Where is the fuse in the washing machine

Consider your washing machine not working due to a fuse problem? No need to take drastic steps until everyone finds out.

The fact is that many users confuse this part with a surge protector. Indeed, the anti-interference filter acts as a kind of protective element that eliminates interference that can destabilize the operation of other devices and equipment.

In this article, we will tell you where the fuse is in your washing machine.

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  • 1 Where to find the fuse
    • 1.1 Finding the part
  • 2 Causes and signs of damage
  • 3 Whether to repair

Where to find the fuse

The fuse is located on the control board.

Many overseas SMA assembled in Europe are necessarily equipped with fuses, without them washing machines are prohibited from selling. But in the models of Russian and Chinese production, the installation of such parts is calculated in isolated cases.

Therefore, this part of your model may not contain this part. About where to find the fuse, we describe below.

Part Search

In different models of styralok, it may not only look different, but also be located in different places. If you do not want to delve into the washing machine for a long time, find the electrical circuit that corresponds to this brand. There will be clearly indicated the location of the item. If you cannot find the circuit, you will have to inspect the places where the fuse is supposed to be. Check:

  • Inside the plug from the wire connecting to the network.
  • At the end of the power cord that is inside the enclosure.
  • On or near the electronic circuit board.

For a thorough inspection, remove the top cover CM.Unscrew the two screws located at the back, push the cover in the opposite direction and remove. What the fuse looks like is shown in the photo below.

If you could not find the part, it may not be in your model.

Causes and signs of damage

If the washing machine has stopped working or is completely turned off, while the power is not supplied - the reason may be a faulty fuse. It could burn as a result of a sudden surge of voltage. Its principle of operation is to protect the control board during network outages. And since this is not uncommon in our electrical networks, technology is the first to suffer.

Is it worth it to repair the

? Before you do the repair, you need to think about how to check the fuse. You can perform a test with a tester multimeter. These parts may be different in appearance, but they are checked equally.

Perform work in the following sequence:

  • Configure your tester for resistance measurement mode.
  • Disconnect the fuse from the element on which it is located.
  • Press the test leads onto the contacts of the element.
  • Look at the readings on the screen.
  • A valid item will show 0 OHM.If the tester showed nothing, then a malfunction has occurred.

A malfunction may indicate a short circuit in the electronic circuit of the washer: for example, it has closed the heating element. It is necessary how to check everything. Should I replace the fuse with your own hands? It cannot be repaired, and manipulations with the electronic board can lead to undesirable effect. Therefore, in this case it is better to contact the master. Video on the topic will help you to make a self-test:

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