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Luxury garden shrub wagel is the original decoration of country sites throughout Russia. Especially it is beautiful during flowering. On its hanging shoots there are many bright buds gathered in the inflorescence. What could be more beautiful than a huge bouquet of flowers against the backdrop of a country house? Only charming wiggel.

The name of the shrub is due to the German biologist K. E. von Weigel, who first discovered and described it. The plant belongs to the genus of deciduous shrubbery, the family of honeysuckle. It was first discovered in the countries of the Far East, where it was universally recognized for the extraordinary beauty of the buds. The bush has the property to blossom several times a season with charming campanulate inflorescences.

The refined plant of the wagel prefers a moderate warm climate. Although there are frost-resistant species that can tolerate Russian winters. For this, bushes are recommended to cover with fallen leaves or coniferous branches. But even if the shrub suffers from frost, in the warm season it will recover. Some species can also blossom.

General description of the bush

The straight-standing bush of the wagel grows to, m in height. Some species can reach about 3 m. The shrub does not let go of the side shoots, so it always has an original shape. On the bent branches grows a huge number of leaves of elongated shape about 12 cm long. The edges of the plate are usually with small notches, the tip of the sheet is sharp. Color, traditionally green, although some species are purple or with a white border.

Inflorescences tubular, resemble a small funnel. There are single variations and collected in the original inflorescences.

Buds bloom on young shoots, against the backdrop of a large number of leaves.

There are different shades, namely:

  • white;
  • pink;
  • purple;
  • light purple;
  • pinkish-violet;
  • red and purple.

Inflorescences sprouted with inflorescences have a pleasant exquisite aroma, which creates a unique aura in the suburban area. A detailed description and photo of the veygels give a complete picture of the magnificent garden bush for the country plot.

Blooms bush in the last month of spring for almost a whole month. If you correctly take care of Veigel, you can admire the inflorescences at the end of August. Although the buds are not so much, but the bush still causes admiration. Flowers grow only on young branches of the current season. A picturesque picture of gentle bells on the background of luscious greenery can be seen at the cottage during the short autumn days.Autumn flowering is clearly visible on this photo veygely, it is no worse than in the summer.

Journey through the realm of popular types of garden bush

The magnificent beauty of the wagel moved from the Far East to European countries with confident steps. In 1845, a biologist and traveler from Scotland R. Fortyun brought her to England, where she took her place of honor. Over time, the breeders brought out different species and varieties of the eastern shrub. Today, there are more than 15 main species and about a hundred varieties of ornamental shrubs.

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Veigela blossoming

The species was first discovered in Japan and in the north of China. In Europe, shrub brought in the middle of the XIX century and immediately won unprecedented popularity. Veigela blossoms like sunny or semi-dark places and grows to a height of 3 meters. Young stems have two rows of thin hairs. They are painted in brown color, which eventually becomes grayish. The luxurious round crown of the plant fits perfectly into the country landscape, especially during flowering.

Short-leafed leaves with a pointed tip usually elliptical. Lateral margins serrate. The upper part of the plate is smooth, only the main vein is prominent in the center of the leaf. They are painted green.


Inflorescences of shrub wagons consist of three or four buds, which cover abundantly all the greenery of the plant. Often they are pink. They open at the end of May and bloom for about 20 days. Then on the site of the inflorescences appear seed capsules.

To protect the waggon from severe frosts, it is recommended to cover it with dense lapnik.

A moist, slightly acidic soil is suitable for the plant. But you should not allow fluid stagnation under the bush. In the dry period, the plant needs moderate watering. Otherwise, the aphid will be planted with aphids, which sucks the juice from the leaves and young branches.You can get rid of it by flushing the pests with a strong stream of water and soap. In favorable conditions, it grows rapidly, decorating the backyard of a country house.

In garden floriculture, the following varieties of veygel blossoms are widely used.

Grade Carnival

Shrub Veigel carnival differs original color buds. At first they are soft pink, and then they acquire a reddish shade. The bush grows to 70 cm in height. The branches are decorated with an abundance of oval bright green leaves. It starts to bloom in late June for a month.

Nana Variegata

The plant grows to half a meter, which distinguishes it as a compact version of garden decoration. Vejela Nana Variegata differs unusual color of a sheet plate. The main background is tender green, and the elegant edges are painted yellow, which is especially attractive in the plant. The bush grows to a height of 90 cm. Perfectly takes root in the territory of Western Europe. Miraculously tolerates winter, but does not like drafts and windy areas. Well tolerates low-light areas. Bells, about 4 cm in size, are painted in a bright pink color.

This variety of vegels needs regular spring pruning of old shoots. As a result, the bush is constantly renewed and continuously blooms for a whole month.

Bristol Ruby

The charming Veigel Bristol Ruby was bred by American scientists in 1941. To date, it is one of the most popular ornamental shrubs. The plant grows to, a meter in height. At the same time, its crown can reach, m in diameter. On a graceful dangling shoots, a large number of juicy green leaves grow. In the flowering period, ruby ​​bells appear on them. They are collected in loose inflorescences, which exude a tender smell.

If there are few shaded places in the country area, the Bristol Ruby can be safely planted in the sun. Unlike other varieties, it blooms better in open areas.

