Kitchen in a marine style from scratch - a guide to repair and design

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Kitchen in a marine style is a great idea for those who like natural colors, natural materials, relaxed atmosphere and romance of marine life.

  • This interior is good for that it is suitable for small kitchens, as well as for spacious ones, both for "northern" premises with poor lighting, and for kitchens with windows facing the sunny side. Another bonus - if the sea theme will eventually get bored, then it can easily be changed and altered interior in the Provencal, Mediterranean, country or even Scandinavian due to its neutral basis.

If desired, the kitchen in the marine style can be designed in an even narrower theme:

  • Beach- as if it is a kitchen in a coastal cottage;
  • Bungalow- as if it's a kitchen in a house standing right on the water;
  • Fisherman's- as if it's a kitchen in the fisherman's house;
  • Ship- styling of the interior on a ship theme.

We collected in one article 50 of the most inspirational photos for all these directions and compiled a small guide with tips on repairing and design of the kitchen in the marine style with your own hands.

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The floor in its appearance can resemble deck (wooden, brightened by sunlight or graying from time to time) or the floor in the cabin of the ship - dark and polished.

  • The most suitable option - a single-striped massive, parquet or laminate board with chamfers (bevels at the edges).
  • More practical option - tiles in the manner of Mediterranean interiors.


The walls can be trimmed with wooden panels like a cabin, wooden lining, ordinary plaster, paint (white or colored), wallpaper (structural or with a picture on the sea theme).


  • As for the choice of the color of the walls, here you can orient to the degree of illumination of your kitchen. All shades of blue and blue (aqua, azure, turquoise, etc.) - more suitable for the design of "southern" kitchens, and light and warm tones (beige, sandy, white) - for dark "northern".
  • In order to emphasize the marine theme, it is possible to single out an accent wall with photo wallpapers with a marine plot.
  • The apron can be decorated with tiles or glass with photo printing, tiles in the Mediterranean style. More universal option - mosaic tiles or ordinary "boar". Here are some photo-examples of how such an apron may look in the interior of a kitchen in a marine style.
  • Mosaic apron
  • Apron scales


With the design of the ceiling can not be tricky and calmly whiten / paint it in white or install a matt tension ceiling. But if you want something more interesting and the height of the room allows you this, then think about:

  • Simulations of the coffered ceiling.
  • Decorative ceiling beams.
  • Sheathing of wooden panels (or about the skin "under the tree").
  • Decorative beams
  • Coffered ceiling
  • Decoration of the ceiling with wood


  • The most universal colors of a kitchen set and a dining group in a marine style - white, beige, gray, blue, blue.
  • The design of facades and furniture can be both classical (with panels, but without embellishments), or modern minimalistic.

  • Wooden kitchen furniture can be either white shades with processing "antique" (reference to fishing huts or beach cottages), or dark tones and polished to gloss (according to the type of interiors cabins, oak-planked panels).
  • Support the theme of the sea and wicker furniture from rattan, willow or vine.



In the interior of the kitchen in the nautical style will be appropriate curtains sewn from cotton or linen, canvas or burlap, muslin or quality blended fabrics.

  • The style fit perfectly - Roman, fabric roller blinds, as well as bamboo / wooden blinds.

As for the design of curtains, they can be monophonic, simple and even rough. You can also use curtains in blue and white stripes and with a pattern corresponding to the subject, for example, with corals as on one of the photos in the next slider.

  • If you want, you can fantasize about the theme of the sea and decorate your curtains with fishing nets by your own hands, straps or holders, decorated with seashells, starfish or rope as in the photo below.


As far as lighting is concerned, instruments in the continental, rustic and industrial style will be appropriate here: lamps Edison, street and granary "lights" and lamps made of brass / iron, aluminum, glass hung on ropes or chain. They can be artificially aged - patinated and as if corroded by rust or corrosion.

But the kitchen in the coastal style will be decorated with wicker lampshades, and classic lamps a la vintage.


Accessories and kitchen textiles

And finally, we present to you the ideas of interior design with important details - kitchen textiles and accessories.

  • For wall decor, engravings with images of corals and underwater animals: fish, lobsters, crabs, whales, octopuses, turtles, etc., are suitable.
  • Different bottles and glass vases can be put on shelves, a table and in a buffet.

  • Of course, find a place for large shells, sea stars, corals. Of these, you can make a composition not only for decorating shelves or a cupboard, but also for serving a lunch or a festive table.
  • You can choose a decor on the theme of sails and ships, seascapes and plots.

  • "Ship Decor" - the steering wheel, anchor and lifebuoy can be present in the interior in the form of images and objects.

  • The most "frankly sea" print for kitchen textiles and dishes is a blue-and-white strip, as well as images of the inhabitants of the underwater world.


Of course, we listed only a small part of the possible decor options. We are sure that you already have a whole ocean of other interesting ideas, because the maritime style is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, therefore, perhaps the most important thing in this matter... is to stop in time. Good luck!

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