Clogged toilet - how to clean yourself: 6 ways


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The problem of a clogged toilet needs to be solved very quickly. The first thing that comes to mind in such a situation is to call a plumber. But it is long and expensive. I suggest you understand yourself how to clean the toilet from clogging.

You can clean the toilet yourself; the main thing is to get right to the point.You can clean the toilet yourself; the main thing is to get right to the point.

How to get rid of blockages: 6 methods

The ways in which you can clean the blockage in the toilet are conditionally divided into 2 groups:

  • Chemical. They involve the use of household chemicals and abundant washing of the blockage with water.
  • Mechanical. These include: use of a plunger, special cable or bottle.
Eliminate the blockage by mechanical or chemical means.Eliminate the blockage by mechanical or chemical means.

The first group is more suitable for not too serious blockages, otherwise it is better to resort to mechanical methods.

Chemical methods: 3 options

To clear a clogged toilet, you can resort to one of these recipes:

A photo Instruction
table_pic_att15109413612 Soda

Cleaning with soda is a kind of “old-fashioned” method that will cope with a little blockage. For this:

  • Pour half a pack into the toilet sink.
  • Wait 10–15 minutes.
  • Fill the toilet with a bucket of hot water.
table_pic_att15109413623 Remedy for blockages

You can resort to special tools designed to combat blockages (Mole, Drano, Tiret, etc.)

Use them according to the package instructions:

  • Pour the amount indicated on the label into the drain hole.
  • Wait for the allotted time (it may take from 40 minutes to several hours).
  • Pour plenty of hot water into the hole.

    To resort to this method is necessary only in extreme cases, as there is always a risk of damaging the surface of sewer pipes.

table_pic_att15109413634 Bleach

You can always try to eliminate the blockage in the toilet with bleach available in the house.

  • Pour into the drain approximately 0.5–0.7 liters of product.
  • Wait 10 minutes.
  • Turn on the drain, and even better fill the product with a bucket of hot water.

Someone claims that the clog can be quickly eliminated with the help of Coca-Cola or another carbonated drink. As my personal experience has shown, this option is good for cleaning the surface of the earthenware ware from plaque, but not for serious problems.

Carbonated drinks are good only to get rid of plaque.Carbonated drinks are good only to get rid of plaque.

Mechanical methods: 3 methods

Mechanical cleaning can be applied when simple household chemicals did not help solve the problem. I offer 3 options:

A photo Instruction

It is necessary to act according to the following scheme:

  • Grab the plunger with your hands, insert it with a rubber part into the drain.
  • If necessary, remove excess moisture - the liquid should cover only a rubber suction cup.
  • Holding the handle with two hands, make about 15 rhythmic movements in the up-down direction.
  • Perform the procedure several times (usually three is enough).

    To improve sealing, and accordingly, to increase the effectiveness of the procedure, lubricate the edges of the nozzle with petroleum jelly.

table_pic_att15109413697 Plumbing cable

This is a kind of wire, at the end of which there is a special spiral nozzle or brush. It is necessary to use the cable as follows:

  • Insert the end of the wire into the toilet.
  • Begin gradually, with rotating movements, push it deep into the drain pipe.
  • Soon you can stumble on an obstacle in the form of a blockage.
  • Try to push it deep into the pipe, or pick it up and pull it out.
table_pic_att15109413718 Bottle

This method is used in the most extreme situations when there was no house or cable.

  • In a plastic bottle of 1.5 or 2.5 liters cut the bottom.
  • At the same time leave the cork swirling.
  • Insert the container into the toilet so that the edges of the bottle enter the drain hole.
  • Several times with a sharp movement lower the peculiar plunger from the bottle into the water.


Now you know how to clean the blockage in the toilet and you can quickly solve the problem yourself. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments - I will try to help. There you can talk about your own methods of dealing with blockages. And in addition to theory, see the visual video in this article.

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