Refrigerators "Don": TOP-5 best models, advice on choosing, reviews

When Don Fridge first appeared on the Russian market, it immediately became a popular and necessary product. The domestic manufacturer was able to create a high-quality and worth the money product.

Today this brand is proof that Russian companies can produce decent products. But which model to prefer? Consider the question in more detail.

The content of the article:

  • Unique features of Don units
  • What to pay attention to when choosing?
    • General characteristics of the model
    • Device control method
    • Energy efficiency of TM DON units
    • Cooling type and performance
    • Compressor brand and type of refrigerant
    • List of additional features
  • The secret to the success of DON refrigeration technology
  • Review of the best models of refrigerators
    • Model 1: DON R 295 - two-chamber standard
    • Model 2: DON R 291 B - compact unit
    • Model 3: DON R 297 - ergonomics + spaciousness
    • Model 4: DON R 299 - solid usable volume
    • Model 5: DON R 216 - the union of price and quality
  • Tips for buyers of equipment DON
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Unique features of Don units

Marketers of the company declare that their household appliances are manufactured using innovative technologies and the latest developments. At the same time, it complies with environmental safety standards and is quite energy efficient. In particular, these words are confirmed in practice.

Domestic refrigeration equipment

Domestic appliances attract a reasonable price, as well as the ability to easily find spare parts and components for repair if necessary

The list of unique features of Tula equipment should include:

  1. Use in the manufacture of Austrian compressors. This kind of components are not high-tech stuffing, but they can cope with their work for many years.
  2. Extensive color range. The surface of the device is painted using quality compounds brought from abroad. A luxurious design can also be applied to the case.
  3. High-quality components. During production, the company never uses low-grade Chinese raw materials. All fundamental components are ordered exclusively from market leaders. For example, it can be nodes, housing and electrics from manufacturers such as BAYER, ACC or BASF.

Due to the fact that DON is a full-cycle enterprise, management has the ability to monitor each stage and monitor the quality of products.

DON Refrigerators

Domestic refrigeration equipment has pretty good starting characteristics. At the same time, it withstands strong voltage drops and shows a high coefficient of specific cold performance.

In order to finally decide whether to order or better to abandon the purchase of Tula refrigeration units "DON", consider their advantages and disadvantages on the example of two-chamber models.

This approach will provide an opportunity to get the most complete picture of the equipment from this brand.

Among the many advantages, the following nuances deserve special attention:

  • each of the models under consideration meets all modern requirements;
  • repairs can be carried out even at home without the need to call the master;
  • all major components, fasteners and housing are resistant to mechanical damage and are distinguished by their reliability;
  • just a huge selection of colors;
  • the cost that will be acceptable to the buyer with any income level;
  • mechanical control capable of serving for decades;
  • the ability to cool products at a decent level or use the deep freeze function.

There is no ideal home appliance - DON units also have their negative sides. First of all, some models are not as economical as it was stated by the manufacturer. In addition, the user is offered a fairly limited number of functions.

Two-door fridge Don

Household appliances Don stands out among analogues for its capacity. Thanks to just a huge number of drawers and shelves, you can conveniently arrange a huge number of products

What to pay attention to when choosing?

An impressive range of refrigeration equipment will undoubtedly create a lot of problems for an unprepared buyer. After all, looking solely at the price and hoping for the purchase of first-class equipment is not an entirely reasonable and correct decision.

Before going to the hardware store, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the list of technical parameters, the values ​​of which need to be guided when choosing a refrigerator.

General characteristics of the model

Below will be considered four cooling units, the freezer compartment which is located in the lower part of the body. Today, such a constructional solution is optimal and will not create problems during operation. Especially if the device will be used in an apartment or private house.

The outer coating of the device is metal-plastic. In this case, the top layer is applied using the sublimation method.

Such production technology allows to operate the unit in absolutely any conditions. Its case is reliably protected from chips, scratches and other various mechanical damages.

Defrost the refrigerator

The hostess does not have to defrost the refrigerator every few months. Water is collected in a special container and during operation of the compressor evaporates. This technique facilitates the operation of the unit.

Device control method

Modern technology has two types of control - electronic and mechanical. In the case of units from the manufacturer Don, only the second option is used.

This choice was made due to the fact that domestic firms still have not learned how to make really reliable electronics, which will faithfully serve for at least 5 years.

Mechanical control, in turn, provides the opportunity to produce a truly unkilling refrigeration equipment. It is not susceptible to failure, and the service life is calculated for decades.

Electromechanical control type

Don-type refrigeration units are equipped with electromechanical control system options - simple, rarely refuse to work, and therefore rarely need to be repaired or replaced.

Energy efficiency of TM DON units

The amount of electricity required for the operation of refrigeration equipment depends entirely on the characteristics of the environment. If you constantly open the door or if it is summer outside, the power consumption will be higher.

As for the Don brand refrigerators, they are characterized by class A. But, as mentioned above, some models can be attributed by their energy efficiency to category B.

Fridge in the kitchen

In terms of their energy efficiency, Tula units are quite economical. For their price, they will be a good choice for a home. In this case, the amount in the receipt of payment for electricity will not be excessive

Cooling type and performance

The models differ from each other in the way of cooling, which can be dynamic, without the formation of frost, and static.

