Design and modernization of the kitchen in Brezhnevka

  • Features of repair
  • About redevelopment
  • About choosing a kitchen set
  • About the selection of a dining group
  • About choosing a finish
  • About the color scheme
  • About illumination
  • About the decor

Kitchens in Brezhnevka lag far behind modern standards - they are very small (6-8 square meters. m), have curved walls, dilapidated communications and features like a gas column. However, there are also advantages - higher in comparison with hruschevkami ceilings (more often, m) and thick external walls. In this article we will tell you how to modernize the kitchen with such data and turn it into a super-functional and modern space.

Features of repair

If the kitchen is in neglected condition and the house is not overhauled, you will have to work hard on replacement: pipes of water supply and sewerage, electrical wiring, radiator, gas column, windows, doors and, most difficult, sex.

  • The fact that the floor in Brezhnevka is a construction of lags and decking, the voids of which were filled with sand and often garbage. Over the past decades, the entire "filling" of the underground has rotted, molded and probably started to emit an unpleasant smell. When the kitchen is completely repaired, the floor should be opened, all garbage and sand removed, then a new floor must be installed from the claydite-concrete screed or lag-bars with plywood flooring.

What else do you need to know when undertaking the renovation of the kitchen in a brezhnevka?

  • Keep in mind that you can only move and take out the gas cooker yourself if you have flexible liner or a flexible rubber reinforced hose.
  • Walls in brezhnevkah often have very large differences, which are not so easy to fix. Aligning the walls, try not to get carried away and find the golden mean. Otherwise, a thick layer of plaster "eats" precious centimeters, which are sometimes critically lacking in the design of furniture. To make the distortions less noticeable, use textured or printed wallpaper.
  • When replacing water pipes, you can also install a counter and coarse filters.
  • Changing the old wooden windows in the gasified kitchen (especially with the gas column) on the double-glazed windows, select a structure with micro-ventilation.

About redevelopment

Small kitchens of breeches can be modernized and at least visually increased by re-planning. Here are 6 basic planning solutions that can be implemented depending on the features of the apartment:

Option 1. Complete unification of the kitchen with the living room.Kitchen-living room is good in that it creates excellent conditions for family communication and allows you to take the dining area out of the kitchen. Unfortunately, this variant of redevelopment is possible only in those houses where the wall between the kitchen and the living room is not a carrier and the kitchen is not gasified at the same time.

  • However, in the presence of gas, it is possible to combine the kitchen with the living room, if you install a sliding table between them (see p. photo below) or a folding door. Thus, to create a unified space, you will only need to remove the door to the pencil case or assemble it with an accordion.

Option 2. Partial unification of the kitchen with the living room.Often in the Brezhnev houses the kitchen and the living room are divided by a partition with a supporting beam and a ledge with a ventilation duct. In this case, the wall can be demolished only partially, leaving the beam and part of the partition with the ventilation duct. As a result, you will get a portal (it can be converted into an arch), due to which the kitchen will visually appear more spacious and lighter. However, if the kitchen is gasified, then in the opening it is necessary to install a door, for example, folding or sliding.

Option 3. The device is aperture in the bearing wall between the living room and the kitchen.Theoretically, in the bearing wall between the kitchen and the room, it is possible to install an opening with reinforcement of the channels (the opening between the kitchen and the corridor is laid). Such a planning solution allows you to take the table into the living room, and in the kitchen to equip a more spacious workspace.

  • To make an aperture in the bearing wall, you must first consult with the project organization and get an agreement.

Option 4. Increase the kitchen due to the living room (with the transfer of the partition).This planning decision can be legitimized only if the apartment is on the first floor or on the second floor, but above the non-residential premises, for example, above the store or office.

Option 5. Creating a niche for the refrigerator at the expense of the corridor.In brezhnevkah this is possible when you combine the bathroom and transfer the entrance to the kitchen on the partition adjacent to the living room. Thus, the living room becomes a passage.


Option 6. Accession of the loggia.If the kitchen has access to the loggia, then theoretically it can be attached to the kitchen as, for example, in this design project of the kitchen in the Brezhnevka series "The Tower of Vulikha".


