Is it possible to have a decorative aflatun bow


Aflatun onion is a beautiful plant, its top is decorated with a group of small purple flowers arranged in the form of a ball. The onion appeared on country sites not so long ago, in the nature it grows on the Aflatunsky pass, hence its name has gone.Ball-shaped purple flowers decorate the garden or garden. Allium is used mainly as an ornamental plant for the original design of the site.


Table of contents

  • Description of Aflatun Onion
  • Can I eat?
  • Harm and benefit
    • Areas of use
  • Planting and growing
  • Care
  • Conclusion

Description of Aflatun Onion

Aflatun onions or Allium in nature grows in the mountainous areas of Central Asia. This plant is unpretentious.Steadily tolerates frosts, does not require top dressing. In one area the plant can grow for five years. That is why the variety is popular among truck farmers.

Aflatun Decorative Bow

The first shoots appear in the early spring, their height gradually increases to one and a half meters. Aflatun onions have fairly wide leaves of large size, juicy green color.

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On one plant, they can be up to 7pieces. The flower buds appear early, as soon as the warm weather is established. In late May, early June, a purple flower begins to form. As soon as the flowering period is over, the stems form the seed boxes.


Can I eat?

The Aflatun variety refers more to the ornamental species of plants than to the edible. Nevertheless, it has a garlic flavor and has useful properties.Leaves can be eaten for a short while, when they only appeared, and the flowers had not yet formed. Juicy leaves are added to the salad. They have healing properties and strengthen the body.

After the plant blooms, its leaves are not desirable.
Green onion leaves taste like garlic, bulbs are also edible, reminiscent of radish and radish

In addition to the leaves, bulbs are also edible. Soaked in water, they are baked, boiled in honey, marinated.Lots of onions are harmful, the risk of developing an allergic reaction is high.


Harm and benefit

The Aflatun onions contain many useful substances.The content of vitamin C in it is four times more than in the usual. Also there are other vitamins: D and E. These elements reduce the risk of developing cancer cells, have a strengthening effect on human immunity.

The onion of the presented variety relieves spasms of the brain. It has a positive effect on the state of vision, cures the stomach and colds. Also it is used for cosmetic purposes, rubbing its juice into the head, it is possible to achieve an improvement in hair growth. Due to its medicinal properties, it is used by folk healers to cure diseases.

Aflatunsky onions are used for spasms of the brain, it also improves vision well

In addition to benefits can bring harm. They are easily poisoned. Therefore, it should be taken in moderate doses. It is not recommended to eat more than three grams a day.

Excess of substances that make up the Allium, can lead to deterioration of health.

Areas of use

Has fine decorative qualities. It is used in landscape design for decoration of territories. Onions can decorate your own plot. In the garden or the garden you can arrange a so-called allyarium - this onion garden. To create a decorative effect, they acquire other types of ornamental onions.

Aflatun onion will be an ornament of any site

Group planting of onions at the expense of their large caps form a thick lush carpet. Its color can be adjusted with the help of varieties of this plant.Aflatun onions have different shades, depending on the type of variety:

  • dark purple;
  • light purple;
  • blue;
  • blue.

Mass plantings make 50 pieces per square meter. Such chic onion carpets ideally look at the background of trees and shrubs. Onion plants form winter bouquets.In the winter, cones of onions can stand for a long time. For this, they are cut during the flowering period, without waiting for the seed box to form.

Onions in moderate sizes are acceptable for eating, prepare medicines. Central Asian peoples attribute this kind of miraculous healing properties. Bulbs can be processed, soaked for several hours and used conservation.

Bulbs Aflatunsky onions can be baked, marinated, cooked on honey

During the flowering period attracts bees, so if there is an apiary, then planting such a flower nearby is an ideal solution.


Planting and growing

For planting it is better to choose well-lit areas, despite the fact that it successfully grows in any conditions, also in the shade.The plant successfully grows on virtually all types of soil, for its growth is suitable:

  • Mountain landscape;
  • sandy areas;
  • black earth soil.

Planting is carried out by different methods: bulb division or planting with seeds. Bulbs are planted in the autumn period, pre-drying before planting. Bulbs are planted tightly to each other. Fresh planting can not be harbored for the winter, the onion well tolerates even very severe winters.

Collecting Aflatun Onion Seeds

The plant can be planted with seeds, they are collected after the flowering period has passed and seed boxes are formed. The drawback of this method is that flowering will not occur in the same year, but after three or even four years. Therefore, such a landing option is not very popular.

For successful growth it is possible not to create special conditions,Aflatun onion is a unpretentious plant, who came to the gardens from the conditions of wild nature. Moreover, he practically no diseases. There is a drawback, it is that before the flowering leaves can turn yellow, it will not look very nice.



It is an unpretentious plant and does not require special care. All you need to do is periodically loosen the soil. As weed is overgrown with weeds, we also need to water the plant.Nitric fertilizers are used in top dressing, they are introduced in the early spring period.

Before the beginning of flowering, mineral fertilizers will be required, and at the end of summer phosphorus-potassium nutrition is introduced to add the plant forces for wintering.


Aflatun onions have a very beautiful view. It can be made for decorative purposes, planting a whole group on the flowerbed.Cultivation of an allium will solve not only a decorative task, but also receive a healing plant, strengthening the immune system and the body as a whole.

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