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video Hyundai cultivator belongs to the garden equipment produced by the world famous concern. The tool is designed for loosening the soil, hilling plants. The unit is driven by the motor of the concern’s own development, which is considered one of the most reliable in the world.

Brand of landscape equipment HYUNDAI originally from Korea, but has long been popular in the world. The concern has a representative office in 170 countries and its network of trade and service.

The Hyundai Garden Equipment Difference

The intelligent layout made the Hyundai cultivator stable and easy to operate. In addition, the instrument handles adjust to the growth of the operator for ease of operation. Using a self-developed engine makes it possible to consider the Hyundai models as the most fuel efficient. The four-stroke engine is also eco-friendly, it emits fewer combustion products, compared to the two-stroke engine.

For the treatment of small areas there are models on electric power - silent and environmentally friendly. The line of cultivators Hyundai is designed for users with different size of the cultivated area. You can find ultra-light machines, medium-sized machines and powerful universal units for farmers.

For each class of technology, the company develops mounted implements that do the job without overloading the engine.

Examples of best-selling cultivators

The Hyundai Cultivator T 500 is a light machinery. It is the chain transmission of torque from the engine to the working bodies that makes it possible to assume that the power is transmitted by 95%.Used petrol four-stroke engine with a capacity of 3.5 liters.with.

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The engine of the IC 160 series is specially created for a model with a lifespan of 1500 hours and a lightweight starting system. Forged high-strength saber cutters will be able to lift even a flattened layer of earth. There is a transport wheel, which is removed during operation of the tools.

Before mastering a new technique, it is necessary to study the operating manual. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that it is a warranty case and when new equipment will have to be repaired for its money.

The Cultivator petrol Hyundai T 500 is used on small areas, it is considered lightweight technology. The four cutters that come with the kit process a 55 cm wide, up to 25 cm depth strip in one pass, depending on the coulter installation. The speed of the car is one, there is no reverse. The total weight of the unit is 29.4 kg. The cost of equipment from 22 thousand rubles. The fine choice for carrying out spring works in a garden and a kitchen garden on the seasonal dacha.

Hyundai T 700 cultivator belongs to the middle class technique, intended for processing a field of 4-10 acres. Requirements for the middle class technique are more intensive work, since all operations should be carried out in the shortest and optimal time. The company introduced a sample of such technology. Four-stroke engine in 5.5 liters.with.transmits the rotation through the chain transmission to the transmission.

The Hyundai engine type is designed for cultivators, has top valve arrangements and easy starting. The fuel tank holds 3.6 liters, and inexpensive AI92 gasoline is used.

Load transfer gear for chain drive is made in a reinforced version and has a guaranteed durability for 100 years. A coulter with a quick setting of the plowing depth allows soil cultivation with saber cutters to a depth of 30 cm and a width of 30 or 60 cm. Preparing the beds for planting potatoes and other vegetables will take a little time and effort.

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Themselves forged mills, created with an engineering calculation from the angle of entry into the ground with less resistance, which improves the quality of processing even fallow sites. Cutters are made with forged knives, such processing does not weaken the metal.

Limiters strip loosening are side edging. The front wheel contributes to the rapid movement of the cultivator, when working, it retracts behind unnecessary. For convenient control of the unit there is a handle with 4 positions of adjustment for growth of the worker.

A disadvantage of the model can be considered the lack of reverse and work at the same speed. Cultivator costs an average of 21 thousand rubles. The

Hyundai Cultivator T 800 is already more suited to maneuver during operation. This car has a backing, and it can independently get out, if it has deeply dug into loose earth. This model is equipped with a 5.5 horsepower twin-shaft engine, which made it possible to create a reverse. It is the twin-shaft engine that distinguishes the average Hyundai T 850 and T800 cultivators from similar models of competing manufacturers. The design of the engine has a lower sound effect, less vibration and good performance. A stiffer frame allows the use of a mounted plow and other implements. Loosening increases to 32 cm, it is almost a complete layer of the development of the root system of plants.

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Equipped with a new engine, the Hyundai T 850 cultivator received a power of 6.5 liters.s., which allows to increase the load on the drive. Therefore, the processing area in a single pass has increased. The unit is able to carry 6 cutters and process a strip with a width of 90 cm, which is already comparable with a professional heavy tool. The weight of the self-propelled unit was 52 kg. There is a front and rear speed. The service life of the unit is declared for 2 thousand working hours.

The Hyundai T1500 E electric cultivator is a lightweight tool class. It operates on 220 V mains and with an engine power of 1.5 kW.Only 2 mills plow the earth to a depth of 25 cm. The rotation is transmitted from the engine by a worm gearbox. The total weight of the cultivator is 13 kg, it is easy to manage and able to control an elderly person.

Like all Hyundai electric motors, this one does not make noise and does not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere. Light silumin collapsible gearbox, it is fashionable to lubricate or replace the worm if necessary. The cutters are also saber-shaped, but made in a lightweight version, but the profile of the saber with an angle gives extra rigidity. The wheels do not work when working, they are in line with the coulter and help in the work.

The engine is started using a button on the handle, protected by a lock from accidental activation. The model is twice cheaper than its gasoline counterparts.

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