Of course, any redevelopment of the apartment must be coordinated with the housing authorities. At the same time, remember that it is in no way impossible:

  • To demolish load-bearing walls and beams;
  • Affect the ventilation duct in the supporting wall;
  • Get rid of the doors in the presence of a gas stove and / or column (but you can change the swinging doors for sliding or folding);
  • Increase the kitchen due to the bathroom and the bathroom.

About choosing a kitchen set

For most mini-kitchens, a linear or L-shaped kitchen set is suitable for breasts. The first option - the most compact, the second - more roomy and convenient.


If you raise the window and build a window sill in the headset, you will be able to plan an ideal working space - U-shaped. However, in this case, the dining area will have to be taken out of the kitchen or arranged in the form of a bar counter on the basis of the same built-in window sill.

It is desirable that the technique was, first, to the maximum built-in, and secondly, reduced and multifunctional. So, for example, you can save space by using a dishwasher with a width of 45 cm, a refrigerator 55 cm wide, a plate with 2-3 burners and a microwave oven.

By the way, the gas column, for example, is embedded in a false cabinet without a top and bottom, with a free gap of about 15 cm to the walls. On other ways to write a gas column in the interior read in this article.


Tips for designing a headset

  • To a corner or U-shaped set were as small as possible bulky, their sidewalls can be slightly narrowed and left without hinged cabinets. In the narrowed sidewall, you can place a narrow washing machine or cabinets for vegetables / utensils.
  • If the headset is built in the base of the drawers, and its top is completed with an additional tier, the kitchen will become more spacious.
  • The corners of the G-shape and the U-shaped headset in a small kitchen need to be used for 100% - to insert retractable baskets, bookcases or carousels. So corner cupboards will not have "dead" zones.
  • If the module headset, located at the doorway, will be chamfered (see Fig. photo below) or round, then the entrance to the kitchen will be more free and safe.

See also: Guide for choosing and planning a kitchen set.

About the selection of a dining group

For a small kitchen in a brezhnevke fit only small tables and light compact chairs.

  • For 1-2 people with a mobile lifestyle it is worth choosing a mini table of 50 × 70 cm (folding), a bar counter (for example, on the basis of a window sill) or a folding table.

  • For a family of three or more people, a square or rectangular transformer table, for example, with folding floors, as in the photo below, is suitable.
  • For the kitchen-living room, you can choose a small round or oval table, which fits better in the "front" interior.


As for the chairs, the optimal choice will be folding chairs, transparent plastic chairs, stools and / or benches with storage boxes.

About choosing a finish

In a critically small area, even the way floors, walls and ceilings are designed is important. Want to visually move the walls? Lay the tile or laminate / parquet plates on the floor diagonally, with a herringbone or in a runaway. In a narrow kitchen, the laminate / parquet board should be laid across, and not along the premises.

Change the perception of a small kitchen will help and cunning decoration of the walls, for example, mirrors or wallpaper with a promising image. However, if you are not sure of your sense of proportion, it is worth choosing the most win-win solution - painting in one tone (light).

About the color scheme

The secret to the successful design of any mini-kitchen is simple - you need to make out most of it with some bright, and best of all white. And to avoid the similarity of a light kitchen with a hospital ward is enough to combine with each other "Contrasting" textures (say, a brick with glossy tiles) or complement the interior with a small amount color accents.

  • By the way, bright surfaces are much more practical than dark ones, and even disorder on such a background less irritates the eye.

About illumination

Lighting a small kitchen in brezhnevke should be uniform - one chandelier is indispensable here. Ideally, the ceiling lamp should be supplemented (or replaced) with spot lights or wall sconces.

  • Try to plan the script lighting the kitchen is still at the repair stage, so that it was possible to hide the wiring.

About the decor

The smaller in a small kitchen the space-splitting elements, the more light, neat and spacious it seems. Therefore, do not get carried away by the embellishment of the walls and shelves of the cupboard, and the door of the refrigerator is highly desirable to leave without magnets. However, completely without a decor the kitchen will seem uninhabited and uncomfortable. We recommend that you limit yourself to a pair of wall decorations and clocks, live plants and a fruit bowl, pretty textiles and a sugar confectioner.

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