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  • 13 kitchen design and repair tips in the stalk

Kitchens in the "stalk" compare favorably with typical ones in that they have:

  • High ceilings( from 3 m);
  • Thick brick walls;
  • Often regular square shape;
  • Non-Bearing Partitions;
  • Large windows with wide window sills.

However, there are weaknesses. First of all it is: a small kitchen area, worn engineering communications, wooden floors, dilapidated internal structures and finishes. In this article we will talk about how to turn a kitchen in a stalinka into a modern, beautiful and comfortable space with the help of competent repair and carefully planned design.

13 tips for kitchen design and repair in the

stalon Tip 1. Make a major overhaul with the replacement of all engineering communications.

If the house has not been overhauled, you will have to do it yourself and without any compromises. The main thing that needs to be done is to replace all pipes, electrical wiring, ventilation channels and thoroughly repair the floor. Other possible tasks: replacing windows, doors, demolishing and building walls, aligning them, repairing the ceiling.

  • It is very important to entrust the repair of the kitchen in Stalinka to masters with experience in working with old houses.
  • If your house has hardwood floors, then before proceeding to the device of a new floor, it is necessary to conduct an examination of the foundation. It can only be carried out by construction organizations with a SRO permit and licensed to preserve cultural heritage sites. Only after receiving the conclusion with the calculation of the carrying capacity of the floor and instructions for its reconstruction, you can begin to repair.

Tip 2. Choose a style that matches the spirit of the house.

In the kitchen in the stalinka you can embody any classic or modern style of the interior. But especially those directions that fit the spirit and architecture of the house are suitable, because they are the main advantage of all the “Stalinok”.In our opinion, the following styles will help to preserve the unique atmosphere:

  • Staromoskovskiy;

  • Neoclassical;

Neoclassical kitchen in the former communal apartment of the Stalinist house

  • Mid-Century( post-war modernism);
  • Kitchen-living room in a three-room apartment in a Stalin-era building
  • Kitchen-living room in a three-room apartment in a Stalinist home
  • Kitchen-living room in a three-room apartment in a Stalinist home
  • Kitchen-living room in a three-room apartment in a Stalinist home
  • Soviet style;
  • Loft or industrial.

Tip 3. Make the redevelopment of

Even in the “nomenclature” Stalinas, the kitchen area is not large( 10-15 sq. M), what to speak of the “ordinary” with mini-kitchens of 7-9 sq. M.m. You can drastically change such a small room only by combining it with the adjacent living room and / or corridor. In this situation, it is possible not only to bring the dining area outside the kitchen, but also to create a very convenient space for socializing and home gatherings.

  • The good news is that walls in stalinks are almost always curtainless( with the exception of beams and sometimes columns).The bad news is that according to the SNIP, the gasified kitchen must be isolated by a door.

One can only get out of the situation by brewing a gas pipe and installing an electric stove( subject to agreement) or by expanding the doorway and installing a sliding / folding door in it( see photo).The second way is much simpler, because folding / sliding doors can be easily removed into the case, creating a single space and without breaking any rules.

And here is an example of a combined kitchen-living room in which gas was removed and an electric cooktop was installed.

However, in some cases, it is possible to coordinate the complete integration of the gasified kitchen with the living room. After all, most of the Stalinist buildings are not serial, and therefore the approach to their “alterations” is individual.

For example, if a room adjacent to a kitchen is designated as a dining room according to the documents, then, subject to certain requirements, redevelopment will be reconciled with a high probability.

In the following collection of photos are examples of the design of combined kitchens-living rooms in Stalin's homes.

Kitchen area of ​​7 square.m., combined with the living room

Tip 4. Save the characteristic elements of the finish where it is possible

Professional designers, working with Stalin, as far as possible try to keep authentic elements of the finish because of their particular beauty and significance. Why not follow their example and try to preserve, say, wooden parquet on the floor or stucco on the ceilings and walls? Unfortunately, it is not always possible to save such features, but they can be recreated or reproduced in a new way.


  • By the way, old wooden windows are highly desirable to be replaced with wooden, not plastic glass windows.
  • Brick walls can be bare, cleaned, then coated with varnish or paint.

Tip 5. Highlight and use the ceiling height

Thanks to the high ceilings in the kitchen, you can install stretch or multi-level plasterboard ceilings or, at most, install decorative beams, caissons( see photo below), wide moldings and stucco moldings.

And if the kitchen does not have enough storage space, it will help out all the same height of the walls. It is only necessary to design a headset with an additional third or fourth tier, perhaps even to the ceiling itself, as shown in the following photo.

Tip 6. Place a bet on bright tones.

