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The garden arch is an uncomplicated design for vertical landscaping or lighting in the garden. Aristocratic, even majestic, look forged and stone products. Unusually, but at the same time home-like, look like wooden or vine-made structures. They are used both as an independent decor element, and in combination with other objects.

As a result, you can create a prototype of this paradise with majestic living gates. Their shape and material largely depends on the design of the garden itself, as well as the style of the surrounding buildings. Before you make an arch with your own hands, you need to familiarize yourself with popular types, materials and requirements for them.

Features of arches

Before starting work, you need to think about their purpose. In some cases, owners of mansions use such structures as:

  • Gazebos. Plants densely weave products, creating a magnificent shadow. So, under this shelter you can put a table.
  • Transitions. When the cottage area is very large, such transitions create a mysterious effect and serve as a wonderful addition to the garden.
  • Separatingzone. For example, when it is necessary to delimit exotic sorts of trees or certain places of rest.

It should be taken into account that the selected material and the dimensions of the arch structure depend on the load that the weight of the plant or a set of lamps (lanterns) will exert.

On some of them the owners decide to attach hammocks, as well as children's swings. These interior objects differ in form and width of the opening.Designers created the following types of arches:

  • classics (oval or semicircular);
  • Art Nouveau;
  • triangular;
  • trapezium;
  • romance (rounded edges);
  • portal (sharp corners);
  • abstract form (half-arches).


Such a construction is a real find for a summer residence. It performs dozens of useful functions. In connection with this, a number of important requirements are put forward to them:

  1. Material. It should be strong and not spoil from a temperature drop or high humidity.
  2. The strength of the structure. Connections must be of high quality, without sticking sharp objects. Supports must be installed reliably.
  3. The size. It should not be too cumbersome. First, it is dangerous for life, because with strong gusts of wind it can collapse. Secondly, large structures against the backdrop of a gentle garden look not aesthetically pleasing.
  4. Dimensions. Are calculated taking into account the growth of the highest member of the family. The width of the opening may depend on the size of the adjacent track, as well as on the needs of the owners. The wheelchairs, carts, garden equipment or wheelbarrows for work must pass freely through the gate.

It can be installed between a fence or a decorative wall. Also, plants should beautifully braid the product.

Materials for arches. Their features

The main task of this design is to harmoniously fit into the general idea of ​​the front garden. To do this, you need to correctly calculate its size and determine the design. In the exterior of small and medium-sized areas, arches made of wood or other materials with the following characteristics look original:

  • height in the range from, m to, m;
  • width m;
  • Depth depends on the variety of vegetation.

For small flowering structures suitable for a depth of 50 cm, and for large or fruitful plants - more than 70 cm.

If the area of ​​the territory is large, it is possible to install several structures along the path of the track. In addition, it is recommended to purchase more massive products for such areas. To do it yourself, you will need professional hardware and step-by-step instructions. Therefore, many decide to simply order them. You can build an arch for climbing plants from:

  • wood;
  • vines;
  • metal;
  • plastic.
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Brick or stone appear as independent elements of a landscape interior. Original unusual compositions from a red brick look original. The structure can have a twisted form, which gives it pomposity.At the same time, majestic arches of polished white stone create the atmosphere of medieval Europe, reminding the castles of the emperors. However, each material has its own characteristics.

Wooden arches

This is the most versatile kind of material. Wooden structures are ideally suited to any artistic idea of ​​the landscape. Among other things, they can always be supplemented with other items, creating an ideal composition of the exterior. So, a bench or table made of granite will make a successful party to the wooden gates of paradise. However, the useful life of such products is small. That they served as long as possible, you need to do the following:

  1. Before painting, treat the wood with an antiseptic. This is the prevention of mold, decay and colonization of insects.
  2. Use only well-dried planks and beams. Otherwise, after mounting at certain loads (temperature drops), they will begin to deform immediately.
  3. When painting, use only high-quality paint. This does not need to be saved.

In addition to natural wood, you can use sawnwood - MDF and chipboard. These are strong and waterproof materials. Their surface is ideal for decoration.

Thus, pergolas and arches made of wood for dachas take first place in the ranking of budget and universal design. At the same time they make a special idyll in the garden.


From this material manufacturers create hundreds of exquisite models of arches. The shape of the vault can be oval, square, rhomboid or rectangular. There are very few color solutions to such designs, mostly white or beige. At the same time, they are installed quite simply and quickly. The cost of such products is small, so they are very popular. The shortcomings of plastic can include:

  • short service life;
  • not the strength of the material (it breaks in the frost, so you need to clean it for the winter from the yard);
  • Do not use as a support for a bench or mini-fence;
  • Insufficient weight of the structure (in case of a strong wind it may collapse);
  • flammable material (mount in 10-15 m from the sources of ignition - BBQ, oven).

The plastic garden arch is unpretentious in maintenance, as it is not affected by rust and rot. Such structures are easily washed with soapy water. They are also mobile, so they can easily be moved to different parts of the front garden.

You can collect such props yourself. It is enough to find the right number of plastic pipes and laths. Then draw up a diagram and use special fasteners to assemble the product.


