Design of a dining room combined with a kitchen and / or living room

  • Planning and redevelopment
  • Zoning
  • Lighting
  • Dining table and other furniture
  • Decor

The traditional separate dining room is gradually disappearing into the past, giving way to more practical combined facilities: a kitchen-dining room, a dining-room or a mix of these three rooms.

  • The dining room combined with the kitchen and / or the living room is much more convenient than the separate one, if the hosts prepare and cover the table themselves, without helpers. And, of course, it allows you to use the available meters more rationally.

At the same time, the modern dining room is still a ceremonial area, though more democratic and functional. That is, it can be used both for meetings with guests on special occasions (for example, on Sundays and holidays), and for informal meals for watching TV. It is the ceremonial function of the kitchen-dining room and distinguishes it from the usual kitchen with a dining table. For this reason, it is desirable to have a so-called breakfast table in the kitchen, after which it will be convenient to have a snack.

About how to plan and design a dining room, combined with a kitchen and / or living room in a city apartment or a private house, we will tell in this material. And still here you can spy on successful layouts and design ideas from a selection of 100 photo interiors large and small, urban and cottage kitchens-dining rooms, dining-living rooms and kitchen-dining-living rooms.

Planning and redevelopment

Option 1. Kitchen-dining room

Kitchen-dining room is possible on an area of ​​10 square meters. meters. If the kitchen is small (10-17 square meters. m), then the spaciousness of the dining area will have to be provided by a compact headset, for example, angular or linear.

Interior of a small kitchen-dining room in a stalinka

In addition, you can equip the window-sill for breakfast and snacks. And even a mini-rest area with a sofa like in the photo below (scroll right).


In the spacious kitchen-dining room (from 18 sq.m. m) there is an opportunity to equip not only a spacious dining area, but also a bar counter, an island table or plan a super-comfortable U-shaped set as on this photo.


Option 2. Dining room-living room

It does not mean uniting rooms, but functional zoning of an isolated living room, provided that it is spacious enough to accommodate both a sofa and a dining area. And with a tiny kitchen this variant of planning is the only possible way to have a full dinner table. So, for example, in this project the kitchen had an area of ​​only 4 square meters. m, so the living room became a place for both everyday and festive meals.

In this small apartment the living room was completely replaced by a full-fledged canteen.

  • To cover the table in the living room was convenient, you need to provide a wide doorway and place table so that you can easily approach it with a tray on your hands or a serving the trolley.

Of course, the dining room is not very suitable for daily meals (so the kitchen needs a table for breakfasts), but it is very nice to spend family feasts and parties, arrange cozy tea drinking. Also, the table in the living room can be used from time to time to work at the computer, needlework and other activities.

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Option 3. Kitchen-dining room-living room

The combination of kitchen, dining room and living room is especially important for small apartments, for example, hruschevok, stilinok, brevnevok, etc. Here is a small kitchen (5-10 sq.m. m) can be combined with the living room, and a small dining room located on the border between two rooms or in the area of ​​the former hall. As a result of this redevelopment, even a small space becomes visually more spacious, lighter and more convenient. True, in this case, the problem of lack of privacy is unavoidable. So, for example, a nap on the couch, while the rest of the inhabitants of the house are having supper, is unlikely to succeed. There are kitchen-dining room-living room and other shortcomings: a mess in one corner means a mess in the whole room, smells from the kitchen will walk and, perhaps, will impregnate the sofa cushions and upholstery.

Breakfast table on the window sill in a small kitchen-dining-living room in Khrushchev

Mini-dining room in the kitchen-living room

Another couple of examples of design reshaped Khrushchev with mini-dining rooms.


Below is an example of a kitchen-living-dining room design that fits in one spacious kitchen.


In this apartment the kitchen was moved to the corridor connected to the living room and a spacious dining area was placed in the center of the resulting space.


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To the interior of the dining room, combined with the kitchen and / or the living room looked harmonious and harmonious, it must be zoned visually or objects. Here are a few tips on how to do this:

  1. Separate zones from each other can be architectural methods, for example, columns, podium, false partitions, portals, arches or ceiling beams.