The first variety received the technical term No Frost. In this case, the cooling units do not form in the course of their work condensate and snow build-up. Due to the use of a fan inside the chamber, the temperature is equal in all zones, therefore there is no condensate and the results of its freezing.

Equipment operating under the “no-frost” scheme does not require defrosting. It can be done once a year for purely hygienic purposes. True, the energy consumption of such equipment is somewhat higher, since the fan is involved, but the shelf life of products increases significantly.

The principle of operation of the drip cooler

In refrigerators with a static cooling circuit, condensate deposited on the evaporator drops to the discharge channel

The static cooling option is used in absolutely all models of devices manufactured by DON. The peculiarity of such a system is that the temperature varies in different zones of the unit. After all, the movement of air is not stimulated by the fan.

Due to the difference in temperature, condensate forms, which accumulates on the walls of the device. From the walls, this moisture drops from the evaporator to the condensate receiver along the rear wall, where it evaporates. Because the static method of freezing is also called drip.

In drip refrigeration units, the ice cap periodically increases in the freezer, which should be defrosted. However, due to the cheapness of the device and the economical energy consumption, the Tula developers prefer while the drip option.


Freezer domestic refrigerators well organized. Its interior is separated by convenient shelves and drawers. Therefore, the hostess can always add or, on the contrary, get the products she needs.

Despite the use of a relatively outdated cooling scheme, there are quite a few achievements at the Tula manufacturer. For example, the world famous Indesit refrigerators, as a rule, can freeze no more than 4 kg of products per day. Instruments brand "Don" can achieve performance of 7 kg, which is more than enough for domestic use.

Compressor brand and type of refrigerant

Compressors manufactured in Austria are responsible for the operation of the devices. Isobutane is used as a refrigerant. This bundle allows you to achieve an impressive coefficient of specific cold performance. In addition, the service life of equipment is significantly increased.

But the Austrian components are quite noisy. On average, their volume is about 45 dB. Accordingly, if this parameter is important for the customer, then it is better to give preference to the aggregates of another company.

Compressor for Tula refrigerators

Secop brand compressors are used in domestic and industrial domestic refrigeration units, adapted to traditional voltage surges, work with refrigerants used in Russia (+)

List of additional features

As a rule, the functional refrigeration equipment from the company "Don" includes only a few basic and most necessary modes. Only some of the most expensive models can offer the user unique options or useful properties.

Most often Tula refrigerators are equipped with:

  1. Antibacterial coating. Due to this, the growth and reproduction of harmful microorganisms will be suspended.
  2. The possibility of hanging the door. This design feature allows you to install the unit in any convenient location of the apartment or private house.
  3. Temperature control. To create an optimal microclimate inside the device, a special lever is designed.
  4. Sturdy steel shelves. This greatly increases the service life of the device. In addition, some models allow you to rearrange the shelves as the owner wants.

Some useful accessories are built into all models. For example, many users respond positively about the oil can and the availability of a storage compartment for eggs.

Storage of products with strong odors

Certain refrigerators of the Don brand are equipped with a special container where it will be possible to put products with an unpleasant or strong odor. Now you can not be afraid that the flavor will spread to other dishes.

The secret to the success of DON refrigeration technology

If the buyer has a limited budget, the choice should be approached even more responsibly in order to choose the most reliable, but at the same time inexpensive unit.

If you need refrigeration equipment with the best price-quality ratio, DON appliances are the best choice.

The model range of the manufacturer is represented by goods, the height of which varies from 0.9 to 2.2 m. In addition, the freezer compartment can be located both in the upper part and in the lower part. Thanks to these features, you can choose the equipment for any kitchen size.

Refrigerator Tula production

Refrigeration equipment with the Don logo is represented by a rather extensive ruler, thanks to which it is not at all difficult to choose the right device for the price, design, functionality and size.

Review of the best models of refrigerators

It is not easy to choose a device that would satisfy all the wishes and requirements of the buyer. Especially if the family budget is limited. At the same time, many consultants advise only a profitable solution for the store, because of which you have to rely only on yourself.

In such situations, it is useful to first get acquainted with the best models on the market.

Interior arrangement of refrigerators Don

Before buying a unit, you should familiarize yourself with its functionality and organization of internal space

Model 1: DON R 295 - two-chamber standard

For those who need a classic white refrigerator, the freezer of which is located at the bottom, DON R 295 is ideal. He won the recognition of customers due to its practicality and ergonomic internal space.

The cooling compartment is divided into several parts with the help of tempered glass shelves and two boxes for vegetables. At the door there are 5 trays. If necessary, the shelves can be rearranged, which allows you to use the volume of the device as efficiently as possible.

Buying a model, the user gets the opportunity to set the temperature from 0 to +10 degrees Celsius. In this case, the unit has a decent bundling and first-class LED lighting.

Among the many distinctive features of the refrigeration unit DON R 295, the following should be highlighted:

  • quite large capacity;
  • acceptable price for any buyer;
  • comfort of operation;
  • ergonomic interior compartments;
  • complete set from an oil can, couple of supports for eggs and the holder for bottles;
  • cooling and freezer capacity;
  • ease of maintenance.

