How to make a pottery wheel from a washing machine

If you or your child decide to try themselves in pottery, then you will need a potter's wheel. The new device is expensive, and without it you can not make a smooth pitcher of clay.

Therefore, in the article we will tell you how to make a potter's wheel from a washing machine with your own hands. The technology is easy to understand, any type of machine is suitable: activator or drum machine.

Content of the material:

  • 1Instructions for making a potter's wheel
    • 1.1What you need to work
    • 1.2Step-by-step execution of works
      • 1.2.1Prepare the case
      • 1.2.2Assembly and impeller assembly
      • 1.2.3Work with the body
      • 1.2.4Motor connection

Instructions for making a potter's wheel

How to make a pottery machine with our own hands, we will tell on the example of an activator type machine. Suitable for the stiralka "Baby".

Since the rotating element in it is located horizontally, you will only need to modify the structure a little by installing the disk.

What you need to work

Accessories and parts:

  • Washer;
  • a piece of plywood;
  • yacht or waterproof varnish, paint, white spirit;
  • a plastic jar (for example, from under medicines);
  • switch;
  • Working wheel;
  • insulating tape;
  • bolts with nuts.


  • self-tapping screws;
  • ruler;
  • hacksaw for metal;
  • a felt-tip pen;
  • knife;
  • soldering iron;
  • screwdrivers and keys.

Step-by-step execution of works

How to make a potter's wheel at home? To do this, you need to disassemble the washing machine. Operate consistently:

  1. Turn the stylalk over and unscrew the bolts around the perimeter that connect the two parts.
  2. Remove the timer by disconnecting the wires.
  3. Remove the drive belt from the pulley.
  4. Remove the pulley by unscrewing the bolt in the center that holds it.
  5. To remove the ribbed disc, you need to unscrew the plastic nut.

Now you need to make a homemade impeller. Since there is no wheel between the shaft and the potter's wheel, it is carried out by hand or ordered from the turner - to do this, measure the dimensions of the shaft. You can prepare a ready-made design in advance:

In the future, the finished wheel must be cleaned of dirt and painted.

Prepare the case

A circle is cut from a piece of waterproof plywood. It can also be ordered from the turner along with the wheel. If you manufacture parts yourself, check them in the assembly, there must be an exact alignment.

When the circle is ready, treat it with impregnation, mixing the varnish and white spirit. Then apply a layer of waterproof (yacht) varnish from above.

Assembly and impeller assembly

To the pottery wheel of plywood, screw the impeller. Then install the axle, fix it in place with the bolt.

An accurate, even installation is very important. If the circle rotates unevenly, problems will arise when working with clay.

After you have put the construction on the shaft, care should be taken so that no water enters the drive mechanism. To do this, use a plastic bubble: cut the bottom of the jar and place it on the shaft, securing the nut.

Work with the body

For the convenience of work, the body of the machine needs to be cut. Mark the marker with a place 1-2 cm above the impeller and cut with a knife or a hacksaw for metal. You should have a bottom with an activator and small boards.

Motor connection

In one of the articles we described in detail the process of connecting the engine of a washing machine. In order to make the correct connection, it is necessary to have an electric circuit of the motor. On it you will be able to determine:

  • what wires lead to the tachodchiku, which regulates the speed of the motor;
  • which lead to the stator and the rotor;
  • what lead in the electrobrushes.

After making the connection, cut out the hole for the switch in the housing. It is desirable that it is protected from moisture. After installing the switch, connect the supply wire to it. The ends of the wires can be clamped and insulated with electrical tape.

On the motor housing you need to install a speed controller, because the speed of 500-700 rpm will not allow to work normally.

Now you know how the pottery wheel is made from a washing machine. You can easily start to work and create.

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