Kitchen-dining room design with glass partition


  1. The most convenient way of dividing the space is with the help of furniture: a bar counter, a table-island, a dining table, a sofa, a console or a rack.

The interior of the kitchen-living room-dining room in re-planned stalinka

  1. Mark the boundaries of the dining room or the living room will help carpets and paths.

  1. Different finishes can not only visually distinguish the space, but also make it more practical. For example, for the floor of a kitchen area it is better to lay a wear-resistant tile, and in the dining room and living room - a cozy parquet. The walls of the working area are more durable to paint, and in the recreation area - wallpapered with beautiful wallpaper.

  1. Planning the design of a dining room combined with a kitchen and / or living room, it is important to carefully consider lighting scenarios. After all, due to light, you can not only create the right atmosphere, but also, if necessary, allocate one zone and shade the other (for example, to separate the kitchen from the festive table in working disorder).

  1. Another way of visual zoning multifunctional space - with the help of color (turn the photo).
  1. In the kitchen-dining room and kitchen-dining-living room is very useful to have a sliding screen. For the time of celebration, it can be divided into space and make the dining room more private, and at other times it can simply decorate the interior.



In the dining area, light plays a very important role - it will not be possible to create an atmosphere of coziness or a holiday without it. How should it be? Ideally, the lighting should be concentrated on the surface of the table, to denote it as the main element of the room, and make the dishes even more appetizing. To do this, it is best to hang one (or more) of the parade chandelier / lamp at a height of 70 cm from the table top.

  • In addition to ceiling lighting above the table, hang a few sconces to create a more intimate environment.

Of course, the design of lamps in a combined dining room, kitchen and living room should be subject to the same style and color scheme. At the same time, in the work area, the fixtures can look modest, and in the living room and dining room - elegantly.

Dining table and other furniture

It is desirable that the table was designed for at least 8 people and could be transformed. If the space in the room is not too much, then the square or rectangular table tops are preferable, since they are more compact.

  • The table should be wide enough for a festive serving
  • The table should be wide enough for a festive serving
  • The table should be wide enough for a festive serving
  • The table should be wide enough for a festive serving

But, round and oval tables always look more elegant, besides they do not have traumatic angles.

Round table in a small kitchen-dining room in a stalinka


Oval table in a small kitchen-dining room with a bay window

The ideal location of the table is at the window or in the center of the room. An important condition - around the table should be enough space for its serving and comfortable movement of people.

And here are some tips for choosing chairs:

  • If there are many places, then the chairs can be massive and have armrests, even chairs and half-seats, banquettes and ottomans are permissible.

  • If there are not too many places in the room, it is worth choosing light chairs, preferably without armrests, stacking, possibly folding or... transparent like these polycarbonate chairs in the photo below.

Transparent plastic chairs - a find for small kitchen-dining rooms

Also, to save space in a small dining room will help the bench, although it is not too convenient for long and crowded feasts.


In addition to the table and chairs, a buffet, a kredenka (curbstone) or a console for storing ceremonial dishes, cutlery, textiles and decor are traditionally located in the dining room area. Such a closet is not an object of first necessity, especially in a combined kitchen-dining room or with a small area. Nevertheless, if possible, they should acquire, because, firstly, it looks very smart, and secondly, it forms an additional storage space.

Kredens in the kitchen-dining room

Buffet in the interior of a small kitchen-canteen cottage



As we have already noted, the dining room should be at least a little parade, and therefore its decor should be appropriate. A crystal chandelier or spectacular lamp, solid furniture, floor curtains, table accessories, paintings on the walls will make even the smallest kitchen-dining room cozy and elegant.

Decorating the dining area, try to stick to the principle of symmetry.

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of textiles: curtains, tablecloths, tracks.

Small kitchen-dining room in classic style

If your kitchen / dining room does not have enough natural light or space, decorate the walls with mirrors - they effectively look in the interior, reflect light and create the illusion of space.

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