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Everyone knows scissors secateurs, with which gardeners cut and shorten excess shoots on trees and bushes. But if you want to cut a hedge or to give a new shape to a decorative bush, you need an electric brushcutter. There are devices on gasoline traction, but they are used in large areas away from energy sources.

Varieties of electric shears for cutting the bush

There are electric brushcutters with a network and battery power. Network devices are easier and cheaper, but are suitable for work in small areas with a closely located outlet. Do not be ruled out the danger when working with such a tool to get entangled in the wires or accidentally cut off the power cord instead of the branch.

Cordless brush cutters are heavier, more expensive. However, it is much more convenient to work with the device without binding. In expensive models of well-known manufacturers reliable lithium-ion batteries of high capacity with fast recharging are used. In the kit there are 2 batteries for alternately recharging. With winter storage, unemployed batteries become unusable.

When selecting a tool, you should pay attention to:

  • capacity of the apparatus;
  • the device of knifes;
  • The presence of a rod for working with high specimens.

Scissors for storage batteries can have one or two-sided grinding, different length of the cutting edge. This affects the speed of work and the quality of the contours created. A cheaper tool has one blade fixed, the other cuts. And sharpening can be on one or both sides. Such scissors create a strong vibration, and the hands quickly get tired. Organically and without great efforts, the saw blades of the brush cutter with two moving canvases sharpened on both sides. This is a professional tool.

Knives for the tools of the company BOSCH, made of their Swiss special tool steel. Sharpen them with laser control and diamond processing. During the season, the canvas is not dull. The company canvas is sold in service centers.

An electric brushcutter for amateur use can have one or two handles depending on the engine power. Models with one handle shear the very tips not to the end of lignified branches. If the set is a bar, then the device will allow you to trim the tops and mow the lawn. The length of blades for brush cutters with power, kW does not exceed 16 cm.

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The medium and large tool is equipped with two handles, since its weight reaches, kg, power up to 1 kW. But their cutters reach 80 cm and work with a frequency of 4000 movements per minute. Cut the powerful branch settings to 2 cm in cross section, and the contour is very clean.

Choose a network brush cutter

A cheap, easy, convenient tool for the gardener is the electric scissors. If the nearest socket does not exceed 30 meters or there is a wiring for electric tools in the garden, the electric network brush cutter will be a useful purchase. The machine can be operated only in dry weather, carefully watching the feeding cable, especially when working with the barbell. Electron shears operate noiselessly, do not emit harmful gases.

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Mostly well-known companies focused on battery and gasoline models. In the ranking of network tools, leadership belongs to the brush cutter electric Bosh. Presented models with a cutting length of 42-65 cm provide high performance. The power of the devices 450 - 700 W allows you to cut out thick branches of overgrown hedges, since the saw blades are located at a distance of 16 to 34 mm.

Consider in more detail one of these models, brushcutter Bosch AHS 45-16. The device is well balanced and easily operated by handles. The product is designed for long-term operation, does not create vibration due to the rapid movement of cutters with a length of 42 cm. The engine has a power of 450 watts. Weigh brush cutter, kg. A device for monitoring the cut line horizontally has been installed.


Interskol bushes cut off from the network are performed as a modified motocos. Mostly the company specializes in gasoline models. For use in a confined space, models with a cutting line or a disk are developed. Unlike the scissors Bosh, Russian scissors can be raised on the bar to trim tall stands.

Electric brush cutter KRE-23/1000 represents the device with a cutting tool. The system of protection is used:

  • an electrically insulating sleeve;
  • the button blocks accidental activation;
  • soft start system.
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In fact, this is a reinforced motocross with a knife width of 23, a line of 43 cm. Additional conveniences are a collapsible bar, an adjustable arm for growth, and an electrically insulating pad on the handle. Tool power is 1 kW.

Getting acquainted with the battery garden electric shears

The advantages of battery models are primarily in their mobility. A small device will brush the bush in the most inaccessible places. The device works almost silently and does not interfere with the rest of those around.

On expensive models of well-known manufacturers, there is a function of "water level" that allows cutting the hedge parallel to the soil surface.

The best in this segment are battery bush cutters Bosch. Complex technology for the consumer does not seem like that. Clicking on the "Start" button - and the tool in operation. Convenient handles, light weight, no vibration - branded features of the tool. The protective shield protects the operator from flying at high speed branches.

Technical equipment of the equipment:

  • Economical energy consumption in combination with a powerful battery;
  • double-sided knives with diamond welding;
  • the use of lithium-ion batteries with high capacity and no memory effect of the last charging level;
  • good balancing, reducing fatigue, noise and vibration.

The models of the Bosh tool are ergonomic, they want to be picked up and go to work.

Video review of electric brush cutter BOSCH AHS 45-16

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