Robot vacuum cleaner for carpets: Top 10 best models + Tips Before You Buy

After the appearance of the robot cleaner, they are gaining more and more popularity. Such assistants replacing their conventional counterparts, winning the hearts of customers of its autonomy and rich functionality.

But not everyone will be able to cope with any type of coating. Since many consumers are interested in the robot vacuum cleaner for carpets, let's see which models are included in the ranking of the best on the market today.

The content of the article:

  • Select the robot carpet cleaner
  • Ranking of the best models
    • 1st place - iRobot Roomba 980
    • 2nd place - Neato Botvac Connected
    • 3rd place - iClebo Omega
    • 4th place - iClebo Arte
    • 5th place - iBoto Aqua X310
    • 6th place - Xrobot Strider
    • 7th - Clever & Clean Z10A
    • 8th place - iRobot Roomba 616
    • 9th place - iClebo Pop
    • 10th place - Xrobot Helper
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Select the robot carpet cleaner

Each type of carpet requires special care. Most robotic vacuum cleaner to handle the most difficult cleaning coatings with long pile (5 mm).

Therefore, to rely on the good work, you need to understand what should be paid attention in the first place.

When choosing a robot for cleaning carpets should look at the following characteristics:

  • suction power - it must be 40 W or higher, otherwise the device will not be able to clean the coating quality;
  • wheel size - if their diameter is less than 6.5 cm, the vacuum cleaner will be difficult to get on the carpet if it is generally succeed;
  • the presence of turbo brush - a good choice would be a model with a pair of rubber or silicone beads;
  • the height of the obstacle - Carpet medium nap suitable models capable call in a barrier height of 1.5 cm;

Also, it is useful to pay attention to the capacity of the battery - when cleaning cover with a nap power device and, accordingly, battery consumption increases.

The robot cleans the carpet

Prices of assistants vary greatly. The cheapest model, suitable for carpet cleaning will cost from 7000 rubles

Ranking of the best models

Faced with a huge range of choice, the unprepared buyer lost. After all, determine which model of the robot easily cope with the carpet, and will be able to do their job really qualitatively quite difficult.

We simplify this task by selecting the top 10 models.

1st place - iRobot Roomba 980

Roomba 980 is the ideal choice for carpets with an average height of the pile. Its wheels are quite impressive diameter - 71 mm and the stroke is 30 mm hinges. So do not be difficult to overcome the obstacle 19 mm high for the robot.

IRobot Roomba 980 model in appearance is not much different from their predecessors of the 800 series. The main feature of its design is the ability to seamlessly replace any part or the whole site.

The housing of the robot has a rounded shape. Below there are quite substantial bevels, due to which he was not afraid of a pretty high hurdles. In the upper part also has angularity. Therefore, little helper will not get stuck under furniture.

matt black plastic is used for the manufacture of iRobot Roomba 980. But at the top of the bumper and the dust collector, as well as on the top panel there are inserts, painted in dark gray and silver.

Managed by a vacuum cleaner with three mechanical buttons. Clean big round button is made of a fairly rigid plastic and has a silver finish. The inscription on it is highlighted in the cleaning process.

The remaining buttons are significantly smaller diameter. They are made of an elastic plastic. There are also status indicators on the front of the top panel.

Battery capacity reaches 3,300 mAh. The battery will be enough for 2-hour cleaning. But it is necessary to take into account that the model has a rather large height of about 9 mm and a weight of up to 4 kg.

2nd place - Neato Botvac Connected

The model has even larger dimensions than its competitor, presented above. Mass reaches 4.1 kg. The height is 10 cm, so the device is ill-suited for cleaning under furniture.

But thanks to the size it can be cleaned without problems with a small carpet and a medium nap. Calls in the carpet and overcomes obstacles with a small bevel at the front.

The device is characterized by an unusual semi-circular shape. Through this central brush 276 mm maximum is shifted forward, which significantly increases the quality of cleaning.

The robot is equipped with a small side brush. It gathers the rest of the trash that was not captured by the principal. As a result Neato Botvac Connected in a single pass substantially clears the floor surface 30 cm.

The body is made of plastic and painted in matt black. Which is why it will be difficult to find in the dark room. In the middle of the top panel of the present insert glossy plastic.

Managed by Neato Botvac Connected with a small screen and a few buttons. The display shows the time, battery level and all necessary user information.

To start the local treatment is necessary to press button plaid, cleaning around the house - with a house.

As for battery life, it is a lithium-ion. Its capacity reaches fabulous mark 4200 mAh. As soon as the battery is discharged, the device independently returns to the station for recharging.

3rd place - iClebo Omega

The next model in the list - it is a white robot iClebo Omega. The unusual shape of its plastic casing allowed to move side brushes closer to the front edge. This solution increases the efficiency of cleaning near the furniture, baseboards and in corners.

In a carpet cleaning beneficial strong bevel housing in its lower part.

The control panel is presented in a display with three touch buttons. There are several LED icons by which the user can find out the current operating mode, as well as the level of charge.