The model has practically no drawbacks. The only inconvenience is in the noise, as well as a rather modest set of functions and modes of operation. But all this is completely offset by low cost.

Model 2: DON R 291 B - compact unit

If in a private house or apartment low ceilings, then when choosing a refrigerator you should pay attention to DON R 291 B. Such a two-chamber model with a lower location of the freezer has a small internal volume, which is associated with dimensions.

Each of the two departments is thought out to the smallest detail. For folding products and dishes the user is offered 4 door trays and as many shelves. There is also a zone where you can put vegetables and fruits. The freezing compartment, in turn, consists of three plastic boxes.

As for the functional, the model is equipped with a deep freeze mode. Mechanical control, which increases the maintenance-free service at times. Also, the device shows quite good performance and is distinguished by a decent quality of all its components.

If we structure all the positive aspects of DON R 291 B, we can single out the following advantages:

  • "Tasty" price;
  • superbly organized refrigeration and freezer compartments;
  • classic design that will fit into the interior of any kitchen;
  • acceptable technical specifications;
  • mechanical control that will not need to be repaired even after 10 years of operation.

The disadvantages of the model are the noise of the compressor and the presence of certain flaws in the assembly. Some of them have to bring to mind independently, before you turn on and use the unit for its intended purpose.

Model 3: DON R 297 - ergonomics + spaciousness

A lot of buyers spoke of this model in a positive way. DON R 297 is a refrigerator equipped with two cameras. At the same time the freezing compartment is located in the lower part of the body.

Low cost in no way affected the quality of the device. The case is made of high-quality steel, which guarantees long-term and trouble-free operation. The cooling compartment is full of shelves. One of them can be removed with peace of mind and practicality will not suffer from this. In general, the compartment is organized well and problems with the placement of products are unlikely to arise.

The freezer is divided into four parts with the help of boxes made of transparent and thick plastic. Its performance is more than enough for domestic use. Moreover, deep freezing is not supernatural for DON R 297.

The advantages of the above model include the following factors:

  • noiseless operation of the compressor;
  • superior performance;
  • impressive capacity of both compartments;
  • acceptable price for any buyer;
  • mechanical control;
  • the thought-over design thanks to what it is necessary to defreeze the refrigerator quite seldom.

The only drawback is the minimum set of functions. But such a "feature" is found in the vast majority of cooling equipment in this price segment.

Model 4: DON R 299 - solid usable volume

The unit DON R 299 has two chambers - cooling and freezing. In this case, the last compartment is divided into four parts with roomy drawers.

Due attention should be paid to the dimensions of DON R 299. Its height is about 2.15 m. Such dimensions make this model an excellent device that boasts impressive capacity.

The internal space is thought out to the smallest detail. Each square centimeter is used with advantage, which makes the model even more practical. For storage of products in the cooling compartment there are 5 shelves and a pair of capacious containers for fruits and vegetables. The shelves are made of tempered glass and can withstand an impressive weight.

Speaking about the advantages of DON R 299, it is worth mentioning the following:

  • possibility of rearrangement of shelves in height;
  • presence in the door 5 solid balconies;
  • high energy efficiency;
  • impressive capacity;
  • freezer compartment performance - fast and high-quality freezing is no longer something supernatural;
  • use in the production of reliable materials proven over the years;
  • mechanical type of control.

But even such an amazing refrigerator has a number of minuses. Among them, the noisy operation of the engine, the impossibility of rearrangement door balconies height, and the absence of any additional features, in particular, the regime superfrost.

Model 5: DON R 216 - the union of price and quality

The two-chamber refrigeration unit with the top location of the freezer is only 141.5 cm high. At the same time, the space useful for product placement is 205 l. The freezer has only 50 liters. A relatively small model is perfect for summer houses and small apartments.

Operated by a refrigerator using a simple and reliable electromechanical device. The model can freeze up to 3 kg of meat per day. The minimum temperature indicator set in the freezer is 18º.

According to the energy saving parameters, the unit is assigned class A, which is quite good for drip technology. Defrost the freezer and refrigeration compartment will have to produce manually.

Tips for buyers of equipment DON

According to their technical characteristics, all the models presented earlier are almost identical. But if you need to choose the most inexpensive, but the most productive refrigerator, the best solution would be DON R 291.

Refrigerator DON R 295

Also a good choice is the unit with marking DON R 295. It differs impressive impressive internal volume. However, he does not have any obvious shortcomings. Therefore, there is no reason to refuse to buy it.

For those who need the maximum usable volume, it is better to give preference to refrigeration equipment DON R 299. He has proven himself in the market and is quite productive.

But when buying such a device, you need to consider that it offers limited functionality. Therefore, if the number of modes and lotions plays a significant role, it is better to give preference to devices from other manufacturers.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Tips for choosing cooling equipment:

Domestic refrigerators from the company "Don" are a prime example of high-quality equipment. Yes, they do not differ impressive functionality. But such units will faithfully serve their owner for decades and adequately perform their main function - to create optimal conditions for storing products.

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