Kitchen design with bay window

  • Solve the design problem. Given: bay window in the kitchen
  • Planning and zoning options
  • Arrangement of a dining area
  • Is it possible to place a working zone in the bay window?
  • Erker as a recreation area, conservatory or mini-cabinet
  • Basic rules for the improvement of the bay window

Kitchen with a bay window is found in typical houses, for example, in P-44T, houses of individual development and private houses. In addition, the bay window can be formed as a result of redevelopment and combination with a loggia or balcony.

If you have such a kitchen, then be sure - you are very lucky. A protuberance of any shape and size can be beaten in its favor by implementing ideas for organizing and zoning space that are inaccessible to standard kitchens. And yet, the layout and design of the kitchen design with the bay window can seriously puzzle you. In this article we will consider solutions for kitchens with bay windows of different areas in P-44T houses and other types.

Solve the design problem. Given: bay window in the kitchen

The eraser is a ledge on the facade of the building, which allows:

  • Increase the space of the room;
  • Improve its illumination;
  • Create an original interior design.

In addition, it should be noted that, as a rule, kitchens with bay windows in houses of any type are relatively small - have an area of ​​about 10 sq. M, in homes P-44T, the yardage is about 13 sq.m.


What other data do you need to keep in mind when creating your own design project? Of course, the shape of the bay window.

There are protrusions of different shapes:

  • Rounded;
  • Rectangular;
  • Multifaceted;
  • For the P-44T, P-44M, P-44K and other typical houses, the kitchen is characterized by a triangular bay window, a corner semi-eraser and a trapezoidal ledge.

Planning and zoning options

There are the following options for organizing a non-standard space with a ledge:

  • Erker as a dining area;
  • Hooker as a working area with a table top, sink and storage space;
  • Erker as a recreation area, a private place for needlework, work, reading, etc .;
  • Erker as a winter garden.

Zoning kitchen with bay window can be:

  • With a clear division of the zones of the bay window and the kitchen with a curtain, a partition, a screen. In this case, in this zone there can be a rest area with a sofa, a home garden, an office or simply an occasionally isolated dining area;
  • More often, the bay window is an important part of the space, the semantic center of the kitchen, which determines its design, arrangement of furniture and layout.

Arrangement of a dining area

Placement of a dining group in the bay window zone is the first idea that comes to mind when creating a design project for a kitchen of any shape and area. And this idea is justified from a functional, financial and decorative point of view. Having arranged here a dining room, you do not have to start a troublesome transfer of communications, while you leave enough room for a headset, bar counter and even a small sofa.


  • It is more practical to choose a sliding table and, during the reception of guests, to unfold it along the kitchen;
  • It is desirable that the shape of the table / sofa corresponds to the shape of the architectural ledge, at least approximately;
  • In addition, it is worth designing and ceiling in accordance with this form - so you create a visual zoning space;
  • The window in winter time is better for warming, also it is necessary to warm the floor.

Idea 1. Dining room with sofa

A small sofa in the kitchen can be placed along the window. Especially this option is suitable for a kitchen with a trapezoidal bay window, as, for example, in this project, designed for the kitchen in the house of the P-44T series. Here, the designer chose the L-shaped headset, at the window he placed a sofa, repeating the shape of the ledge, radiators closed with decorative screens, the pipe was hidden in a false column, and for symmetry made the same column with another side. In addition, the trapezoidal bay window determined the shape of the two-level gypsum plasterboard ceiling.


And here is another project from the designer Svetlana Ilyina.


If the bay window is triangular, it is better to place a sofa or a bench along one side of the bay window, and not across it, as did the designer Olesya Shlyakhtina, developing a project for the interior of the kitchen area, sq. m. m in the classic English style in the house, again, the P-44T series. Keep in mind that a bench or sofa in such a small kitchen should be able to store things under the seat.

For the kitchen with a semi-eraser, the following options for placing the sofa and dining area are relevant.


Idea 2. Traditional dining group by the window


The simplest version of the layout is a traditional dining group at the window with a suite located along the L-shaped or parallel scheme.