From the metal you can make exquisite patterns, which presentably mimic in the lush thickets of the garden. When the plant surrounds the iron arc, you will get an amazing composition. At all desire it is possible to order smart arches for a garden from metal. They are made either forged or welding. It can be the following details:

  • rods;
  • metal sheets or profiles;
  • tubes of different diameters.

It can even be self-made specimens. It is enough just to bend ordinary 2-pipes (or thick wires) and get an arched arch. It can be attached to individual decorated items.

Such kind of decorative structures are driven into the ground with the help of long pins. This increases their resistance to abnormal natural phenomena.Among the advantages of garden metal products are:

  1. Durability. They serve more than 10 years.
  2. Strength. Withstand heavy loads. Do not deteriorate from snow or rain. Transfer sharp temperature changes.
  3. Amazing decor. Only with metal you can get luxurious patterns, and even storylines. At the same time designers bravely combine metal bases with stone and wood. The result is majestic massive arches.
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However, luxury items have their drawbacks. If the irradiated or rusty places are not tinted regularly, the product deteriorates. To do this, once a year, ground the surface, and then apply at least 2 coats of paint or varnish. This procedure serves as a reliable prevention against corrosion.

Of natural stone

Arched stone structures serve their owners for more than one century. The only thing that can happen to them: they will be covered with moss or will have some mechanical damage.To build such an architectural miracle (the shape of the vault is rounded or non-standard) is only possible by a professional mason. To independently make a rectilinear canopy, you need to use special schemes or drawings.For such structures, the following materials are used:

  • natural cobbles;
  • artificial stones;
  • facing brick.

These building masterpieces do not require additional decoration with flowers or other types of vegetation. They adorably adorn ponds and garden alleys.

Designers do not recommend building them in small cottage areas. Among other things, they are quaint and strange looking at the background of simple wooden houses.

Workshop of arches

You can mount such an arch with your own hands with a step-by-step instruction, the photo of which is given below. At the disposal of the home master can be like wooden beams or boards, and metal rods. In addition, you need to have a set of tools, fasteners (screws, nails, screws and bolts), as well as conventional ingenuity.

Installation of a wooden arch

First, it is important to consider the desired shape of the vault. The most laborious stage is to create an arc. It can consist of several parts or be of a single type. First of all, you need to make a drawing or a design scheme, then proceed to select a quality material. So, for work use such materials:

  • spruce;
  • deciduous trees (birch, oak);
  • cedar;
  • fir;
  • sawn softwood.

In addition, it is possible to make a structure from ordinary straight branches or trunks. Get a unique exhibit in the country style.

These tree species are least likely to rot and are resistant to humid climates. Nevertheless, before painting, they must be treated with antiseptic agents. Then, step by step, the following work is performed:

  1. Preparation of materials. The bars should be up to 3 meters or less. In an amount of 4-5 pieces. Cross-section of the log from 100 mm. Seven or eight planed boards (80 cm each). Of these, overlap will be made. Select straight 4 racks (3 m each) and ten wedges for the side walls. Find metal pins, up to 50 cm long. They will be needed to attach the base to the ground, although you can use rails.
  2. Formation of an arch bend. First, the boards (boards) need to be connected in a circle. From the cardboard it is necessary to cut out a template of the oval form. At the top of the bars securely fix the resulting template. Use the electric jig saw to cut the parts for both parts of the arch (2 pcs.).
  3. Assembling the top of the frame. At a distance of 16 inches (1 4 cm), you should nail the cross bars using small nails.
  4. Side panel design. Between the two bases is a lattice of racks. Depth and height of the structure depends on the number of vertical (≈3 pcs.), As well as horizontal (≈8-10 pcs.) Rails. You can arrange them in a straight line or along an oblique line. As a result, the pattern will consist of either squares or rhombuses.
  5. Formation of the frame. The canopy is attached to the base with the help of screws and a bar. Before this, on top of each pillar, it is necessary to attach a knee (knee).
  6. Installation in the garden. Removable structures have a small platform under each pillar of support. In stationary products, pins are provided (1-2 pcs. on each) so that they can be stuck in the ground. In other cases by 50 cm you need to bury the pillars in the ground.

It is necessary to apply antiseptic composition to the wood in order to prevent the rotting process.

Six steps and a masterpiece is ready for use. The tree needs to be treated with a sandpaper or polishing machine, and then apply several layers of paint. This building will revive the front garden and give it a stunning view.

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Plants for decorating arches

Owners need to decide what they want to see in their garden. It can be an arch for grapes (girlish) or ivy. Many housewives prefer a magnificent clematis or an effective climbing rose.In such cases, you can successfully experiment with different shades of plants.In the upper part of the vault can grow elegant morning glory, which surprises with its fiery red (violet) colors. Near the bases, on both sides, a white rose is planted. These two shades successfully complement each other.

Do not pile graceful forged products with massive curly flowers. At the same time, a large arched structure with a refined and tender vegetation will look very rough.

Everything should be consistent in one style. Two, in extreme cases, three types of landscaping will be enough for one garden arch. In the end, everyone will be able to enjoy the charming gates to their paradise.

Garden arch-pergola with own hands - video

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