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An artificially created landscape with an artistic relief, a pond and walking peacocks looks attractive only with proper care. The aerator for the pond will saturate the water with air and life. Without renewal, stagnant water will blossom, cover with an unpleasant slimy film and get a bad smell. All living things need oxygen. Create a pond filled with fish and water lilies can only be aeration.

Objective causes of aeration of stagnant water

The entire water system of the planet is in continuous motion and turnover. Groundwater, rivers, lakes and the salt ocean are connected, water exchange includes the atmosphere. Stirring, the jets draw the air. And only ponds do not participate in a common dance. The bottom of them is lined with insulating material, a small surface can not saturate the thickness of dissolved oxygen, obtained with rain drops. As a result, the water surface of the pond is first lifeless, and then gives shelter to malicious algae and rot, which develop in such an environment. Instead of a pond, a stinking swamp will appear over time.

Put air in the pool, install an aerator for the pond you need:

  1. The warmer on the street, the less the solubility of gas and the poorer the oxygen becomes the pond.
  2. The spent microorganisms sink to the bottom in the form of silt and begin to rot in the absence of oxygen.
  3. To prevent stagnation, it is necessary to move the water in the pond.
  4. Biological processes are actively taking place in oxygen-rich water.

If oxygen in the water is not enough, the fish float on the surface and stick in the mouth to catch air. Snails that clean the pool, eating plankton, tend to climb over the smoothness of the plants.

If for years the pond did not experience oxygen starvation, at some point it happened, analysis is required. Any ecosystem can carry a certain load. The pond could overstrain, too many plants use oxygen, and it became insufficient. The reason may be an immoderate feeding of fish in a pond, the mass is sour and uses oxygen. Excessive fish ing is also harmful to the system.

Air supply methods for aeration

Any aerator for the pond should create mixing of the water layers, while simultaneously saturating them with oxygen. But depending on the volume of the pond, its inhabitants use different methods of aeration:

  • surface;
  • Injection;
  • bottom;
  • combined.
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Surface air compressors include installations floating on the water surface. They can create fountains. Drops of water, falling down, saturated with air, mixed with layers. Another type of such installations can be propeller, which mix water as a fan of air while simultaneously drawing gas above the surface. The process is noisy and does not like the inhabitants of the pond.

Injection method is based on the introduction of incoming air into the swirling flow of water. Created on this principle Turbo Jet, Aqua Handi have a submersible floating motor with an impeller, forming a funnel, where air is sucked in, drawn by the jet. A mixture of water and air has a directed radial motion of the funnel, the formation of stagnant zones is eliminated. These aerators are suitable for ponds with fish, they are low-noise, they make a quiet hiss at work.

The bottom method is most often used for aeration of ponds. In this case, a method can be used when the compressor is standing on the shore, and the air is passed through the hose to the comb in the bottom zone. Submersible pumps installed on the bottom are used. They chase the air over the hoses with air fittings. Aerators mix the water, saturating the gas and leveling the temperature. Immersed in water in the winter, they will not allow the crust to form on the surface.

The combined units have a compressor on the shore, and the air supply is shallow. When using an additional pump, a gas-water mixture is obtained.

Which of the ways to arrange an artificial reservoir to choose - is decided for each basin depending on the size and population of living creatures. But provide for air supply is necessary in view of climatic conditions, not allowing the pond to freeze. In winter the aerator for the pond will save the reservoir from complete freezing, and fish from death. Due to the fact that the water is constantly being renewed, it rises upwards, there is no possibility to form ice on the surface of the mirror.

Installation Criteria

Each compressor is designed for a certain amount of water. For the inhabitants of the reservoir, excess oxygen is also harmful, as is its lack. It is necessary to take into account the need for oxygen in different climatic periods in the year.

