Round and oval tables - convenience and style for a cozy kitchen

  • Materials for countertops
  • Correctly choose the color and design
  • The capacity of oval and round models of tables
  • Is a round or oval table suitable for a small kitchen?

Oval and round kitchen tables have the following advantages:

  1. Complete absence of corners, which guarantees safety.
  2. The rounded table top looks gorgeous and exquisite.
  3. All dishes are placed in the center and are equidistant from everyone sitting at the table.
  4. Round surfaces unite, bring together and create comfort in communication.
  5. Multivariance of materials and decors, the opportunity to choose an option that is relevant in the interior of any style.

Materials for countertops

So, round and oval kitchen tables are:

  1. Glass. Glass is a wonderful material. It does not absorb odors, is resistant to temperature and moisture. However, after such a tabletop, double care is necessary, since traces of dishes or fat hands will be visible. But the complexity of care does not stop those who appreciate the elegance, transparency and lightness of the glass - look such a table is beautiful and, in addition, reflects light, and therefore contributes to the visual expansion of space.
  1. Wooden. Of all types of natural wood, ash, oak or beech is most often used. Each of these options will look win-win in the classic, Provencal interior or country style. You can even find models suitable for high-tech - it all depends on the particular decor chosen. The magnificence of natural texture limits the use of only one drawback - low wear resistance, so the wood is necessarily covered with special protective compounds. In addition, it is one of the most expensive materials.

  1. Veneered chipboard / MDF- common material due to its practicality, lightness, relative cheapness. Externally veneered countertop can not be distinguished from wood. In the photo below are the popular models from IKEA series Bjursta with a table top made of particle board and veneer.

  1. Laminated chipboard or MDF. Among the merits - the budget and the variability of color solutions. If the table top is made of chipboard, it needs to be protected with a tablecloth or stand. You can also say about laminated MDF. But MDF wins in strength and durability, but because it is more expensive than chipboard.

  1. A natural stone- original and very beautiful, but expensive and heavy, reacting to acids and temperature changes. Some types of stone, for example, marble, also absorb the fat and dirt.

  1. Fake diamond. It is lighter than natural material, cheaper, more practical and even more reliable.

  1. Verzalit- a material from pressed wood fibers with a binder of polymer resins. Externally similar to the chipboard, but the performance characteristics are close to the artificial stone. It is convenient in use, immune to ultraviolet and mechanical influences, therefore it is most often used for making street and restaurant furniture.

The legs are most often made of metal, wood or polymer.

Correctly choose the color and design

A round dining table should be combined with the design of a furniture set, and this is an axiom. There must be the same style and color - do not completely coincide with each other, but it's harmonious in the neighborhood.


The design of the legs plays a big role in the appearance of the table.

In the kitchen in the classical style, the Provencal or the shiky chic, the table on the "balusters carved or curved legs is appropriate as in the photo below. Legs can be forged and even rattan.


In a modern interior, a round table on metal chrome legs or on simple wooden forms will fit organically.


The legs at the round and oval table are from 1 to 4 pieces. The tables on one massive support are most convenient - to sit down for it and it will be more convenient to get up.

Round and oval tables are just made for decorating tablecloths. They should be many - everyday, ceremonial, under different curtains and even seasons. So your dining area will never get you bored.


The capacity of oval and round models of tables

The table in the shape of an oval perfectly fits into a rectangular room. It will be compact, but functional - even a small model can easily accommodate 5-6 people.


The classical model in the form of a circle will also require more than an average free area, but at the same time only 3-4 people will be accommodated.


A table with a diameter of 100 cm will accommodate 4-5 people, and 150 cm is a sufficient area for 9 people.


Is a round or oval table suitable for a small kitchen?

For a small kitchen, a round table is not the most rational option, an oval shape for small spaces and families of more than 5 people is more suitable. But if the round table is sliding or folding, if your family is not numerous, and also if you have another table (for example, in the living room) to receive guests, then why not? In the photo below, examples of kitchens up to 10 square meters. m.

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