How to choose a reliable submersible pump for a well

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Water supply of a summer residence and a country house is arranged with the help of wells or wells. Submersible pump for the well must meet certain requirements. Depending on the depth of lifting, the required output and pressure, a centrifugal or membrane (vibrating) apparatus is chosen. What mechanism to apply in a particular case depends on the water quality and financial capabilities of the host. Of all the models, submersible pumps for the well are considered to be the best.

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How to calculate and select the device correctly

The creation of an autonomous water supply system using a well begins with measurements:

  1. The depth of the well is determined by lowering the load on the cord to the bottom, checking with the passport data.
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  2. The static level is determined by lowering the load to the surface of the mirror after a long filling. In the morning or after a prolonged lack of buildup, the maximum filling of the chamber is determined.
  3. The difference in the levels will give the depth of the water layer.
  4. Debit-fill the camera per unit of time. This value determines the pump capacity, the possibility of a long swing without draining the submersible pump.

In addition, it will be necessary to know the distance or height to which water will be supplied to determine the head. It is important to continue using the raised agent. The presence of an accumulation tank will make it less likely to include a submersible pump for the well. During start-up, the equipment experiences increased loads. It is necessary to know the chemical composition and the content of suspended matter in water.

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Advantages and disadvantages of submersible pumps

The main difference between the well and the water well is in the depth of the water horizon and the size of the pipe vent. Wells are built with a larger chamber, and the diameter of the pump does not limit the choice. But in the well can be a smaller flow of water, limited productivity of the device.

The water level in the well varies by season. In order not to tighten the sand to the pump at a level of 15 cm to the bottom, it is necessary to install a metal shield along the section of the well, leaving a gap along the contour. Under the sheet, grains of sand will not rise, and the water will always be clean.

Surface or submersible pumps for wells, which is better - is solved in specific conditions. Most often choose a submersible:

  • equipment is under water, does not require filling, ready to work at any time;
  • the engine has water cooling, does not overheat even during prolonged operation;
  • the possibility of installing filters on the suction nozzle protects the operating mechanism from clogging;
  • the use of automation ensures the supply of water as necessary without human intervention;
  • blocking the dry running will ensure the safety of the equipment.

The more modern the device, the more the automation circuit and safety locks in it, the more expensive it is. All submersible pumps for wells are more expensive than surface pumps. This is justified, their service life is longer, the reliability is higher, no special room is required for operation at zero temperature. However, the sealed enclosure can not be repaired at home, and regular replacement of the filters in the inlet pipe is required.

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Advice for specialists in choosing a pump for a well

Materials used for the manufacture of the pump body are non-corrosive. Quality plastic works in water is not worse than stainless steel.

It is important to choose a submersible pump for the well with automatic control to minimize control of the operation. At the same time, the device can be integrated into the water supply and heating system. The automation system will give a signal to turn on the make-up if the level or pressure in the system falls.

When installing a pump it is important to know the flow of water into the receiving chamber of the well. It is dangerous to choose a level below the submergence of the pump, the apparatus should always be under the bay, lowered at least 30 cm in depth. Therefore the best submersible pump for a well is one that provides the required flow, head and is always under the bay.


Select a circulating or vibrating pump, depending on the nature of the work. Usually, for submitting a submersible pump is selected, based on operating conditions. An inexpensive membrane works periodically and only in the summer. The operation of the unit is accompanied by noise, vibration in contact with the walls of the mine can contribute to destruction. At the bottom of the well, a layer of silt is formed. If the price of a submersible pump for a well is not the main criterion, it is better to choose a circulation pump.

Incorrectly selected pump can lead to the appearance of quicksand, raising the bottom, reducing the mirror. Depressurization leads to the appearance of an oil film. The consequences are removed with difficulty and with great material costs.

Choosing the best submersible pump

The DAB Divertron 1000 pump works according to the "put and forget" principle. One unit replaces the storage tank, is sold with built-in automation. The pump delivers water for 45 meters horizontally, productivity, m3 / hour. When opening the tap, the head is adjustable. The device pumps water with sand, can drain the pit, if necessary. The cost of the device is about 20 thousand rubles.

Include equipment only through the voltage regulator!

The Grundfos 3-45 A also belongs to the premium class. With his help, organize the water supply of a country house. The pump works in automatic mode, to raise water to the second floor requires a tank battery.

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Pump DZHILEKS The water meter PROF 55/35 A is half-way cheaper than famous brands, but its functionality is good. Use the pump only to raise the liquid. The scheme of water supply is solved by the circulation pump. The dry run mode is excluded, the float switch is used.

Submersible pump for giving Aquarius-3 is the best solution. Small productivity is compensated by low cost - only 2 thousand. The submersible pump operates for 2 hours, then it takes 15 minutes to rest. To fill the tank for watering plants is used more often than other machines. Its dignity is ultra-high reliability. Works without repair up to 8 years.

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