It has a standard size., which eliminates the purchase of inappropriate length or width of the curtains and problematic exchange in the store.
  3. The fabric of the curtain fits snugly enough to the glass, which provides reliable protection of the room from sunlight.
  4. Unobstructed sash opening window.
  5. Possibility of use as independent curtains, and in combination with curtains.
  6. Clamping the blade at a selected heightthat allows you to adjust if necessary the degree of lighting in the room.
  7. You can install on plasticand wooden frames.
  8. Affordable cost consistent with high quality.
  9. Leaves the windowsill free, which allows you to show a flight of fancy in the use and decoration of this space.
  10. Appearance meets modern requirements.

Like any other product, despite the above advantages, narrow-woven fabrics contain a number of disadvantages.

Among them are:

  1. To the exquisite design of well-designed rooms, roller blinds, distinguished by their simplicity, are not always suitable.
  2. In cheaper models the lifting mechanism, which under intensive loads may not cope with its functional obligation, does not inspire confidence.
  3. Adjust the direction of lightpenetrating the room, there will be no opportunity, since such a function, unfortunately, is not included by the manufacturers.

Types of structures

The difference in the methods of attachment and the lifting mechanisms of the fabric divides the roller blinds into types:

Mini system

Mini roller blinds

The most common type of curtains located on small coilswhich, due to their size, allow the installation of products on each casement window separately.

The integrity of the frame is not violated under any circumstances, because fastening occurs without the use of a drilling method.

Using magnetic brackets to secure the metal bottom rail will prevent sagging. You can attach the holders with ease using double-sided foam tape. The opening of the sash can occur in any plane.

The Mini system is in great demand among customers due to its compactness and relatively inexpensive price. These curtains are able to darken the room, but they are not able to fulfill the function of complete darkness due to the presence of small gaps along the edges of the sash.

Mini cassette type

Mini cassette roller blinds

This variety is ideal for Euro-window flaps of any material (wood, plastic, aluminum). The canvas has the ability to assemble in a kind of cornice, resembling a small cassette.

Today, the most popular are the types with the presence of a box and guides:

  1. Rollite. Installation can be carried out directly on windows with a minimum glass depth of six millimeters.
  2. Uni 1. Mounted on windows with a glass depth of more than seven millimeters. Fixing implies the presence of wide glazing beads, given the fact that the installation will take place on the inside along the entire perimeter of the glass. The box is located on the top flap of the sash window.
  3. Uni 2. Installation takes place on the outside of the glazing bead on both sides of the glass. The canvas is a short distance from the glass.

The box and guides are made exclusively of aluminum. On the side rails there are strips of thick double-sided tape, which makes it possible to conveniently connect the structures to the window sash.

Cassette type

Cassette roller blinds

It has a slight difference from mini-cassettes in that the shaft with a fixed curtain is in a fairly compact aesthetic box. When folded, the canvas is completely invisible and reliably protected from UV rays.

In a specialized store, you can quite simply pick up the colors of the box, combined with the overall interior design. Also, it is possible to choose a design that simulates plastic or wood.

Management of narrow-cassette cassettes is carried out using a chain, which makes it possible to freely adjust the desired height of the canvas. The latch mounted on the frame reliably holds the chain when the window is open on airing, and also prevents it from sagging.

Taking measurements before purchase

Measurement Instructions

In order to properly install the system, you should carefully and accurately measure the design of the window. This will avoid unpleasant misunderstandings when fastening purchased curtains.

Each type of roller blinds is measured according to an individual plan:

  1. Cassette type. With beveled beadings, we take the largest distance between the beadings for the width. Measurements should be made with a maximum accuracy of one millimeter. With direct glazing beads, make measurements as follows:
    • The width of the sides of the vertical glazing beads will be equal to the width of the canvas.
    • The height between the sides of the horizontal glazing beads will be equal to the height of the product.
  2. Mini system. Measurements are absolutely easy to use:
    • We measure the width and height of the glass, recording the dimensions, taking into account each millimeter.
    • Having received the dimensions, you should add the height of 120 millimeters, and the width - 30 millimeters.
    • Choose a control location. Experts advise choosing the side of the loop.
  3. Mini cassette type. For the Uni 1 system, the width and height of the glass itself must be extremely accurately measured. For type Uni 2, the exact dimensions of the glass are additionally added by the width of glazing beads.

Selection Criteria and Installation

Installation of roller blinds without drillingIn addition to the classification of narrow-rolled curtains by design type, the canvas is divided into double and single. In double views, an excellent option is "day - night", which contains a combination of transparent and dense horizontal stripes.

When placed correctly, they will create a wonderful lighting effect for the room. The stripes can be alternated among themselves, choosing the desired brightness of daylight.

Also exist:

  1. Transparent. Able to fully transmit light.
  2. Blackout. Contribute to the diffusion of bright light, making it quite soft.

Installation on adhesive tape:

  1. Section of a window profilewhere gluing will take place, degrease well.
  2. Heat with a hairdryer Scotch.
  3. After removing the protective layer of the film, glue it to the surface, carefully pressing it.
  4. Snap on brackets nozzles for fixing.
  5. Glue bracket on the prepared surface.
  6. We equip a pipe with web latches and gears.
  7. Pushing lightly, install the pipe in the bracket until it clicks.
  8. Insert on both sides of the pipe specialized covers.

Price and Care

Roller blinds on plastic windows

The pricing policy is quite diverse, due to the presence of additional characteristics of the product. The opportunity to purchase the cheapest roller blinds at a cost not exceeding 900-1000 rubles cost to reduce the aesthetic pleasure of a closed type of box that will cover visibility shaft.

More compact options with a closed shaft will cost from 1300 rubles. Metal fasteners imitating bronze products, as well as exclusive color schemes will cost an order of magnitude higher. A partially dimming fabric will come out at a lower cost than a fully transparent or darkened fabric.

The producing country also plays an important role in the formation of prices. The most budget options will be manufacturers - China, Poland, Taiwan.

More expensive models are produced in England, Sweden, Germany. Well, for those who do not really look at the price, manufacturers have proposed a modern version of narrow-web paintings, equipped with an electric lifting mechanism, which will allow you to control the product from any part rooms.

The cost of such a canvas with installation will cost modern style lovers from 15,000 rubles.


  1. At every cleaning It is recommended to remove dust from the product with a vacuum cleaner.
  2. Prevent stains on the surface of the canvas.
  3. Avoid clogging fabric, as this will provoke the appearance of cracks in which dirt will accumulate.

These simple rules will help keep the curtains fresh and extend the term of use for many years.

Selection tips

  1. When choosing a country of originIt is recommended to give preference to Germany and Sweden. But Chinese counterparts should be treated with extreme caution, since they add chemicals harmful to health in the composition of dyes.
  2. It is recommended to choose a color that causes contrast in the interior. For example, for a room with dark furniture, it is better to choose a canvas of light shades.
  3. When choosing a control system, it is worth considering the fact that automation fails much more often than mechanics.

If you follow all the tips and recommendations, you can choose a good, high-quality roller blinds. They emphasize modern interior design and create a stunning effect of subdued, soft light, emphasizing the coziness and comfort of the environment.

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