Vejgela Alexandra

A beautifully flowering bush with a sprawling spherical crown grows to a height of one and a half meters. A huge number of red or pink funnel-shaped bells make Alexander Veigel a particularly popular species. Bright buds attract not only the looks of people, but also miniature birds with a long proboscis resembling a hummingbird. The flowering period lasts until the end of July. Repeated bush pleases flowers in September, if the autumn is warm enough.

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Numerous leaves have a glossy surface with serrated edges. In the spring they are painted in burgundy color, and in the autumn they acquire a violet shade.

The plant prefers penumbra or open areas of the garden. Excellent accustomed to clay soil, if it is well drained.

Weigel hybrid

This name of the bush combines several varieties obtained as a result of selection of popular types of wildflowers. In general, they grow up to 150 cm in height, have a dense wide crown and fragrant flowers. Weigel hybrid differs in different color buds. It can be white or pink, purple or purple. To design landscapes of country houses, hybrid varieties are often used.

Red Prince

A compact cute bush reaches a height of about a meter. Its broad sprawling crown is decorated with drooping shoots with many bright green leaves. Veigel ed the prince during flowering (May, June) dresses in an original outfit of bells. They are painted in crimson or scarlet. Collected in the inflorescence of several buds, which resembles miniature bouquets. Re-flowers appear on the bush in late August or in September.

Variety Eva Ratke

This hybrid was bred by Polish breeders in 1890 by combining Korean wiggles with abundant flowering. As a result, a low, only about 1 meter, shrub with a compact crown appeared. Vejela Eva ratke blossoms almost all summer red-carmine bells, which in the sun brightly shine and gently smell. In the middle latitudes it is desirable to cover the bush with the onset of cold weather.

Veigel Middendorf

Deciduous decorative shrub Veigel Middendorf usually grows up to one and a half meters in height. He has ascending branches with bright green slightly lowered leaves. The buds of yellow are painted with orange dots; are solitary or collected in inflorescences. Blooms bush twice a season - in spring and early autumn. You can enjoy bouquets for a whole month.

Nana purpura

The decorative shrub is distinguished by a sprawling crown in the form of a ball. It grows only up to 1 meter in height and is considered a fairly compact garden plant. The leaves of the Veigel nana purpura are painted in an unusual brownish-red color. In the sun they are almost always brown, which is appreciated by gardeners.

In the period of magnificent flowering (June-July), the veigel wears a bright outfit of rich pink bells. The length of each bud is about 4 cm. They are connected to inflorescences in several pieces, so they look very beautiful against the background of brown foliage.

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Sort Summer Red

This variety of ornamental shrubs starts to bloom in late May or early summer. Its main feature is continuous flowering until the fall. Weigel Summer Red is distinguished by red buds of tubular form, which appear in large numbers on tender shoots. The plant does not like windy places, so it is desirable to plant it in quiet parts of the garden. The vygel grows up to, m in height, which many dacha residents like. Having such sizes, it harmoniously fits into any design of a countryside landscape.

Ebony and Ivory

The uniqueness of this variety lies in the power of contrast. White inflorescences stand out vividly against the background of dark leaves. Veigela Ebony and Ivory differs in the compact size of the bush. The height of the plant reaches only 80 cm. The width of the crown is about 50 cm. On the violet shoots grow unusual leaves:

  • in the beginning of spring - brown, almost black;
  • summer - green with a brown tinge;
  • in the fall - with a purple tint.

On a miniature shrub with the arrival of summer appear white buds with a red base. In the photo, the Veigela shrub is shown in all its glory in garden design.

Variety Victoria

An incredibly beautiful decorative plant can decorate any cottage area. Compact height - about 1 meter allows you to use a bush to decorate even a small front garden. Despite its small growth, Victoria's Weygel has a dense crown in the form of a ball. On the flexible shoots grow brownish-red leaves, which in the sun become completely brown.

During flowering the plant is dressed in an outfit of bright funnel-shaped bells. Often they are collected in inflorescences in several pieces, which resembles miniature bouquets. The season of magnificent beauty lasts about 30 days. During this time, you can inhale a deep intoxicating aroma of elegant buds.

Early Weigel

In a natural environment, this kind of shrub occurs on the expanses of the Ussuri region, in China and North Korea. Despite this, the early wagel also grows well in other places. It reaches up to 2 m in height and is distinguished by a thick sprawling crown. Cute little leaves grow on reddish shoots. In form they resemble ellipses with pointed tips. The lateral edges of the plate are serrated. The upper and lower plates are slightly pubescent. Young leaves are painted in bright green color. When autumn comes, they turn yellow-brown.

Buds of early vegels are connected in small bouquets. They, like the leaves, are slightly pubescent. Painted in a bright pink color. Pleases the eye for a whole month.

Like other species, this variety of shrub can suffer from severe frosts. To save the wagel from the cold, additional shelter is required. It can be built from special fabric or lapnika.

In addition to the varieties of wagens listed in gardening, there are many other specimens. In total, there are more than 100 species. Each of them has its own unique structure of the crown, height, color buds and foliage. In any case, having planted a veigel in a summer residence, you can contemplate its magnificent blooming for a whole season.

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