Overview of Hansa refrigerators: models, specifications, prices and reviews

What do you know about Hansa refrigerators? If you have not yet encountered the technique of this brand, you will benefit from our review. We will tell you about the manufacturer, the advantages of the products and consider the most popular models.

Content of the material:

  • 1About Hansa brand
  • 2Types of Hansa refrigerators
  • 3About technologies
    • 3.1Preservation of freshness
    • 3.2Ease of operation
  • 4Popular Models
    • 4.1FM050.4
    • 4.2BK316
    • 4.3FK261.4X
    • 4.4FY408.3DFX

About Hansa brand

"Hansa" is among the leaders in the countries of the European Union. The factories of the company produce a wide variety of household appliances. One of the major directions is the manufacture of refrigerators. They are actively produced almost 100 years, and users of different countries trust the company.

Important! Hansa is a German brand, so it is often indicated that the producing country is Germany. But the technique is made in Poland.

Regular updating of model lines, introduction of innovative technologies, constant improvement of quality of the goods made Hansa refrigeration equipment popular in all corners of the world.

The company is part of the Polish corporation Amica International Gm.b. H. This company since the beginning of the XX century also produces appliances for the kitchen and various products for home and household.

Types of Hansa refrigerators

In addition to the usual two-door models, the company produces multi-door variants: French-Door, Side-by-Side. In the market you can find a wide range of refrigerating and freezing chambers,freezing chests. In stores there are both single-chamber and two-chamber versions.

Variants with several doors are suitable for large families. With them you can save time: having loaded the shelves to the full, you can not go to the store for a long time. In the "Side-by-Side" you can load food for at least a week. The freezer is also very roomy.

Chambers for cooling will suit those who have a separate freezer or in freezing there is no need. They can store vegetables and fruits, meat and dairy products.

Cache orfreezerwill be a godsend for the fans of workpieces. You can freeze frozen stuffed peppers, fresh corn, greens, watermelon or mint? You can even freeze the mixture for okroshki.

You choose how to use the technique and what to do in it to freeze. But one thing is clear - freezing occurs at a high level with Hansa freezers. The possibility of autonomous storage of cold up to 30 hours will save your frosts from power failures. Dimensions, design solutions, volumes - all this can be chosen, because the assortment allows.

About technologies

There are two large groups:

  • To preserve the freshness of the products.
  • For convenient use of the appliance.

Preservation of freshness

Multithreaded cooling system

Created to preserve the original freshness of food, ensuring its uniform cooling on each side. The system monitors balance and uniform humidity and temperature.

Zone of freshness

The temperature values ​​in this compartment are lower than in the rest of the compartment: from 0 to +3 degrees. Such a low temperature allows us to preserve not only freshness, but also appearance, nutritional value, vitamins, useful properties and flavoring qualities of vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, etc.

Read more on the page "What is the freshness zone in the refrigerator".

Antibacterial spraying

Covering the inner walls of the chamber reliably protects against the multiplication of pathogens, spreading spores of fungus and mold, eliminates unpleasant odors. This prolongs the preservation of products.


If you are familiar with power outages, then this useful technology is just for you. In this case, the device can keep the cold for up to 30 hours so that the frost does not melt.

Function "Super Frost"

Serves for a quick, shock freezing of food. Berries, fruits and vegetables preserve most vitamins and nutrients. In the Hansa technique, automatic shutdown of this mode is provided.

Super Cooling function

Similar to the previous option, but for the main office. It will be useful for fans to buy food for a whole week. Including this mode when loading a large volume, you get quickly cooled products.

Ease of operation


This system saves your cameras from frost, ice or a snowy "coat". The fans provided in the design ensure a constant circulation of the cooled air and do not allow the walls to freeze. Defrosting is rarely required, and products are stored longer.

Energy efficiency A ++

Refrigerators of the new generation are not just an original design solution or a full set of functions, but also economy in work. Reduced electricity consumption to class A ++ is more economical than previous versions by 20%, so your family budget is spent rationally.

Touch Panels

Allow one touch to adjust the temperature mode in any of the cameras or run functions. Also, the system will inform you in a timely manner about a forgotten open door or a rise in temperature in the compartments, which will protect the technician from breakages.

LED backlight

The whole world turns to the most economical type of lighting - LED. Hansa refrigerators are no exception. No halogen bulbs (incandescent) - only LED. This is not only an additional design "chip but also ensures the saturation of lighting. Reliability of LED lamps at altitude, as they are resistant to voltage surges or vibrations.

Sturdy shelves

Some models are equipped with tempered glass shelves. They are shock-resistant and durable, withstand a load of up to 25 kg. You can safely put heavy pans, baking sheets and three-liter cans.

