How and where to put salt in the dishwasher for water softening

We will tell you where to put salt in the dishwasher. After all, to ensure that the dishwasher launches a high-quality cutlery, there is not enough washing aids. During operation, a white coating is formed on the walls and heater of the dishwasher - scale; because of the large content of impurities in the water, it becomes stiff. So the details of the equipment will quickly fail, so it is necessary to use a special salt to soften the water.

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  • 1Why do I need salt in a dishwasher?
  • 2How and what means to use
  • 3Where to put salt in the dishwasher

Why do I need salt in a dishwasher?

All washing machines (Hansa, Siemens, Bosch and others) are equipped with an ion exchanger. This is the box that is under the pallet of the car. Inside the box there are sodium ions, neutralizing the harmful effects of potassium and magnesium ions. Before entering the PMM compartment through the nebulizer, water passes the ion exchanger. Harmful impurities attract ions, so that the dishes are washed with soft water.

Why pour salt and how does it enter the water? Over time, the ionizer is depleted, the ions are washed away. Therefore, periodically it is necessary to put salt pills in the department. They replenish the number of ions for the normal operation of the dishwasher.

Advantages of using salt for PMM:

  • absence of scale;
  • absence of streaks and stains on the surface of the dishes.

How and what means to use

Before pouring, you need to decide,what salt for the dishwasher to choose(details in a separate article):

  • regenerating, such as "Calgonite "Finish "Somat
  • in tablets, such as Topperr;
  • substitute "Extra" usual or in tablets.

We will stipulate that for the "Bosch "Electrolux "Ariston "Siemens "Hansa" and other brands it is better to use a specialized salt, the purification rate of which is 9, 8%. While the usual cleanses only 99%. The difference is small, but the salt is too small. She will kill the tank, so that water can not wash it off. A special one consists of large crystals.

On the product package, the quantity for one-time use is indicated. You should be guided by the hardness of water and impurities characteristic of your region. See the table.

Russia (meq / l) The content of calcium and magnesium
0 Soft
, Medium hard
- Strong enough
, , -1, Tough
more than 1, Very tough

The impurity ratio can vary, it depends on the season. Detailed instructions on how to determine the hardness of water, see a separate article. The main way is to use the device to measure the TDS-meter. If this is not available, use more accessible methods. Wet and soak the rag. Bad washing? Hence, the rigidity is increased. Plaque lime on the details of the dishwasher is formed very quickly? This also indicates the presence of calcium and magnesium.

When do I need to add pills? Open the operating instructions and read the instructions. For example, producers of PMM "Bosch provided for 7 levels of water hardness. As soon as the product ends, the indicator or special icon lights up on the display.

Where to put salt in the dishwasher

To each brand of equipment there is an instruction, which indicates which compartment is intended for. So, the compartment for replenishing the ion exchanger can be on the bottom or on the side of the door. In some models, the container is located under the pallet. Then use a special funnel to load the salt.

This can be a container next to the drain filter. How correctly to add crystals there? Unscrew the lid and fill the container. In some dishwashers, the pills compartment is located on the inside of the door.

At the first start-up, pour water into the tank, and then place the tablet there. This will help the crystals to dissolve faster and do not stick to the walls.

When operating the dishwasher, monitor the amount of funds in the compartments, as well as the readings of the sensors. Now you know how and where to add salt. Do not forget to look at the instructions, because each model of PMM has its differences.

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