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Action - a perennial tree evergreen. His homeland is East Asia. There you can find many kinds of shrubs.

In the Russian gardens an exotic plant appeared not so long ago. The bushes were brought to Russia in the 19th century.


Action is an evergreen plant. There are bushes erect, as well as sprawling. Their height can reach 4 m. Here everything depends on the species. If the action is to be properly planted and treated outdoors, it can live up to 25 years.

In the spring, the bush will delight the eyes with greenery, but a truly spectacular view will unfold when the bush blooms. Openwork flowers with tassels of inflorescence thickly cover the entire bush. Gardeners appreciate the plant for the saturation of flowers, which creates the impression of white foam on the bush. There are flowers of pink or white color. The smell is absent.


Effective planting of the action will only be if it was conducted by all the rules. Here you can distinguish such components:

  • a place;
  • priming;
  • landing algorithm.

Choose a place for planting

Before planting and thinking about taking care of the action in the open ground, you should find a place for it. This light-loving shrub, but it will be negatively affected by direct sunlight, as well as drafts. Excellent for landing the southern or western slope.

Therefore, when choosing a place for action, it is best to stop at a short distance from the tree, about 2 m. There should not be trees or buildings nearby.

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The following requirements apply to soil. The best exotic bush will grow in the earth:

  • nutritious;
  • moderately moisturized;
  • loose;
  • drained;
  • with a slightly alkaline reaction.

When self-preparation of soil should take humus 2 parts, sand as much and peat 1 part. When the acid reaction of the soil is increased, 300 g of slaked lime should be added before planting in the ground.


Plant the bush in the open ground

Those who plant action in the open ground for the first time, do not know when it is necessary to do this. So, it's best to plant in the spring. Then there is a lot of time left before frosts and the seedling will have time to get stronger. But as for the Moscow region, landing in the open ground and caring for the action has its own peculiarities. Choose according to the weather. The time will come when the earth wilts, but the buds on the trees have not yet blossomed.

As the severe winters in the Urals, any variety for planting in this region will not work. To grow an exotic bush, the inhabitants of this area should choose winter-hardy varieties. Suitable and hybrids, which are characterized by increased winter hardiness.

Action will be better to grow and develop, if after planting shoots cut to 4-5 kidneys.

Sadim, adhering to the following algorithm:

  1. We prepare a pit, the depth of which should be 50 cm.
  2. Lay the drainage layer.
  3. A little poured on the drainage of cooked soil, adding 100 g of nitrofoski.
  4. We lower the root. In this case, the root neck should remain on the surface.
  5. We fall asleep with the earth, it must be compacted, the soil mixture should be moistened.
  6. Around the seedling, the area should be mulched. The earth is covered with peat for 4-5 cm.


When the action is already planted, one should not forget about caring for a young plant throughout the year, and for the winter it will have to be sheltered from the cold. Only then the bush will please the early spring with lush greenery, and then with thick flowers that will cover the branches.

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Watering, fertilizer

In fact, planting and caring for the action in the open ground does not conceal anything complicated in itself. The earth should be moderately moist. In a hot period, there will be enough buckets of water once a week. After each moistening, the earth must be loosened, weeds must be removed. At the end of summer, namely the second part of August, this plant does not require watering.

Fertilize the bush once a month with liquid manure. 3 liters of it is diluted in water. This amount is enough to fertilize one bush.

It will not be bad if complex mineral fertilizers are introduced. They are used a couple of times a season to 150 g under a bush.

Action reacts well to fertilizing both mineral and organic. But such procedures should be carried out exclusively during the flowering period.


When growing the action, an important point about care is pruning. They spend it twice a year: in spring and in autumn.

In spring, when trimming, branches that are damaged or that do not normally winter have been removed. If only the root system survived the winter, the plant is cut off at the ground, leaving small hemp.

In autumn, after flowering, the second pruning is carried out. First of all, you should remove the branches on which there were flowers. They are shortened to the first kidney. At the same time, the old branches are also cut off and ennobled by the shape of the plant.

Preparing the bush for the winter

Preparing for wintering action is necessary in any region of Russia. So the cultivation of the action in the Leningrad region, like landing and care, is slightly different from other regions of Russia. Winters here are distinguished by a small amount of snow. Branches are simple enough to bend, cover with spruce branches, but snow should be thrown on bushes regularly.

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Branches of bushes that have been growing on the site for several years are not so flexible, but still require shelter. They will need to be pulled off and covered with airtight material that will help keep the kidneys until the spring in good condition and transfer frosts to 30 degrees.

In Siberia and the Urals, where the climate is colder, it is quite possible to grow the action. If we are talking about a young bush, the branches are bent to the ground, from above are covered with leaves, then with a spunbond and a film. A multi-layer shelter will not contribute to the accumulation of moisture, which is very important for the preservation of the kidneys.

They will have enough easy shelter, and bushes can normally move the winter, and in the spring to please with their flowering.

When a plant blooms

It is hard to compare anything with a spectacle, when the action blossoms in the open ground. The flowering period depends on the variety, the duration - from leaving. The earliest bloom of some varieties is possible in mid-May. The rest, in general, pleases in June-July.

So, planting and caring for the action in the open ground is not fraught with anything complicated. This plant is undemanding to the soil, will grow wherever water does not stagnate. Action, not embossed by other plants, is abundantly covered with flowers, also grows well in the penumbra.

As you can see, we need a little care and love for plants, and in return - an incredible beauty exotic bush, which is hard to compare with anything.

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