Holiday mode

Gathered on the trip, but the freezer is crammed? No problem: by pressing one button you can raise the temperature in the main compartment to 12 degrees. In this case, the freezer will work in the usual mode, and the main camera will need to be freed from the products. So the refrigerator will consume almost half the electricity.

Shelf adjustment

This functional feature allows you to put things in order in your refrigerator. Break the rules and arrange the shelves as convenient for you, and not how the manufacturer did it for you.

Popular Models


Mini fridge with internal freezer. Has electromechanical control and energy efficiency class A +. The refrigerant used by the compressor is isobutane (grade R600a). Dimensions of the case: 47х4, х4, см.

In the main compartment, the drip system, and the freezer is thawed by hand. The total volume of the cabinet is 46 liters, of which only 5 liters are needed for the freezer.

The shelves are made of glass, the door can be outweighed. Noisiness - up to 35 dB. Weight - 15 kg.

The price is from 5 099 rubles.


Initially I was looking for a small refrigerator. This came up in all respects: size, power and economy. The freezer freezes powerfully. Products do not deteriorate. Places almost does not occupy - it stands on the nightstand. Often on the walls I see condensation, but he does not bother me.


I was looking for a refrigerator for the garage, so I did not want to pay much, and I do not need a special one-I put beer with a fish, pelmeni store it on any fireman. In this model, everything was arranged: a microwater and a good capacity for the main compartment. Of course, I would not take such a home, but it fits for the field conditions.


Embedded version on electromechanical control. Refers to the energy consumption class A +. Only 2 doors, 2 compartments, 1 motor-compressor. The sizes of the case: 54х54х178 sm.

Freezer: volume - 70 liters, manual defrosting, autonomous storage of cold up to 11 hours, freezing capacity - up to, kg of products per day.

The main chamber: volume - 190 liters, drip system, glass shelves.


Glass and plastic of good quality. In the niche stood up perfectly, I did not have to adjust anything and alter it. Installation is simple - the scheme was in the instruction manual. Noisy neither there nor here - in the afternoon like it is not audible, silence, and at night sometimes sounds some appear. But given the price, this is a very good technique. The truth I use only the third month, maybe, after a while something will change.


Undoubtedly, this is one of the most inexpensive built-in refrigerators, and the characteristics are quite good. Works fine, but it rattles very much: not only does the compressor roar, so the relay clicks are still unbearable. For the studio does not fit. But there is a plus - I noticed that if I already fall asleep, he will not wake me)).


Stationary model with a bottom freezer. Control - electromechanics. Energy efficiency class - A +. Case dimensions: 5, × 5, × 16, cm (WxDxH).

Defrost the freezer in manual mode. In the main chamber there is a drip system. Autonomous work (storage of cold) with the power outage - up to 18 hours. Freezing power - up to 3 kg of products per day.

The total capacity of the two compartments is 230. There are antibacterial spraying, there are shelves made of glass. Maximum noise is 40 dB. Weight only 50 kg. The cost starts from 15 700 rubles.


The technique is stylish, almost high-tech. It works quietly, which can not but rejoice. For a narrow refrigerator is quite an acceptable price. The downside is that there is no squeak if you leave the door open. There is a slight noise when the motor is turned on, but in general the compressor works almost silently. The shelves are comfortable, the products are now laid out according to all the rules.


Two-chamber model "Side-by-Side" from "Hans" - a combination of style, continuity and functionality. Silvery color, so it will be a godsend for any, even classic interior. The internal volume is 410 liters, and the competent organization and ergonomics of the compartment allows to use every square centimeter with advantage.

Care does not require much user involvement: the No Frost system allows you to defrost the equipment only 1-2 times a year. An ice generator is also provided in the freezer. There is a large LCD display of the touch type - you can adjust the technique in one touch.

The dimensions of the body (ШхГхВ) are 7, х7, х180 cm. 5 drawers in the freezer. LED-lighting.

Main features and advantages:

  • Energy efficiency A +.
  • The "Holiday" mode.
  • Antibacterial spraying inside the compartments.

The cost is from 65 000 rubles.


Of the pluses - only design and design. But the first breakdown came in the first month of operation. I had to change the compressor - repair it for more than a month. A month later, a breakdown is now a replacement valve. We return the refrigerator. It is not worth the strength or nerves.


Excellent option with four doors. If you look at the analogs, you can not find such a price. Especially a bunch of bells and whistles: antibacterial coating, ice generator, wheels for movement, and the dimensions are excellent. Do not always put large pots, because the rail to move the shelves is not enough. The boxes in the freezer are flimsy. Plus the noise is impressive. The panel is always off - it is lit only during setting or opening the door, otherwise - an ordinary dark spot. Convenient apparatus, you can take.

The company "Hansa" opens to you a large selection of refrigeration equipment. Characteristics are much better than other budget refrigerators, and user reviews are not unique. So the choice is yours.

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