Robot Vacuum Cleaner iClebo Arte: a characteristic of the device and an assessment of the quality of work

Released in 2012 by the South Korean company Yujin Robot, the robot vacuum cleaner iClebo Arte became another model of the iClebo line, created back in 2005. Such a long period of development of automated cleaning devices proved to be useful.

This modern high-tech device has serious functionality and is almost devoid of flaws, except for its price - about 30 thousand rubles.

The content of the article:

  • The device and functions of the vacuum cleaner iClebo Arte
    • Specifications and equipment
    • Basic parameters of the electrical system
    • Modes of operation and movement
    • Dry and wet cleaning
  • Advantages and disadvantages of iClebo Arte
    • Positive moments
    • Identified deficiencies
  • Similar models from other manufacturers
    • Competitor # 1 - Xiaomi Mi Roborock Sweep One
    • Competitor # 2 - Samsung VR10M7010UW
    • Competitor # 3 - iRobot Roomba 681
  • The best deals on the market

The device and functions of the vacuum cleaner iClebo Arte

For devices of such value, they place serious demands on their functionality. The main factors determining the high price of a Korean vacuum cleaner were its electronic filling and expensive design.

Before buying iClebo Arte, you need to be aware of its capabilities, which can be determined by the parameters and modes of operation.

Appointment of robotic vacuum cleaner Aiklebo

Robotic vacuum cleaner iCLEBO Arte is designed to care for rough and smooth surfaces. In the transition from one type of surface to another does not require switching or reconfiguration

Specifications and equipment

The bottom, bumper and sides of the vacuum cleaner are made in black colors. The top panel has the shape of a regular hexagon and is covered with high-quality transparent plastic.

Two varieties with silver and carbon (with or without orange edging) are sold in Russia panel color, although there are two more design options with a pattern: red and purple ("sakura").

Technical characteristics of iClebo Arte

The technical characteristics of the robot iClebo Arte primarily focuses on its negligible power rating. Also, this model has a decent speed - 25 cm / s

The control panel is located closer to the front of the vacuum cleaner and includes three capacitive buttons and a touch screen. Next to it is a camera, according to which it is building a map of the premises.

The dimensions of the robot are medium, the bottom bevels allow it to overcome obstacles well. The weight and volume of the dust bin is normal for devices of this size.

The package includes a vacuum cleaner additional consumables and components:

  • spare wipes for floor polisher (2 pcs.);
  • replacement fine filters (2 pcs.);
  • fragment of restrictive magnetic tape (1 m);
  • scraper for cleaning turbo brush.

If you experience problems with a vacuum cleaner on the screen will display error codes. Their decoding is shown on the plate attached to the charging base and in the instructions for use of the device.

Controlling the vacuum cleaner robot iKlebo

The control of the robot can be performed from the console and partially from the touch panel located on the device case. Included is a detailed instruction manual for the robot in paper form, as well as on a CD.

Complete set and modes of cleaning:

Basic parameters of the electrical system

Usually robot vacuum cleaners are equipped with durable lithium-ion or low-cost nickel-metal hydride batteries. Nickel-cadmium batteries are rarely used.

The iClebo Arte uses an expensive lithium-ion version, although it makes a small contribution to the total cost.

The parameters of the electrical system iClebo Arte

The parameters of the electrical system typical of expensive vacuum cleaner robots. The only thing that stands out is the fast full charge of the battery, which is due to a powerful adapter for such devices.

The main advantage of lithium-ion type batteries is the ability to charge them with any residual amount of energy without losing the total battery capacity. The volume of 2200 mAh for a long time is enough to operate the device with a nominal power of 12 watts.

The power adapter settings match the typical devices for charging laptops. The battery also has common options. Therefore, in case of need to replace them, there will be no problems with finding suitable spare parts.

Returning the vacuum cleaner to the base

The charging process can occur automatically when the robot returns to the base or manually, which is done by directly connecting the charger to the vacuum cleaner.

Modes of operation and movement

Iclebo Arte is a high-tech device, which implements the function of constructing a map of the processed space. This allows the robot to move efficiently through rooms of complex geometry and significantly increases the efficiency of cleaning.