In iClebo Omega installed lithium ion battery with a capacity of 4400 mAh. On one charge it can work for 80 minutes. When cleaning carpets - about an hour.

It is worth noting that battery replacement can absolutely anyone, if necessary. You will need a medium Phillips screwdriver.

The robot can work in one of the following four modes:

  1. Local - thorough cleaning of the place specified by the user.
  2. Auto - cleaning by means of navigation. Technology is moving snake from one obstacle to another.
  3. Maximum - cleaning of the entire surface in the automatic mode. After that, the unit passed a snake, but only in the perpendicular direction.
  4. Manual - work managed by the owner using the remote control. But do not forget to activate the cleaning mode. Otherwise, the device will go on the surface, but do not clean it.

The list of shortcomings model should include noise. work volume reaches 68 dB, which creates certain problems and often interferes with their studies or to engage in household chores.

4th place - iClebo Arte

The shape of the model iClebo Arte virtually round. Her body has skoschennye bottom edge that helps to move obstacles. The top panel is covered by a transparent plastic, pleasant to the touch. It simulates drawing Kevlar fabric.

For the manufacture of the bottom used matt black plastic. On the body will not remain fingerprints and dust. It comes in Carbon / Black, Silver / gray and novelty 2018 in red color - IronMan Edition.

The front panel has a special spring-loaded bumper. Thanks to him iClebo Arte will not spoil the upholstery, wallpaper and floor.

Display model represented a console panel and a touch type three buttons. There are icons and status LED segments. Next to the display is a video camera, directed upwards.

Among other modes in the robotic vacuum cleaner iClebo Arte has reinforced suction mode - turbo - allowing qualitatively to remove dust and small particles from carpets.

Moreover, the presence of the guard on the central bristle brush and it rotated at 816 RPM allows freedom of movement even on carpets with long fibers, in which the robot is not confused.

In addition to the video camera model is equipped with sensors of collision. There are infrared sensors altitude and proximity to an obstacle - more than 20. Such a kit will protect equipment from falling down the stairs.

IClebo Arte is moving at a speed of 25 cm / s. When this noise is only 55 dB for conventional programs and 58 dB - for turbo. The height is low and does not exceed 8.9 cm. Therefore, it will be taken away without any problems under the furniture and any other hard to reach places.

Lithium-ion battery provides the device during 160 minutes. Thus on charging it requires about half hours. To get to the base iClebo Arte uses an infrared sensor.

5th place - iBoto Aqua X310

Robot iBoto Aqua X310 is quite clever - able to handle different types of surface, more importantly run the desired mode. He easily copes with carpets with low and medium pile height of less than 3 mm, if selected dry cleaning.

His popularity among the inhabitants due to the versatility - the model is not only able to clean the carpet, but also to perform wet cleaning.

Equipment includes all the necessary accessories and a large number of spare parts: a microfiber cloth, a pair of side brushes and a pleated filter.

The model case, as in analogue presented above, is made of black plastic is resistant to dirt. He is not prone to scratches and chipping. The upper cover is made of resin and laminated supplemented decorative frame.

Diameter of the robot is 30 cm and its height - 7.5 cm. He can turn on the spot. All of this makes it easy to clean, not only carpets, but also any other parts of the apartment.

In front of the top panel is a display with four touch buttons and status icons. Recent further illuminated by LEDs.

Noise Level iBoto Aqua X310 and the average is 54 dB. He will not interfere and can clean up at night when everyone is asleep.

The battery life exceeds the mark of two hours. But charging the battery for more than 3 hours. This is due to the use of Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 2600 mAh.

For orientation in space using sensors, for which there can be problems with the definition of furniture black. But in collisions with a barrier device housing protects the soft bumper.

6th place - Xrobot Strider

Such a robot cleaner is a good choice for the busy person. Thanks to its functional and technical characteristics it helps to keep order in the apartment and the house. To see this, let us consider it in more detail.

continuous operation time reaches a half hours. As soon as the battery is discharged, the appliance yourself get to the base for charging.

Hallmark Xrobot Strider is a high suction power - 65. Which ensures high quality and excellent as the removal of dirt from the carpet, and with any other type of flooring.

It helps to overcome obstacles to the robot intelligent sensing system. With a range of sensors (500), he crashes into furniture and will be saved from falling down the stairs or from the table, if the will to get out of it.
It is able to navigate freely in the premises, the area of ​​which can exceed 100 sqm.

Xrobot Strider has a rich feature set. It boasts the following set of programs:

  • automatic;
  • along obstacles;
  • local;
  • zigzag.

To start the assistant, just need to send it to the desired area and select the desired mode.

And Xrobot Strider copes with both the cleaning of carpets as well as a dry or wet cleaning on hard floor, having to do all the accessories in the package.

Volume of dust bag reach 0.35 liters, which will have to be cleaned as needed. This makes the model an excellent choice for every housewife that wants to save your valuable time.