In the kitchen with a trapezoidal projection of 13 square meters. m can accommodate not only a full-fledged dining area, but also a space for the sofa.

And here is an example of a practical kitchen with a trapezoidal bay window with a dining area and storage cupboards under the windowsill in classic Italian style.


In the kitchen area of ​​13 square meters. m you can install a small bar.


Design project of the interior of modern kitchen from Alexander Tomashenko and Olga Nazarova.


Below is an example of a kitchen design with a half-eraser again in a classic style.


In the case of a triangular ledge, it is better to choose a round table to visually soften the angle.


The dining group can be placed not at the window, but at one of the walls. Then the kitchen in the bay window zone can be left free for a sofa, cabinet, winter garden, bar counter or for a working area with a sink and a stove. These options for organizing space are discussed in the next chapter.


Is it possible to place a working zone in the bay window?

For the kitchen with a bay window the layout with the dining area by the window is not always suitable. In case the view from it is not the most beautiful, the apartment is on the lower floors and you want to make dining room secluded, more customized layout of the kitchen is justified - with the transfer of communications and the working area in the zone bay window. This option has its pluses and minuses.

Pros:a good illumination of the table top during the day, the opportunity to admire the view from the window during housekeeping, as well as the originality of the interior with a hint of the style of a country estate.

Minuses:the transfer of communications will have to be coordinated, and during the repair will have to raise the level of the floor, which means lowering the height of the ceilings. The set will need to be ordered on an individual project with an extra charge for "non-standard in addition, you will need to think over additional storage. Also, keep in mind that the location of the sink close to the glass is not a very practical solution, and the stove can completely cause fogging and contamination of windows. Another nuance - you can not transfer batteries, and closing them with a closet can disrupt the circulation of warm air and, again, provoke fogging of windows and, as a consequence, the appearance of mold. Therefore, it is necessary to provide holes and a grate in the window sill-counter (example on the photo below).

And of course, in this case it is necessary to install a ceiling hood, which will also be quite difficult to realize. But you can. The next alteration of the kitchen in the program "Housing issue" proved it.


There is a simpler solution, how to place in the bay window and worktop, and household appliances and lockers for storage. The hood with the stove can be installed near the wall near the bay window, as did the hosts of the kitchen with a triangular ledge. In the photo below you can see the niches in the wall, which are formed due to plasterboard plastering.


You can also make one common worktop for the work area and the bay window, separating the space with a bar counter. This approach will allow your guests to enjoy drinks and a view from the window while you are preparing dinner.

Erker as a recreation area, conservatory or mini-cabinet

The interior of the kitchen with a half-bayer and a bay window can be divided into 2 parts - one part of the space will be occupied by the kitchen itself, and the ledge will become a place for rest, work, hobbies and greenhouses.

Kitchen can be divided by a partition in the form of shelves for storing books or a collection of figures. You can enter here and a small bar, a table or a window sill in a bar table, thus arranging a miniature library or even a cozy small office. When the kitchen is quiet, no one fusses and cooks, then a comfortable bay window can be used for reading and rest.



However, the repair of the kitchen with the bay window can go and on a different path - not solitude, and noisy holidays, creating a stage or podium for home parties and children's creativity. In the photo below the interior of the kitchen-living room in the panel Khrushchev with a bay window.

The window of the window passes so much light that it is simply created to create a winter garden. In this winter garden does not exclude the presence of a sofa, a coffee table or a dining room in this zone.


Basic rules for the improvement of the bay window

There are other important criteria that are necessarily taken into account:

  • Regardless of which windows are in this area, they are not cluttered or covered with furniture;
  • As curtains, you can use blinds, roll or Roman curtains in combination with tulle and even curtains, but do not go too far with textiles;

  • It is better to choose pastel light colors for decoration, in order to maintain the atmosphere of a room filled with light;
  • A suitable lighting system is necessarily designed;
  • It is not necessary to combine in one space divided by partitions cardinally opposite styles;
  • Do not forget about visual separation using different types of finishes and colors.
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