How iClebo Arte sensors and brush design work:

He can work in different rooms and return to the base. If the cycle was interrupted due to the need for recharging, then its vacuum cleaner will continue from the place where it finished cleaning.

Cleaning Modes iClebo Arte

The iClebo Arte mode is chosen by the operator, which makes it possible to use the best option in the opinion of the person. Cheaper models that choose their own trajectory are often mistaken

The robot supports five basic modes:

  • Automatic (Auto). The vacuum cleaner sequentially cleans the entire area, building a trajectory like a “snake”.
  • Chaotic (Random). For the time specified by the user, the robot cleans the surrounding area along a random path.
  • Maximum (Max). The vacuum cleaner uses automatic at first, and then chaotic modes, almost to the full discharge of the battery.
  • Local (Spot). The robot on the trajectory “snake” cleans a small area of ​​square shape with a side of about 180 cm.
  • Manual. The trajectory of movement is determined by a person using the remote control.

In addition to any mode, the Climb option can be enabled. When it is activated, the robot overcomes the protrusions up to 2 cm high, and without it only up to 0.5 cm. This is very convenient for rooms with thresholds, as with it you can set the cleaning of either the whole apartment or a separate room, which is limited by such an obstacle.

For flat surfaces, a magnetic tape can be used as a stop. A short length of only 1 meter is attached to the vacuum cleaner, but you can buy it. Sometimes, economical users use a magnetic strip for mounting the refrigerator door seal for these purposes, but the robot's response to it must be checked experimentally.

Magnetic Tape for Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The tape is sold in 1 meter lengths and cost about 600 rubles. Attach it to the double sided tape with a notch to the floor

Obstacle and orientation sensors include a total of 7 types of devices:

  • mechanical, which are integrated in the bumper;
  • infrared to determine the distance on the plane;
  • gyro to determine the tilt of the robot;
  • an upwardly directed camera to create a room map;
  • odometer to determine the speed of movement;
  • magnetic element to respond to the restrictive tape;
  • sensor of separation from the floor.

Using the remote control, you can adjust the daily automatic start of the vacuum cleaner over time and even set one of two operating modes: automatic or chaotic.

Dry and wet cleaning

For the iClebo line models, side brushes of the original design are developed. They are flexible leashes ending in straight and stiff bristles. It is impossible to use non-original components for this model of the robot, therefore it is necessary to purchase a spare set in advance.

They rake up garbage under the case, where the main bristly turbo brush working on a pair with a scraper throws garbage into the dust collector. The shaft rotates at a speed of 816 rpm. Fine dust is sucked into the hole created by the air flow and is deposited on the filters.

Thus, iClebo Arte is not a vacuum cleaner in the classical sense of the word, but the term “electro-brooms” more correctly reflects the essence of the product's work.

Wet cleaning takes place simultaneously with dry cleaning if you install a microfiber cloth. This solution is much more convenient than alternately picking up dust and wiping the surface. Wipes can be rinsed and washed in any way.

Microfiber cloths for wet cleaning

Microfiber cloths can be spoiled if a vacuum cleaner with an attached mop drove into a hard carpet. The price of the spare set is 600 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages of iClebo Arte

Comparing iClebo Arte with other devices of the same price range, you need to understand that this is not the newest model on the market. Although the developers of Yujin Robot are releasing new firmware and making minor design changes, its concept is already inferior to the latest developments of competitors.

Positive moments

Strictly following the route in conjunction with the mapping of the surface eliminates the formation of areas in which the cleaning was not carried out. Also, the robot electronics minimizes areas that it passes several times. Therefore, to work out the same area, it needs less time and battery charge than many other vacuum cleaners.

Insignificant nominal power should not be misleading, since according to tests a vacuum cleaner copes well with cleaning various types of dry pollutants, including sand.

The inclusion of the “Climb” mode allows the robot to overcome obstacles up to 2 cm high. Turning off this mode contributes to limiting the cleaned space: a vacuum cleaner is not allowed to leave the room because of a high threshold, although physically it can do it.

Profile of iClebo Arte Vacuum Cleaner

The form of the case that wastes at the bottom and the correctly chosen diameter of the rigid wheels allows the vacuum cleaner to move smoothly over thresholds up to 2 cm high.

Charging is fast enough. Most competitors have to stand on the base twice as long, for example, for Philips FC8776 the required time is 4 hours.