7th - Clever & Clean Z10A

Housing at Clever & Clean Z10A perfectly round. Edge as that of counterparts, chamfered bottom and slightly rounded. Therefore, obstacles and carpets with an average height of pile it scary.

The package includes several multi-colored pads on the top panel. If the appearance of the unit become boring, it is always possible to upgrade it.

For best cleaning lint-free surface model is equipped with a floating head with two brushes. They rotate in opposite directions. The strength of their pressure on the floor varies and depends on the type of coverage.

The model has two speed stages, which allows to choose the optimum for a particular coating. Moreover, for better cleaning of carpets, the user has the ability to change the speed of movement of the robot directly in the process of his work.

The volume of the dust collector was 0.4 liters. The compartment is divided into two compartments and is equipped with a built-in fan. As for the brushes, the two of them - one from the pile, and the other with rubber blades.

Soften the blows of the obstacles bumps located throughout the length of the circumference of the body. This will save the interior and the robot itself from damage if the IR sensors worked properly.

Clever & Clean Z10A can operate in one of four modes:

  • usual until complete battery discharge;
  • Continuous cleaning of the intermediate recharging;
  • local;
  • manual control.

A useful feature is the cleaning schedule. The robot will keep the house clean, even when the owners at work or on vacation.

Nickel battery provides optimal performance for two hours. But charging takes about 240 minutes. To base it is returned automatically, which uses infrared sensors.

8th place - iRobot Roomba 616

Presented 616 model differs from its analogues increased power and improved battery XLife.

The robot performs dry cleaning all kinds of surfaces. It cleans tile, laminate, linoleum, parquet and carpet with a medium or short nap. Moreover iRobot Roomba 616 will work without problems on a single charge to 2 hours.

Device height is 92 mm. The front bumper is rubberized, so in case of a collision with furniture in it there will be no scuffs. Also on the front panel has a decorative white paste.

Removes iRobot Roomba 616 by means of central and side brushes. Not one corner and plinth in the room will be left in the dust. thanks HEPA-filter all allergens, and even the smallest dust is collected in a waste container.

And due to the modern and improved compared to previous versions of the navigation system iAdapt 2 Robot pave the optimal route of movement and do not become entangled in wires.

9th place - iClebo Pop

Hallmark of iClebo Pop is its appearance. Round shape, strongly sloping lower edges and a yellow-gray top cover allows you to harmoniously fit into any modern interior design.

Collects dust by one central and a side brush. These blades are made of cloth. The kit also has a scraper made of rubber, and the nozzle microfiber.

Due to the special arrangement of the villi turbo brush and a high speed rotation is not entangled in a carpet pile and at the fringe of cleaning such surfaces.

Additional protection of the winding wires, and other elements provide long plastic casing.

Is used to control the control panel with touch buttons. The display is LED-status icons and IR receiver. Covered with mineral glass panel, which is characterized by its hardness. This ensures that no scratches and chips.

iClebo Pop oriented in space by means of infrared sensors, proximity and collision. To protect the device from falling, it is equipped with a number of infrared sensors, determining the change in height of the work of the wheels, the search base.

On one charge device operates 2 hour. The battery capacity is 2200 mAh. The battery charging will require a bit of time, about 110 minutes.

Options in iClebo Pop is quite extensive. There are a couple of spare filters for dust-brush and comb for cleaning the device (they are conveniently stowed in the base charge), two lining made of microfiber and pan them.

As for dimensions, the body diameter is 350 mm, and height - 89 mm. This is the standard size for this type of vacuum cleaners from the mid-market. For its value presented above model excels with its function.

10th place - Xrobot Helper

Xrobot Helper comes in cardboard box, which are conveniently located all the accessories needed for its normal operation. There are batteries for the Virtual Wall and remote control. They do not have to buy more.

robot weighs 3.36 kg. Wheel size reaches 6.8 cm. They are fixed on the movable joints with a course of 2.55 cm.

This design solution is beneficial to the terrain and allows Xrobot Helper get out on virtually any surface - different types of carpets and smooth variations of sexual coverage.

Before cleaning the hairy areas need to remove the wet tip of microfiber, if it was previously installed.

Packaging includes a large range of spare parts. The manufacturer reported a removable side brush of the lint filter, and a few wipes microfibre intended for wiping the surface.

Activate one or the other mode by using one of three touch buttons. They have a path marked by white and signatures. After selecting a program, one of the buttons or all highlighted in blue.

As for autonomy, a single charge lasts for hour and a half cleaning. Battery nickel and has a capacity of 2200 mAh. Replenish the charge it will be for 3 or even 4 hours.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Rules for choosing a robotic assistant shown in the video:

The following video describes the main mistakes made when choosing a domestic robot cleaner:

Many people think that the robot cleaner is not able to cope with the carpet cleaning with low and especially medium pile. But the model presented above prove the opposite. By purchasing one of these nimble assistants, you can be sure that the carpet will always be clean, and the apartment would be nice to come back after work.

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