Basil - preparation for the winter: 6 interesting and simple ways

Basil can be used in the winter, if properly stored
Basil can be used in the winter, if properly stored

Basil - spicy greens with green or purple leaves and bright, fresh aroma. It is difficult to overestimate its benefits and piquancy in dishes. Therefore, the preparation of basil for the winter - a fairly common occupation. Today I will tell you how to keep this spice.

Features of the workpiece

Spicy herb is rich in vitamins, and its leaves contain essential oils, so any dishes seasoned with basil can be considered obviously beneficial. It is necessary to note such a feature as low-calorie plants, which is especially important for people inclined to fullness.

Basil - low-calorie spice
Basil - low-calorie spice

As for the blanks for the cold season, basil can be stored for future use and saved in the following ways:

  • in the refrigerator as preservation (dry salting method);
  • in the freezer in fresh and blanched form;
  • dried;
  • as a "green" pasta, as the basis for sauces and dressings for first courses.
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Vitamin composition and low-calorie are especially appreciated by supporters of healthy eating.
Vitamin composition and low-calorie are especially appreciated by supporters of healthy eating.

Freezer: 3 methods

As you know, the freezer allows you to preserve the freshness and useful qualities of products for quite a long time. The instructions prepared in the table describe in detail how to prepare basil for the winter using the freezer:

A photo Description
table_pic_att15070019573 Method 1: Freeze Whole Leaves
  • sprigs are thoroughly rinsed under running water and laid out on a clean, dry towel for drying;
  • dried basil leaves are separated from the twigs and stacked in piles into sealed containers or plastic bags;
  • the container is removed in the freezer for a long time.
table_pic_att15070019584 Method 2: blanching and freezing

This method allows you to save a rich green color and destroy pathogenic flora on the surface of the leaves.

Nevertheless, the taste and benefits are fully preserved:

  • basil is washed;
  • leaves fall into boiled water and blanch for a few seconds;
  • blashirovaniyu basil is dipped in a bowl of cold water, then laid out on a clean, dry towel or cloth to remove excess moisture;
  • Dried spiciness is put in bags or containers and frozen.
table_pic_att15070019595 Method 3: in ice cubes

Not everyone uses this method because they do not know how to store basil for the winter in ice cubes.

In fact, everything is very simple, but such cubes will perfectly serve as a finishing touch to salads, sauces and soups:

  • washed and sprigs of plants are placed in a mill for chopping ice (some of these are in some blenders) and the greens are cut down as little as possible. You can chop basil and do it yourself with a kitchen knife;
  • The resulting green mass is placed in ice molds and poured with olive oil (olive oil with basil combines especially well!), melted creamy, vegetable or just water, and then sent to freezer;
  • when the cubes “grab”, they are removed from the mold and put into the bag for long-term storage in the freezer cabinet.

Basil for freezing is not recommended to cut, it is better to freeze whole leaves: this way more useful substances and essential oils are stored. Shredder also affects the richness of taste and flavor.

Other options: 3 ways

In addition to the freezer, there are many ways to preserve spicy grass until cold times, such as drying, preserving basil or making vitamin green paste:

A photo Description
table_pic_att15070021800 Method 1: Drying

There are two ways - how to dry basil:

  • harvest before flowering (in this case, the plant is more delicate and fragrant);
  • wash and separate the leaves from the stalks;
  • we spread out on a flat surface with a thin layer (it is possible to chop). It is important to dry in a well-ventilated area away from the open sun;
  • after a few days, we check the state of the greenery: it should break, but not crumble into dust;
  • dried greens closed in dry glass jars with a tight lid and remove in a dark, dry place.
table_pic_att15070021801 Method 2: Dry Salting

Salt itself is a natural preservative, and this can be used when preparing greens for the future:

  • clean and dry basil shred or use whole leaves;
  • we put in clean, dry jars in layers, alternating each layer with coarse salt;
  • we fill the jar closely and at the end we press the greens to give juice;
  • close and clean the cellar or pantry.
table_pic_att15070021812 Method 3: Green Pasta

Basil can be ground into a vitamin paste, and this can be done at home:

  • the greens are washed and processed from the twigs and the affected parts, slightly dried;
  • the leaves are folded into a blender, a little salt and olive oil are added there (about 2 tablespoons per bunch of greens);
  • All this is ground to homogeneous mass and preserved in glass jars.

Dried basil is good exactly purple varieties: it has a rich taste and aroma that persists even after drying.


Such a spice as basil is always appropriate for any table, and is especially good in the winter when natural, fragrant vegetables, fruits and greens are not enough. As you know, in the cold season, the price of any fresh greens is much higher than in season, therefore, the described methods of storing basil will be useful for thrifty housewives.

The video in this article describes step by step the whole process of harvesting greenery for the winter. And ask questions and suggestions in the comments.

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