Identified deficiencies

IClebo Arte badly cleans up on carpets, as a bristle roller is not able to thoroughly sweep up debris. Dust remains too.

An example of a vacuum cleaner on the carpet and overcoming the threshold:

On smooth surfaces, the cleaning quality is excellent. Floor wipes wipe dry for a cleaning period of 3-5 m2therefore, this function is rather “on paper”.

When cleaning the robot, it is “afraid” to drive into tight places, which it detects using infrared sensors. Therefore, often in the corners and in the narrow openings, where the vacuum cleaner could go in size, there is garbage.

Bad corner of the room

When vacuum cleaning robots work, the garbage always remains in the corners, but the iClebo Arte tests have shown that this model especially doesn’t like close spaces

When building a map, there are problems with mirrored ceilings, and sometimes even with the reflective surfaces of chandeliers. The robot constantly “sees” itself and is lost in this situation. This drawback applies to all models building a room map from images with a vertically directed camera.

Magnetic tape does not always work. Yes, and the decision in the form of beacons, as is done in the model iRobot Roomba 865 more aesthetic.

The iClebo Arte is not provided off the audio display. For such expensive devices, this is a significant shortcoming.

The tinted plastic of the bottom of the vacuum cleaner does not provide any tangible advantages for its design, but it does not allow to visually determine the filling of the dust collector. The indicator only signals that the tank is already full.

Similar models from other manufacturers

Before choosing IClebo Arte, you should get acquainted with models of other manufacturers that are similar in functionality and value. Below we look at models of robot vacuum cleaners from Xiaomi, Samsung and iRobot.

Competitor # 1 - Xiaomi Mi Roborock Sweep One

Xiaomi's Roborock Sweep One Robot Vacuum Cleaner is iClebo Arte's main competitor. It is designed for dry and wet cleaning. 13 optical sensors are responsible for cleaning, and a cyclone filter acts as a dust collector.

The manufacturer equipped the device with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 5200 mAh, which is enough to clean the premises for 150 minutes.

Management is carried out using the remote control. And of the additional features in the model there is a laser scanning of the room.

Among the positive moments, users noted the good quality of cleaning, long battery life, ease of filter cleaning, convenient operation.

The only drawback is the fact that with a tank for washing Roborock Sweep One does not crawl under the low furniture.

Competitor # 2 - Samsung VR10M7010UW

Considering the competitors of the IClebo Arte you should definitely stay on the Samsung VR10M7010UW vacuum cleaner. It differs from the model under consideration in its considerable dimensions and weight of 4 kg. At the same time the capacity of the cyclone filter is only 0.3 l.

Of the additional functions in the model, the possibility of building a room map and the ability to program the device for cleaning on certain days of the week are implemented. Included is a special brush for cleaning the baseboards - Edge Clean Master.

Of the positive points that users have noted, it is worth mentioning the good quality of cleaning, energy saving, easy cleaning of the dust container.

The disadvantages are called much more. The most significant of them: poorly removes near the walls and in the corners, there is no control through the phone, does not perceive special limiters.

This model is intended only for dry cleaning. In general, for such an amount you can buy a vacuum cleaner from another manufacturer with steeper functionality.

Competitor # 3 - iRobot Roomba 681

Another vacuum cleaner that can compete with iClebo Arte is Roomba 681 from iRobot. It is a device designed for dry cleaning.

The model has a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2130 mAh, which is enough to clean the premises for 120 minutes. A cyclone filter with a capacity of 1 l is used as a dust collector.

Control of the device is carried out using the remote control. It is possible to program the cleaning of rooms on certain days of the week.

Users like the ability to limit the cleaning area with the help of “virtually wall”, a powerful battery and a spacious trash container.

The disadvantages of the model attributed not very high-quality cleaning, especially in the corners of the premises, but this is a problem of almost all such devices.

The best deals on the market

The iClebo Arte model has been on the Russian market for about five years, so its capabilities are well studied. It is suitable for medium and large rooms, with any level of complexity of the geometry of rooms and corridors, well overcomes the thresholds. It badly cleans carpets and carpets, and the wet cleaning function is rather nominal. But in general, it can be argued that this robot vacuum cleaner is worth the money spent on it.

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