We choose for a dacha a faecal pump with a shredder

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Removing waste from the cesspool of a private home is quite a difficult matter, given the current realities and The possibility of falling into the waste of various types of large debris, which can disable sewage equipment. Therefore, for waste disposal, special equipment is used - a fecal pump with a chopper.

The main task of this sewage equipment, the removal of waste from the cesspool. The shredder built into the mechanical part of the device facilitates this task, cutting and crushing the solid inclusions that are present in this environment.

The design and operation of the household faecal pump

Basically, a submersible faecal pump is used in everyday life. Unlike stationary surface and semisubmersible installations, this device is completely submerged in working environment, which ensures low noise of its operation, rather low power consumption and power. But the most important characteristic of a submersible system is its compactness, He does not need a powerful engine that surface equipment is required for sucking and lifting, relatively liquid medium upwards, and a long shaft is not needed, as semisubmersible. The pump is fecal, submersible, with a shredder of solid inclusions, the most convenient equipment in everyday use.

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The body itself is installed on the floor of the cesspool and fixed there either stiffly, using fasteners, or simply with a heavy cast base with holes for sucking up liquid waste.

The operating principle of a fecal pump with a shredder is quite simple, in the area of ​​a working impeller a knife-cutter is installed, which during work grinds liquid waste, incidentally splitting hard inclusion. This principle somewhat resembles the work of a meat grinder, but instead of an Archimedes spiral, an impeller is used. Through the inlet, it pulls liquid waste into the cochlea, the knife grinds them, after which the waste leaves the outlet branch pipe.

The device itself is a fecal pump with a shredder for the toilet, a submerged system of a conventional vertical circuit, with a pressurized input of the power cable, from top to bottom, an electric motor, an oil chamber, it is simply necessary to ensure the tightness of the housing, the lubrication of the shaft bearings and the reduction of heating device. Further impeller mounted on the shaft, installed in the shell - snail. Behind the impeller, and sometimes directly on it is the shredder knife itself. It can be a knife-cutter, knife with blades with sharp edges or other types of grinders of cutting type.

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Such systems are used, as in toilets, a faecal pump for a toilet with a chopper is sometimes extremely necessary for a dacha or private at home, with installation in the sewer system behind the toilet, and for cesspools, depending on the need for the direction of sewage drains.

Characteristics necessary for selecting a fecal submersible pump with a shredder

When purchasing a fecal submersible pump with a chopper, it is necessary to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1. Power, energy characteristics and power consumption of pumping equipment. First of all, the supply voltage, as a rule, the household faecal pump uses to power the 220V mains, but there are also more powerful systems that are powered by a three-phase network, the engine's power should be calculated based on the volume of pumped liquid waste, usually for a holiday home there is enough 500-1000 W, the house needs equipment helper.
  2. Performance, a very important characteristic, shows how much liquid waste the equipment can pump in a certain period of time.
  3. The created head, the ability of the engine to lift up and move along the horizontal section of the hose liquid wastes.

Purchasing recommendations

When choosing a submersible faecal pump with a chopper, it is worth paying attention to models with a metal casing, this material is more durable than plastic, and withstands heavy loads, although modern plastics in this regard are not much worse, and in terms of corrosion protection even better. Products made of ordinary steel quickly give in to corrosion, the environment of a waste is very aggressive, the metal is oxidized very quickly. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to products made of cast iron or light metal alloys.

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When purchasing a faecal pump with a shredder for a cesspool, pay attention to the products of well-known manufacturers, this will relieve of a number of problems with the equipment in the future, for example:

  • the purchase of spare parts, parts and knives of the shredder, the certified device spare parts and accessories are fully accessible, which can not be said about the products of our Chinese friends;
  • conformity to the passport data of the equipment, availability of the warranty period and qualitative execution;
  • durability and efficient operation of equipment, Chinese counterfeits are generally short-lived, in addition do not issue the promised power and efficiency.

A submersible faecal pump with a chopper is not a luxury, it is a household necessity. Its availability eliminates a number of not the most pleasant moments associated with sewerage.

Video review of a faecal pump with a chopper

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