The correct size of the apron - the secret of a comfortable kitchen

  • Distance from floor to apron
  • Defining the width
  • A little about the nuances of installation and materials
  • Protection of the wall under the hood

The apron in the kitchen is, first of all, the quality protection of the walls of the room in the installation area of ​​the slab and the sink. It can be glass, from MDF or from tiles, but its main purpose is to protect the wall from the ingress of oil stains, steam, boiling oil on it. Of course, the kitchen apron plays a decorative role, and therefore can be made of any materials - durable, resistant to extreme effects and pleasant eyes. And if the choice of the method of decoration designers are not limited, then the dimensions of this work surface are strictly normalized.

Distance from floor to apron

The height of the kitchen apron is dependent on the factors:

  • Plate dimensions;
  • Type of hob;
  • Height of furniture in the kitchen;
  • The design of the hood;
  • Dimensions of the upper part of the furniture set;
  • Growth of people most often using a table top and a stove.

It is important that the protective coating (be it a glass apron or a tile) comes under the table top of the headset.

And here a lot depends on the principle by which kitchen furniture is chosen:

  1. Tables are selected based on the growth of the person who most often cooks and uses the kitchen. With the right furniture chosen for growth, the hostess will not experience discomfort in the back or in her hands, and all cooking activities will take place in a natural position.
  1. The height of the tables corresponds to the dimensions of the plate installed in the kitchen.
  2. The dimensions of the table top are selected in such a way that a washing machine can fit under them.
  3. Is a kitchen set of standard height purchased?


The standard height of the furniture corresponds to the dimensions of the slab in the kitchen - 85 cm, so the apron should begin at least 84 cm from the floor.

Defining the width

The width of the kitchen apron, that is, the distance between its upper and lower edge (often called the apron height) is also important.


What are the maximum dimensions allowed? If a washing machine is built under the countertop, then the height of the lower pedestals with the countertop is no more than 90 cm. In this case, the distance from the table to the bottom of the cabinets should not exceed 110 cm, respectively, the maximum width of the apron should be within 112 cm (taking into account 2 cm for the overlap). This option is suitable for rooms with high ceilings and for fairly high hosts.

For a kitchen of standard size, the lower modules of which are 85 cm, the apron should not exceed 117 cm.

Thus, the width of the apron should be in the range from 47 cm to 117 cm (hence, the distance from the countertop to the upper cabinets is 45-115 cm).


There is one more important point that must be taken into account when designing and manufacturing kitchen cladding - this. the location of the outlets.

A little about the nuances of installation and materials

The apron in the kitchen must be arranged according to preliminary markings.

Advice! It is important to check the marking line by level, measuring the distance to it from the floor level at several points. In case the kitchen floor is not even, the beginning of the work surface may "disperse" with the level of installed furniture. So carefully you need to check and the surface of the tiles, and a glass apron - because to correct such shortcomings will subsequently take a lot of effort and money.


It matters also what material the kitchen apron will be made of. So, the apron of tiles easily fits in the case if its height is 60 cm. Under this design, it is easy to choose the sizes of tiles (as a rule, most of the proposals in modern collections are 30 or 60 cm).


But glass often represents a solid fabric, made to order. And from MDF it is possible to execute any working surface - the main thing is that MDF conforms to the color of the basic interior concept and is characterized by increased resistance to moisture.

Protection of the wall under the hood

The area of ​​the kitchen cladding in the drawing area needs increased attention. Here we can not do without a preliminary project, which will take into account the size of the technology, the way and location of its location.

The maximum height of the apron depends on the type of construction of the hood and on the location of furniture in this zone:

  1. Dome (fireplace, hinged) hood is installed without an additional top cabinet and then the apron can be installed up to the top edge of the headset, hood and even to the ceiling.
  2. The built-in device with a sliding surface necessarily provides a cabinet - here the height of the kitchen apron is 70-75 cm.
  3. Suspended structures can be installed together with furniture or without.


It is important that the surface of the tile or MDF exceeds the working part of the hood by 5-10 cm on each side. Such a prudent approach will save you from errors due to errors in the process of mounting the hinged part of the headset.

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