How to replace the drain pump in a washing machine

If your washing machine has problems with water evacuation, the drain pump may be defective. He could be littered - then repairing it yourself will not be difficult, but could break down - then you need to replace the pump.

Following our recommendations, you will find out the cause of the problem, carry out a fault diagnosis, learn how to change the pump in the washing machine yourself.

Content of the material:

  • 1Main causes and signs of malfunction
    • 1.1How to understand that the pump is defective
    • 1.2Causes of malfunctions
    • 1.3Drain strainer
  • 2Check and replace the pump with your own hands
    • 2.1Repair through the bottom
      • 2.1.1For models AEG, Bosch, Siemens
      • 2.1.2For brands Zanussi, Electrolux and SMA with vertical loading
    • 2.2Checking the drain pump
  • 3How to choose the right pump

Main causes and signs of malfunction

Before starting to repair, let's find out how the pump works and why it can break down.

After the end of washing, before rinsing, the machine must drain the waste water. The control module sends a signal to the pump, which starts and pumps water into the drain pipe. From there, the water enters the sewer system.

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How to understand that the pump is defective

If your AGR has a self-diagnostic system, it will display an error code on the display.

For different brands, errors may differ:

  • Samsung (Samsung) is the code E2 and E3. They mean problems with draining the water, as well as an elevated water level in the tank. The values ​​indicate the pump you want to check.
  • LG machines show the same error as OE.
  • Indesit and Ariston sticks will display F05 codes for draining problems and F11 for pump problems.
  • SM brands Electrolux and Zanussi give out a scoreboard code E21, which means: there is no draining of water.
  • The same problems are manifested in the Atlant models as F4, in Gorenje - F5, and in Hansa cars E03 will be highlighted.

In order to correctly decipher the code, look at the table of faults of your brand. We wrote about them in previous articles.

Externally, the user may notice such problems:

  1. There is no draining of water.
  2. The machine stopped in the middle of the wash cycle. The water does not drain.
  3. During the discharge, the SM is very noisy and hums.

Causes of malfunctions

Here are the main reasons:

  • Discharge of the drainage system: filter, branch pipe, pumps.
  • Clog sewage system.
  • Defects in electrical contacts and connections.

Before replacing the pump in the washing machine, you need to exclude other malfunctions.

Drain strainer

Filter clogging can cause pump problems. Therefore, close the water, find a small hatch at the bottom of the front panel. Open it with a screwdriver, put a container to collect water. Unscrew the filter clockwise, inspect it for clogging. Clean the part.

In order to check the impeller of the pump without dismantling, look into the filter hole with the flashlight. If the impeller turns, then the pump functions. If not, probably a blockage occurred or a malfunction occurred.

After turning on the washing machine, you can check its operation. It's not a blockage? We move on.

To check the branch pipe and the pump itself, you need to get to the location of the pump. In different models it is different.

Check and replace the pump with your own hands

Prepare the machine for repair:

  • Disconnect the Stiralk from the mains.

  • Disconnect all communications by draining water from them.
  • Move the AGA away from the wall.

Prepare the tools:

  • Screwdriver Set;
  • pliers.

How does the pump look like in the washing machine, look at the photo below.

Now you need to get to the details and check their serviceability.

Repair through the bottom

Place the stylalk on its side, pre-laying the blanket so as not to damage the casing. If your model has a bottom, unscrew the fixing screws and remove it. This method is suitable for stylals Virpul, Kandy, Samsung, Beko, Ardo, Ariston, Al Gji.

  • Feel the drainage pipe to find clogs and small objects.
  • Loosen the pipe clamp, remove it from the pump.
  • Unscrew the bolts holding the part, disconnect the wiring and pull the pump out of the housing.

Having disconnected a branch pipe from a tank, examine it - if it is necessary, clean under pressure of water. Related videos will help you:


For models AEG, Bosch, Siemens

How to remove the pump from washing machines of these brands? Here the task becomes more complicated: you need to remove the front part. Do the following:

  • Remove the two screws from the rear. Slide forward the top cover, take it to the side.
  • Pull out the detergent drawer. Pull it on yourself by holding your finger on the latch (located in the center of the powder receptacle).
  • Loosen the screws that are on the perimeter of the control panel. Unplug the plastic clips on the perimeter using a flat screwdriver.

  • You can not unfasten the wires, but throw the panel up or hang it on the service hook.
  • Unfasten the plinth panel. It is located from below, under the loading hatch. Often it is fixed on snaps.
  • Open the hatch door. Having unbented the sealing rubber, pierce the screw with a screwdriver and pull it off. Fit the cuff inside the tank.
  • Run the hand over the body at the location of the manhole lock. Disconnect the wiring.
  • Unscrew the screws that hold the front wall along the edges. Slide it and put it aside.

As in the case described above, the drain pump must be dismantled. In some models, the pump is pulled out by turning counter-clockwise. Watch the video on the topic:


For brands Zanussi, Electrolux and SMA with vertical loading

To remove the back panel yourself, unscrew the screws at the edges. Remove the panel to the side.

To remove the side wall, it is also necessary to unscrew the screws. They can be located at the front or back of the SMA body. Slide the cover and set it aside.

  • Unclip the drain pipe clamp. If it is fixed in the stylalk with a screw, unscrew it.
  • Having disconnected a branch pipe, disconnect sockets of conducting.
  • Loosen the screws securing the pump and pull it out.

We examined all possible options for lifting the pump. Now find out how to check and replace the drain pump on the washing machine.


Checking the drain pump

To check, you need to remove the pump from the cochlea. You just need to unscrew the screws that secure them.

Then inspect the impeller. The cause of the malfunction could be a thread or a cloth flap wound on the impeller, then you just need to clean it. See the video for more details:


If you determined that the reason for the failure of the pump and it needs a replacement, it is important to know by what criteria to choose it.

How to choose the right pump

Pumps can differ in the way they mount to the cochlea:

  • Mounting with three bolts.
  • Fixation with the help of latches (from 3 to 8).

The location of the contacts on different pumps can also vary: they can be front and rear. Connect to the voltage terminals or chips, the power is from 19W to 20W.

How to choose the right part? Name the brand and model of your machine to the seller, and he will offer you a suitable replacement.

After selecting an element, connect the pump to the CM:

  1. Tighten the pump with screws.
  2. Connect the wiring.
  3. Install and secure the drain hose clip.
  4. Replace the wall.

That's all. Now you know how to replace the pump in the washing machine. Run and test your car.

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