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When winter comes, our body needs useful elements that can be replenished by eating an exotic uncrowned fruit. For many, it remains a mystery how to clean a grenade to preserve the integrity of each seed, without losing a drop of juice. After all, it stores a storehouse of vitamins, microelements, amino acids, salts and tannins.

Older people appreciate the fruit for its unrivaled juiciness and pleasant taste. Children like to taste bright, unusual colors of seeds, filled with sour liquid. But, how to clean the pomegranate correctly and beautifully spread out on a plate so everyone can try it? There are some simple tips and methods.

Selection rules for ripe fruits

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Garnets are large exotic fruits of oval shape. At the top they have an original "decoration reminiscent of the crown. For this, some call garnet a royal fruit. Outside, the fruit is covered with a hard skin, which reliably protects a lot of juicy seeds. They are located on soft "pads" and fit tightly to each other.

When the fruit completely ripens, each seed is filled with life-giving moisture, and it becomes elastic and juicy. If the fruit is not ripped off in time, the peel dries and cracks, and it starts to deteriorate. How to clean a grenade in such a way as not to get dirty? It is rather difficult to do this.

There are several rules for choosing ideal fruits:

  1. Color and external condition of the peel. Mature pomegranates differ in bright or dark red hue. The rind has no visible defects, spots and cracks. It fits snugly to the seeds and hard to the touch.
  2. The size and weight of the fruit. More often in the large pomegranates are stored more juicy seeds. Therefore, preference is given to such copies. If compared to other fruits, the chosen option is slightly heavier, then it is ripe.
  3. Sounds when tapping. Ripe royal fruit with a slight tapping produces a specific sound, reminiscent of metallic ringing.
  4. Fruit elasticity. Quality garnet after a slight compression in the hands, remains elastic and at the same time firm. If it is too hard or, conversely, soft, you should not buy it.

Grenades, in which the corona is green with shoots, are almost not mature. These signs indicate that the fruit tried to bring to maturity in an artificial environment.

As you can see, the tips are pretty simple. It remains to learn how to properly clean the grenade, and apply the method in practice.

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Popular options for cleaning royal fruit

To successfully reach the cherished seeds, you will need these tools:

  • sharp kitchen knife;
  • deep container (bowl or saucepan);
  • tablespoon;
  • hammer for beating meat products.

When everything is ready, the fruit is washed in warm water to wash off the protective coating used by the manufacturers. Otherwise, the substance will fall first in the hands, and then in the mouth, which is not very pleasant. The washed fruit is gently wiped with a napkin or a clean towel. Now you can apply one of the ways how to clean the grenade quickly and without splashing and enjoy its unsurpassed taste.

Peeling in a container with water

If you want to clean the grenade and do not get dirty around, it is advisable to use this option. It consists of the following steps:

  • wash the fruit carefully cut with a sharp knife, without touching the seeds;
  • lower it into a container of water and leave for 10 minutes;
  • Without removing the fruit from the container, divide it by two hands into slices;
  • further purify the fruit from the films, freeing the juicy seeds;
  • A small pause, so that all the waste went up, and the grains sank to the bottom.
  • collect the garbage, then pour the contents of the bowl into a colander to collect the precious juicy seeds.
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The video provided shows how to properly clean a grenade in a simple way.

Spectacular lobules of pomegranate

Some fans of the royal fruit prefer to eat it, holding in their hands an effective slice with fragrant grains. You can achieve this by performing the following operations:

  • the washed fruit should be put on a cutting board and cut off its "royal" crown;
  • A sharp knife makes 4 shallow incisions (as many will be lobules);
  • The prepared fruit is picked up, gently pressed into the middle, dividing into equal parts;
  • The segments are slightly turned out in the form of a flower and stacked on a dish.

It is advisable to buy only ripe garnets. Immature options are almost impossible to clean in this way.

Whole pomegranate without peel

The royal fruit looks original, if you carefully remove all the rind from it, leaving the seeds in their places. Thanks to this method, the filling of fruit quickly finds itself in the deft hands of fans of exotic fruit. The main thing to know is how to clean the pomegranate from the peel and not break its integrity.

To begin with, with a sharp knife, make several cuts on the crown of the fruit. Let it be a crosswise version. Further only flexible fingers on skillful hands will be useful. One hand should grasp the notched part of the crown and gently pull it toward you.

In order not to tear the crust, you can not make sudden movements. Otherwise, it will be difficult to successfully complete the process.

When a white line appears below the crown, it means that the crust has gone away from the seeds without problems. Now you can safely continue to shoot it until it is in your hands. The final touch is the removal of white films. The pomegranate is ready to be tasted, having received real pleasure.

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Decoration for fruit bouquet

Many people like to create original bouquets of fruits. When it comes to the royal fruit, the main thing is to understand how to properly cut a pomegranate so that it looks wonderful on the table. It is also important to choose a suitable fruit size. Preference is given to small or medium-sized specimens.

The first action is to cut off the crown. Further on the rind make incisions that mimic the petals of the flower. Then gently unfold them in the opposite direction. In this case, the skin needs to remove up to half the fruit. As a result, a beautiful flower from a juicy pomegranate will be in hands.

Purification of the dried pomegranate

Sometimes it happens that the pomegranate has been waiting for its time for a long time, and its skin is a little dry. Do not throw such a "jewel" in the garbage.

First it must be thoroughly washed and dried. Then cut the fruit in half, bring it to a bowl and spoon to knock hard on the peel. Over time, the seeds begin to fall out. Those that have a white film, are further purified. Now you can taste juicy grains of valuable fruit.


In addition to these methods, there are other options for working with royal fruit. Examples of how to clean grenades without much effort are shown in the video provided. No wonder people say that it is better to see 1 time than hear 100 times. See for yourself.

Convenient and quick ways to clean the grenade - video

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