The most effective way to increase a small kitchen is simple - arrange it in bright colors. For example, in white, cream, light gray, beige or light blue. In case the kitchen is extremely small, narrow or dark, then it is best to paint the walls and choose the set in white color.

White small kitchen in stalinka

And so that the bright interior does not seem to be too sterile, combine contrasting textures( for example, gloss with matte surfaces) or add some bright accents( it is better to use no more than 2 additional colors).

Tip 7. Engage the


As a rule, window sills in stalinks are not only deep, but also high, which means that they can be embedded in headsets without lifting the window, as is often the case in other houses.

  • A window sill combined with a headset can be an excellent cutting table, a cupboard for storing dishes or a bar counter.

The main condition is that the new tabletop must have ventilation openings, and the cabinet doors( if any) must be latticed so that heat from the radiator can freely circulate around the room.

Below in the selection of photos are a few examples of how you can usefully use the window sill.

  • When installing a window wash, make sure that its doors can open freely, that is, without resting against a mixer or other objects
  • When installing a window wash, make sure that their doors can open freely, that is, without resting against a mixer or other work
  • When installing the sink at the window, make sure that its flaps can be opened without difficulty, that is, not resting on the mixer or other objects

Tip 8. Plan a compact and super-functional

  • set for a square kitchen.and you should choose an L-shaped set or U-shaped( provided that the sill is inserted and the width of the passage between the sides is at least 1 meter).

L-shaped kitchen with an area of ​​10 m2 in an apartment in pre-war stalinke

  • If the kitchen is quite small( 6 sq. M. Or 7 sq. M.) And the priority is the capacity of the dining table, then you should choose the most compact layout - linear.

  • For a narrow kitchen, you should choose a linear layout or a two-row layout, provided that the passage between the modules is at least 100 cm.
  • If the headset is located at the doorway, the nearest module should be skewed or radial. So the entrance to the kitchen will be safer and more comfortable.

  • To save space, in the corner and U-shaped kitchen sidewall without built-in appliances can be done already. Also in the headsets of such forms, it is important to maximize the use of angles - embed them in retractable and multi-storey systems, baskets or carousels.
  • You can increase storage space due to the additional upper tier or basement with built-in drawers.

Tip 9. Hide the gas column, the air duct and paint the pipes to match the background.

The gas column with an open combustion chamber can be hidden in a false cabinet without top and bottom, as well as with a 15 cm distance from the side walls( with matching gas service).

An open-type column can also be hidden in a false hood, as in this kitchen renovation project in the stallion, carried out by the “Housing Problem” program.

So that the pipes do not spoil the interior, it is enough to paint them to match the walls.

See the material on: Design and renovation of the kitchen with a gas stove.

In the loft-style or country-style kitchen, a column, an air duct, a radiator and pipes can be hidden and, on the contrary, used as decorative elements.

  • If the kitchen is very small and there is a garbage chute in it, then in order to save space it should be dismantled and walled up( prior approval is required).If the garbage chute does not bother you, then in the process of repair it is enough to replace its hatch( for example, with a glass unit).
  • The air duct can be hidden in a plasterboard box or in the additional upper tier of the headset.

Tip 10. Choose a reduced-sized technique and install everything that can be built-in

When all the kitchen surfaces are uniform, the interior looks orderly and less visually cluttered. And if the equipment is also compact, then it will be possible to save precious centimeters. For example, for a small family, choose a narrow dishwasher 45 cm wide, a stove with two or three rings and a narrow but tall refrigerator.

Tip 11. Create a uniform lighting

Lighting can change the perception of a small space for the worse or better. Since the kitchens in Stalinka are small, but with high ceilings, one chandelier here will not be enough.

  • The most reliable lighting scenario: spotlights around the perimeter + a chandelier in the center or above the table + furniture lighting in the work area.

Tip 12. Choose an

compact dining group. If the dining area is located in an attached living room or separate dining room, then the table and chairs can be practically any. However, for an isolated mini-kitchen with a size of 6-10 m2, only mini-format furniture is suitable. For example, it could be:

  • Folding table;
  • Table with folding wings;
  • Folding or sliding table for 2-4 persons;
  • Small coffee table;
  • Bar counter( including on the basis of a window sill).

The chairs for the small kitchen are suitable as follows:

  • Folding "garden" chairs;
  • Viennese and any other light and small chairs;
  • Transparent plastic chairs;
  • Stools;
  • Benches.

Tip 13. Refuse decorating excesses

The abundance of decor, fine details and heterogeneous surfaces “crushes” a small space and brings a sense of disorder into it. Therefore, in the design of a small kitchen in the stalinka is to make a bet on the quality, not the number of accessories. A pair of wall decorations, clocks, live plants and a vase of fruit will be enough to create comfort.

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