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A mini drill is a household tool used for drilling and grinding small parts. Wherever it is inconvenient to use a drill or screwdriver due to chuck diameter or dimensions, it is better to use a specialized tool of small size.

Visually, this is a low-power motor with a shaft on which the spindle is mounted. The device without transmission, with speed control and power button.

What can this tool do?

Often a mini drill is called a home-made drill, a grinding machine or the Dremel brand. Dremel is the first company in the market of building tools, which has proven a high-quality mini drill as a universal household appliance.

Miniature drills are equipped with the following functional nozzles:

  • drill the smallest holes;
  • milling;
  • engraving, grinding and polishing with special nozzles;
  • cutting, sharpening, cleaning, fine-tuning materials;
  • drawing patterns.


Inside any mini drill grinding machine, that is, a device for direct grinding. All of the above functions are performed thanks to the nozzles and cutting tools installed in the cartridge.

The essential difference between the design and the standard-size drill is the rotational speed of the spindle sleeve. Popular models of mini hand drills keep revolutions from 10 to 30 thousand per minute. Because of the high revolutions, there is no need to fix the workpiece, because it does not pull them out of their hands. This feature is very convenient in working with engraving and grinding.

For fastening the necessary tooling or cutting tool, use the simplest cartridge with a collet mechanism.

It is interesting that the hammer mini hammer drill is equipped with a flexible shaft that allows you to use the nozzle in the most inaccessible places without unnecessary discomfort. It is very convenient to use a flexible shaft when the drill does not need to be held in your hand. To do this, the appliance is hung on a special stand. This approach will free your hands, reduce vibration and overall noise.

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What is better to buy from the budget models

The budget and high-quality device at an affordable price is the mini drill hammer md050b.

Product specifications:

  • power of 8 watts;
  • diameter of a grip of 1-3 mm;
  • revolutions up to 15 thousand per minute;

Thanks to its light weight( only 400 grams), the mini drill is very easy to use. Complete with a drill set of nozzles and accessories.

In the same price category, another remarkable model of household and industrial use is the Engraver or the mini-drill “Whirlwind G 150”.

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Product specifications:

  • power of 150 watts;
  • maximum speed of 30 thousand;
  • weight 1.16 kg;

A more powerful model with a similar collet chuck of up to 3.2 mm. Very widespread use - repair work, polishing, cutting, engraving, and more. There is a regulation of revolutions. Very handy when working with materials of different densities.

Do-it-yourself mini drill

There are several popular ways to create a mini drill from the engines and parts at hand. For example, a drill from an old tape engine is a convenient and simple mini device. How to make such a mini drill do it yourself with hands.

Required to work item - a motor from a tape recorder of past years. It works from 6 volts, so you need another battery for the design.

You need to order a collet chuck on any resource or turn it on a lathe( which is more laborious).Also, the future drill must be assembled into something, so it would be great to prepare an uncomplicated body. Here's what they do next:

  1. Two wires are soldered to the motor.
  2. Put a drill of the required diameter in the collet chuck.
  3. Fix the cartridge on the motor shaft. The shaft can be two diameters of 1.5 and 2.3 millimeters.
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The simplest model is ready. It remains to turn on the power and the drill will rotate at a good speed.

It is easy to break a drill of small diameter( no more than 1-2 mm.).Therefore, when drilling try to maintain an angle of 90 degrees.

How to assemble the entire structure in an original and compact way?

Suitable antiperspirant capacity. A motor with two wires and a collet, prepared earlier, will fit perfectly into the container presented in the photo.

Next, the homemade case is easy to complete with a button to turn it on. For finalization, a hole is drilled under the collet, or rather under the exit of the head itself from the tank lid.

The bottom of the tank is also drilled for cord or wire. On the side of the self-made body cut out a square under the switch with a knife.

Having prepared all the parts of the structure, they assemble the modified homemade mini drill already in the body.

From such homemade products there are some pluses:

  • minimum costs for parts of the structure;
  • small case;
  • convenient use and management;
  • individual and stylish appearance.

Very practical and simple model to manufacture.

How to make a mini drill - video

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