How to write a blue color in the interior of the kitchen - 5 tips and 60 photos

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In nature, blue colors always surrounded a person on the sea and in the sky, that is, almost all other colors. Therefore, at the subconscious level, blue is liked by most people. Designers appreciate this color for their ability to refresh boring interiors and ennoble them. However, if the heat is in the kitchen in blue tones it will be nice, then on winter evenings - it's not so cozy anymore. Another disadvantage - the blue kitchen will reduce the appetite of the household.

  • For those who want to plan the design of the blue kitchen so that it turned out cozy and warm, we prepared 5 tips and 60 inspirational photos.

general characteristics

Making out the interior of the blue kitchen, you need to keep in mind the following key features of color:

  • Effects on humans:calms, emotionally balances, but at the same time it helps to concentrate attention and intellectual activity. Physiological effect - lowers the pressure and, as we have already noted, reduces the appetite. Blue interiors give the impression of noble, reliable and strict, but the use of indigo color in large doses can make the situation a bit gloomy and too cold, uncomfortable.
  • Who is most suitable for:calm and reserved people, leading a measured or business way of life.
  • Which kitchens look best:in those in which the windows face south, bright and spacious rooms.
  • Optical properties:visually distances, narrows, but at the same time makes heavier pieces of furniture or any surfaces. Has a cold temperature.
  • Opposite (additional) color in the spectrum:yellow.
  • The most suitable styles are:Mediterranean, Provence, some ethnic, Scandinavian, as well as Empire and Art Deco.

5 tips for coloring the kitchen

Reception 1. We use as an accent

To avoid the feeling of cold and gloom, but to make the right amount of freshness in the kitchen interior, it is best to use blue only in accents.

  • Curtains, tablecloths, napkins, upholstery of chairs, dishes, apron, wallpaper on one wall, wall decor or part of the headset can become an excellent color chord.
  • Painting or pasting the blue wallpaper on only one wall, you visually give it a little and make the kitchen more spacious.
  • Keep in mind that on a background of blue, food seems less appetizing, so decorating the dining and working area, give preference to blue or turquoise shades, or combine blue with flowers that enhance appetite, for example, with yellow or orange as shown in the following a photo.

Other examples of blue accents in the interior of the kitchen are presented in the next photo slider.


Reception 2. We use in mass and dilute with white

If the kitchen is spacious, well lit and the sun shines frequently outside the window, the blue color may well be the main color and decorate the walls, the floor or the kitchen set.

  • And yet, even under the most favorable conditions, it is recommended to dilute it in the proportion: or: with a more neutral color, ideally - with white.

White paint compensates for all the shortcomings of blue, making it more fun and effective. This pair can be taken as a basis, and then add to it another 1-3 additional colors.

  • By the way, white is especially appropriate when you want to enter into the interior of any ethnic motives. For example, Gzhel painting (pictured below), Chinese or Delft porcelain, Dutch tiles or Spanish tiles.

Other examples of the design of white and blue cuisine can be seen in the next selection of photos.


Reception 3. We warm the atmosphere with an abundance of wood

The natural tree - warm, touching and looking, in any shade, form and processing, is perfectly combined with blue. In whatever style you design the interior - classical or modern, the tree will make the blue even more noble. Wooden in the kitchen can be floor, furniture or at least a table top.


Reception 4. Add gold, copper or bronze

Due to its warmth, gold, copper, brass and bronze in the interior of the blue kitchen will look much better than chrome, steel and silver.

  • Especially "warm" metals will be appropriate in the kitchen in the style of art deco, classic, loft and in all ethnic interiors.
  • Here is what can be metallic in the kitchen: furniture handles, cutlery, light fixture frames, mixer, household appliances, decor items, accessories for curtains (holders, cornice, etc.).

Reception 5. We select the right colors-companions

So, we already noted that the blue color is especially friendly with white and wooden textures. When planning the design of the future kitchen, pay attention to the following harmonious combinations:

  • In the monochrome scale:the combination of all related shades of blue with each other, that is, from blue to black to turquoise, will be successful.

  • In the neutral range:a combination with close neighbors in the spectrum - green, purple, lilac, pink, and also with neutral colors - brown, beige and gray.

  • In contrast scale:Apart from white, it also combines with its warm opposites - yellow, orange, red.
  • With a black color, our hero also fits well, but, provided a lot of the interior - white, and small - black.

Photo gallery of ideas

The set is blue in the interior

If you decide to buy a completely blue headset, here are a couple of tips to help you with the choice:

  • Refer to the headset with glossy facades with care. After all, gloss, although neutralizes the feeling of heaviness of blue furniture, but at the same time enhances the feeling of cold.
  • Classic headsets are better to choose in a reserved dark gray-blue shade, but modern kitchens can be any shade.


If the kitchen is not lighted well, then, as already noted, blue wallpaper is recommended to glue only one wall. And here is a selection of photo interiors of kitchens with blue wallpaper.


Blue apron

The blue apron of the headsets, on the one hand, is a great idea, because this color is associated with cleanliness and in the decoration of the wall fragment can create the illusion of space expansion. But, as already mentioned earlier, the food on this background may not look appetizing. The situation will be able to correct the wooden, yellow, orange and red details.

Photo-examples of blue aprons in the interior of the kitchen.


Blue curtains in the interior of the kitchen

Finish the article with a selection of photos of blue curtains in the interior of the kitchen and the latest advice:

  • Elegant monochrome blue curtains are more suitable for decorating the dining room or living room area in a combined kitchen, and for it is better to choose ordinary curtains in a cage, striped, with flowers and patterns, that is, more relaxed in style and drawing.
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