If you want to choose an air compressor of good quality, give preference to the German manufacturer. The price of an aerator for a pond depends on many indicators:

  • power of the air compressor;
  • the possibility of using at different temperatures;
  • noise of the unit;
  • reputation of the manufacturer.
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Summer aerators for small decorative ponds can be bought at a price of 4-10 thousand rubles. For artificial medium-sized ponds, the prices of aerators for ponds start from 40 thousand rubles. Fished large ponds with winter air supply from well-known manufacturers cost over 100 thousand.

For example, the aerator for the OASE Aqua-Oxy CWS 2000 is suitable for supplying oxygen with 20 cubic meters of water. It is worth installing 12 thousand, complete with engine with two aeration nozzles and hoses 2 and 5 meters in length. The installation consumes only 250 W, low noise. The length of the wiring up to the source to the outlet is 120 meters. The energy part can be located on the shore and even below the pond level, since a non-return valve is provided in the line. In the set there are two decorative stones, stylized under hummocks with grass.

We collect the installation of the aerator with our own hands

It is not necessary to buy the installation. It is enough to know the operating principle of an air compressor and have a long stock of obsolete tools. Create an aerator for the pond with your own hands, if you can find in the farm:

  • The drain pump, which swings the flooded pits after a flood, it can be used with the installation under the water;
  • inch sewer pipe - 2 m;
  • a branch pipe of 32 mm cross-section with a length of 30-50 mm;
  • tee with tap 45;
  • corner;
  • waterproof cable in double insulating tube.

We proceed to install the installation. To do this, connect the tee with the hose connection. On the other hand, a branch pipe is inserted into the tee. Retraction turn at 45 degrees and insert a large pipe. Connect the adapter to the assembled assembly. A non-return valve must be put into the structure.


All submersible pumps have a sealed housing. The lead wire is made with a double cover and a sealed insulation.

After this, perform waterproof wiring. In the ground, hammer the mounting pipe and attach the structure to it, so that the air intake pipe is slightly above the water level. In order to cover the construction from the fish, put it in the net. The pipe must be tilted so that the air can flow smoothly into the water flow and mix with it. We got an injector mixer.

If there is a deep pump in the reserve, you can build for him a picturesque house on the shore. On the branch pipe, put the check valve and protective mesh and attach the hose to the pond. In the right place, the aerator's hose for the pond is decorated, and a small waterfall or something similar is organized, depends on the designer's imagination. When starting, the hose should be under the bay, so that there is no airlock. The same installation with a pump must be immersed in water in a protective mesh casing.

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Do you have a compressor? Then we master the submersible aerator. It does not matter, from the car with the receiver or from the refrigerator, we will arrange them on the shore, connect the hoses with bottles of RET and place these devices on the bottom of the pond. In the holes pierced by the needles, the air will continuously rise upwards in a trickle. But in order not to overheat the motors, you will need to put a timer for periodic activation.

The compressor will successfully replace the engine from the vacuum cleaner, attach the piping to the corrugated hose to create the comb for the air outlet, fill the bottles with pebbles to dunk them, and let them swim together with the fish under the water.

You can assemble the unit with a wind drive. Such aerators for ponds with fish will be useful in winter. Windmills are used for a long time and successfully in winter pits, where the fish rolls. And no matter what the propellers will be made of - a sheet of metal or a cut barrel. They must spin on the shaft and transfer the rotation to a submersible mixer. The installation itself can float around the pond on the surface, driven by the force of the wind or tied to one place. Usually a rotating mast is strengthened on a wooden raft. The rotating rod is fixed by a sleeve in the bearing of sliding. The lower mixer is three-bladed, made of tin or plastic.

Another noteworthy design is made on a battery-powered electric motor on a foam plastic raft. From the horizontal axis, according to rotation, light four-bladed turbines are shown, the dam moves independently along the pond. Aeration is superficial. The engine in a closed case, stability is maintained by securing the turbines on independent floats on which the rotating shaft is attached.

Using information, any summer resident will be able to build the smallest decorative pool of old car tires, equip the corner with a waterfall created by the aerator from the available material for joy children.

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