10 tips for improving the kitchen area of ​​9 square meters. meters

  • 10 tips for equipping the kitchen 9 sq. M. meters

Planning a kitchen design area of ​​9 square meters. meters - the task though and not simple, but quite standard and solved. In this material, 10 tips on how to equip and arrange a small space, as well as 30 photos of modern interiors of kitchens with an area of ​​9 square meters are presented. meters for your inspiration.

10 tips for equipping the kitchen 9 sq. M. meters

Tip 1. Consider planning in a special program

Independently thinking over the repair, layout and design of the kitchen 9 sq. M. meters worth using the program of 3D-design. This will help you imagine the future situation, play around with furniture arrangement, plan the wiring and lighting scheme, see how different textures and shapes will look together.

Hint: the creation of a kitchen project must begin with a sink and a stove (if it is gas), since these strategically important points are often best left to the rightful places.

From the point of view of interior design planning, it is very useful to compose a collage of material samples (Material Board). To do this, you need to pin to a board purchased samples from the store curtain fabrics and furniture upholstery, wallpapers, floor and wall coverings, dyes in A4 sheet format and etc. So you can understand how the textures and colors, fabrics and decoration materials in real life will be combined with each other.

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Tip 2. Observe the rule of the "working triangle"

When designing the future kitchen, try to arrange a sink, stove and refrigerator near each other, but not too close. So you can create the most convenient space for cooking.


Tip 3. The best set - built-in and corner, height up to the ceiling

Perhaps, it is this configuration of the headset that will allow you to save the kitchen space and use it as efficiently as possible. An example of built-in and corner kitchen height up to the ceiling is presented in the next photo slider.


The interior of the kitchen area of ​​9 square. meters in the apartment in the "stalinka".


  • To place in the corner of the sink, a convenient place for storing things and cooking, it is best to choose a set with a trapezoidal corner floor stand;
  • Household appliances (including a refrigerator) in a small kitchen should also be built-in, and not detached, then the unity of all the facades will make the interior orderly.

See also: Kitchen design in the stalinka.


Tip 4. If there is a desire and opportunity, combine the kitchen with a balcony or the adjacent living room

If you need to overhaul the kitchen 9 square meters. meters, why not in the process of integrating it with the living room or balcony? Yes, redevelopment is not always possible, and its harmonization is quite troublesome, but there is no more efficient way to increase the kitchen.

Hint: if you like the idea of ​​attaching a balcony to the kitchen, but its "legalization" is difficult (or unlikely), then you can not dismantle the wall, but only the window and the balcony door as shown in the photo below.


Tip 5. Instead of a swinging door, install a sliding door, or remodel the doorway into an arch

Swing door takes up a lot of space, so doing repairs in the kitchen 9 square. m, think about replacing it with a more compact sliding structure. Also, you can redo the doorway into an arched one or simply leave it without doors, having issued only the platbands.


Council 6. Aligning the floor, walls or ceiling, try to minimize the room as little as possible

The floor is better leveled with a self-leveling self-leveling mortar, rather than a cement screed.

As for the ceiling, in the kitchen of standard height in, m it is necessary to abandon the hinged structures, because even with the installation of stretch ceilings, the minimum loss of height will be about 5-7 cm. However, sometimes without hinged structures in a small kitchen can not do. So, for example, a gypsum cardboard box can hide under itself an air duct from an extract and other communications cluttering up space.


Council 7. Decorate the interior in bright colors

If the redevelopment and radical changes in the kitchen are not part of your plans, you can increase it visually, decorating the interior in a light or neutral range. White, beige, cream, light shades of blue, gray and green will not muffle daylight, make the room more spacious and even tidier in appearance. Examples of kitchen design 9 sq. M. m in light colors in the next photo slider.

  • Kitchen interior 9 sq. M. m in light colors in classical style
  • Kitchen interior 9 sq. M. m in light colors with red accents
  • Kitchen interior 9 sq. M. m in light colors with red accents

Tip 8.Create uniform lighting

In the kitchen 9 sq. M. m not to hang only one ceiling chandelier - the central light will create shadows and further narrow the room. Increase it will help additional lamps, say, in the dining area and, of course, in the working.

Hint: do you want to decorate the interior of the kitchen in a modern way? Hang the chandelier not in the center of the ceiling, but directly above the table.


Tip 9. Choose a functional but light table

Folding tables are a salvation for small kitchens, in which guests are often received. In this case, keep in mind that tables and chairs are better to choose the lungs and by weight, and by sight.



  • The most compact form of the table top for a dining table is rectangular or square.
  • If you do not often receive guests, rarely eat at home and live alone or alone, then why do not you put a bar in place of the table? It will allow you to save space more spacious.
  • By the way, you can decorate the dining area kitchen corner, then under his seat you can store things.

Tip 10. Decorating the interior, do not overdo it with the decor

Making out the interior, keep in mind that:

  • For small kitchens, it is better to choose simple curtains from a light one-color fabric or with a fine pattern. Suitable types: Roman, roll, blinds, classic curtains without strong drapery.
  • Chandelier in a small kitchen is preferable compact and "airy for example, made of glass.
  • Wall decorations in kitchen design 9 sq.m. m are needed in small quantities. It is enough to decorate the dining area with a couple of photos or pictures, a panel or a clock.
  • The rest of the decor should also be present at a minimum. Indoor plants in beautiful pots, a candle on the table, a candy dish and a couple of accessories on the shelf will revitalize the interior without overloading it.
  • Magnetics brought from travels often bring unnecessary diversity and a sense of confusion to the environment, so it's better to collect them somewhere else, not in your little kitchen.
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