Parquet board in the kitchen - all pros and cons

  • What determines the price of a parquet board?
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • How to choose a tree species
  • How to protect a parquet board in the kitchen
  • Which is better: a parquet board, a laminate or an array in the kitchen?

Parquet board in the kitchen is a natural warmth and a real cosiness. This is the unique noble texture of the floor covering, and its absolute ecology. In addition, the tree is incredibly comfortable due to warm tactile sensations, it is easy to walk barefoot on it.

What determines the price of a parquet board?

The price of a parquet board varies depending on:

  1. The manufacturer - famous, well-established brands sell their products more expensive, little-known new brands are cheaper, and some manufacturers simply produce low-grade materials quality;
  2. Breeds of a tree;
  3. The number of strips in the die - one-side ones cost more, since here one die consists of one cut of wood. But the number of bands does not affect the quality, so you need to choose based on your design idea and budget;
  4. The type of connection can be glued or lock - the lock is slightly more expensive, as it fits easier. Adhesive way is cheaper, but in this case you need to buy glue;
  5. Parquet board can be under oil or varnish and applied in different number of layers. The more layers, the more durable, and therefore more expensive will be a floor covering.

The price for 1 square. m of the parquet board is 320-2600 rubles.


Advantages and disadvantages

The most high-quality floor coverings from wood have such advantages:

  • The wooden floor is the most natural kind of finish for the home interior, which is combined with any style - from country to high-tech. The parquet board looks like a parquet or a massive floor, but it's easier to fit and is much cheaper;
  • Parquet board in comparison with a laminate is appreciated for naturalness and ecological compatibility;
  • The wooden floor is warmer and more pleasant to the touch than laminate, tile and stone;
  • Regardless of the method of laying the floor (chateau / glue), you can do it yourself;
  • The material is already available with a protective coating - wax, oil or varnish. Wood in this case will be protected from grease, chemicals and spilled liquids;
  • For installation use a special base, pre-mounted on concrete. The result is a durable, reliable and durable, stable coating;
  • With high-quality installation, careful operation and proper maintenance, this floor will last up to 25 years.


  • Parquet board is more expensive than laminate, linoleum, ceramic tiles;
  • The floor in the kitchen from the parquet board needs proper care and careful attitude - you can wash it only by special means, and the strait of red wine or beet juice should be wiped off as soon as possible stains;
  • Due to mechanical damage, there may be scratches, scabs, cracks. Also on the legs of kitchen furniture you need to put on special stubs, and do not walk on the floor in heels;
  • If the floor is swollen and does not deform after drying,
  • If some part of the floor becomes unusable, then it will be necessary to change several boards, the length of which can be more than 2 m. Keep in mind that you can purchase parquet of exactly the same texture and color will be quite difficult, because manufacturers change collections from time to time, so you need to buy boards with a margin;
  • It is impossible to make a figured laying of the floor, unlike the piece parquet.

Yes, tile and laminate is more practical than a parquet board or a solid floor, but, nevertheless, it is not worth it Underestimate their durability - they are quite suitable for kitchen conditions and eventually become only more beautiful.

How to choose a tree species

Before you put the parquet in the kitchen, you need to figure out which popular tree is best suited for use in specific "kitchen" conditions. In this article we will consider floor coverings from: oak, ash, walnut, teak, beech, maple and jatoba. But keep in mind that there are other options, for example, linden, larch, pine, birch, etc.

The best wood in this case is the oak. It is known for its water-repellent properties and special durability. In the photo below - a parquet board of oak in the interior in different styles and colors (scroll right).



In addition, oak parquet is available in a variety of shades. The only notable shortcoming may be the price.

To "not capricious" wood the tick also concerns. Suitable and strong ash with a noble texture and very beautiful shades. The next photo is a parquet board made of ash in the interior of modern kitchen.


The most demanded are the whitened ash colors, which create a positive atmosphere in the kitchen.


But the maple has a soft structure, and therefore - more susceptible to moisture and mechanical damage.

Too soft for the kitchen is considered and beech, although it looks great.

But what looks like in the interior of the kitchen is a parquet board made of jatoba - a tree species that eventually blushes.


Walnut is also popular, but it has a dark color and a slight variegation of texture, which will not fit into every interior. In the photo below, the floor in the kitchen is finished with a parquet board made of walnut in the color of the furniture.


In addition, the parquet board for the kitchen can differ and the surface structure. Parquet board under the varnish, of course, will have gloss, and the oil soaked in the oil will be less slippery and "silky" to the touch. Especially stylish and original will look like brushed boards.

The braided board is obtained with the help of special metal brushes, which destroy the soft upper fibers of wood. This process resembles the natural aging of a tree. The "aged" board is characterized by an unusual texture and looks original and stylish.

How to protect a parquet board in the kitchen

You can not additionally process the parquet board - especially if you have chosen a high-quality material with a protective layer already applied in industrial conditions.


In addition, manufacturers of parquet boards offer suitable care compounds, restorative agents, cracks preservation agents and materials for bonding joints.

But for the parquet board to last for a long time to retain its attractiveness, it must be protected from the effects of moisture and coloring liquids and products. In practice this means that the spilled water must be immediately wiped off. Traces of hot liquids or fallen objects are subject to restoration. In general, the parquet refers to the reconstructible coatings - once every 10 years it is recommended to perform the cycle operation, after which the lacquer is applied again.

Which is better: a parquet board, a laminate or an array in the kitchen?

Most often, a parquet board is compared with a laminate, in fact, they have much in common - the locking joints, the way of laying, the multilayered structure and, of course, the wood texture. These two species can replace each other, and they are both good in their own way. But their differences are very significant, therefore, choosing material for finishing the kitchen between the laminate and the parquet board, you better look for real reviews and understand their pros and cons.

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